Wednesday, October 05, 2016

F.A.M.I.L.Y get together

** cerita throwback lagi **

first thing first... the cousin wedding. 

remember love is in the air? they got married last april. and their wedding date was the same as mine :) yes, 30th april it is. so we got to celebrate our wedding anniversary the same date. means gathering with the whole big family (my dad's side). sorry, i didn't take as much pictures that day. so biar gambar berbicara jak la..ini pun yg kena share share thru whatsapp ^__^

big congratulations to both of you! fresuely & bonny!
happy wedding day! 30th april 2016
my young cousins
at the church entrance after the wedding ceremony
the newly wed!
 the newly wed with the groom side. mana gambar yang sebelah pihak perempuan ah??hmmm..  
their wedding reception was held at Cherry Restaurant 
the wedding cake

the cousins and the nieces

Right : my youngest uncle Romeo. Left: my cousin Itoh
my cousin Raju and family with his mom (my aunt Dodo)
my cousin yang kiut miut : Nonon & Pipo
my lovely aunties - Alesta & Christina 
we were at the restaurant until the aturcara finish :) why we managed to wait until the end of the program? because selalunya mesti awal balik dari attending function like this..lagi lagi kalau ada budak kici..jawapannya ialah there's still no electricity at our kampung bah... can u imagine that? from morning til night mah... nasib baik my cousin buat wedding reception dia di cherry restaurant. fuh! we went home at 6pm pun still no karan. at last about 11pm baru ada electricity. what a day to celebrate our 5th wedding annivesary. hahahaahaha....kunun la....

next story will be hari raya gathering ~ 06/07/2016 ~

This year we managed to visit my aunt's house for hari raya celebration. It was a tiring journey but hey it's Hari Raya bah.. bila lagi mau kumpul kumpul with families kan... Last year we didn't get to celebrate raya with them (ada hubby's family matters to attend that time).

Here a few pictures that been shared thru the family's whatsapp group. Pinjam dulu la :)

ooppss raya! ....only in sabah... hihi
ini baru separuh family yang bergambar......time dorang begambar ni kami suda jalan pigi kimanis -____-
the only picture yang ada muka saya -____-
the other family went to my aunt kulina's house at kimanis first..
seperti biasa kami melawat aunty di kinarut dahulu sebelum pigi kimanis. it's more convenient for us to go back home using the old papar road to avoid the jammed at papar town.

p/s: looking forward to more family gathering in future :)