Tuesday, March 31, 2015

End of 1st quarter of 2015

wow..time flies! so are you ready for gst? hehehe...soalan cepu emas di akhir suku pertama tahun 2015. nothing much happened during these times. oh, except for my health issue la. thank god that i don't need to do a major operation down there. but there are few risks to be taken care after the operation (which will be done in 21 days from today). i do hope that everything will be alright and may all the bad cells be removed from the cervix.

on the other hand, my hubby was sicked since last week. combo sickness = flu + sore throat + cough + sore muscles. my jaden is in the pink health (thank god!) however my thia got flu and her tapak kaki got blistered (+ air) from the garlic i put in her sock overnite. dengan harapan her flu go away. last time i did put double sock but last week i did not. i just kept the garlic in a tissue and put inside thia's sock at nite. dang!!! so mommies, do not this to your babies ya. makes sure you use two socks. one yang jenis berlubang and one yang biasa. she still got her flu but ada kurang sikit suda la flu dia after i used this petua. 

talking about thia, soon she will turned one and i haven't prepared anything for her birthdayparty (the theme, venue, foods & drinks). and since the gst is coming i guess we will celebrate her birthday in moderate ways. yang penting ikut bajet bah and maybe just invite close family and friends. we'll see ^__^

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

wordless wednesday #11 2015

yesterday, we (hubby and i) had an appointment with the gynae specialist at hospital likas. sempat lagi kami sesat mencari the new building which the clinic located. it's to discuss the treatment for the colposcopy result which i got on the 13th mar, 2015.
this was my Pap smear result (15 Jan 2015)
our no is 8016. and this was taken at about 2pm.
Ladies, have you done your Pap smear test?

Monday, March 23, 2015

I survived!

it was a long weekend.
let me tell u the story of the supermom during the weekend.

Day 1 - Friday 20th
My hubby woke up super early (400am) to get things ready. He masak bubur for Thia, cuci botol susu Jaden, kasi sedia my tapau and gathered his fishing tools. Lepas tu saya bangun to take my bath at 445am coz nanti nobody will help me to watch the kids when I take my bath. Hubby pulak at 5am will be picked up by his brother to go to pasar KK where their ship parked for the 3 days 2 nite deep sea fishing trip.

After mandi, I continued to sleep..hehe.. Tetidur juga sampai 630am. The kids awake and I layan je karenah dorang until 7am (macam nda mau pigi keja pula). After that baru la saya bersiap sedia untuk pigi kerja. But it's not an easy task to handle a toodler and a baby alone. Fuhhh... Some more, I had to bring all their stuff to their nanny house. Jaden lagi betabiat di awal pagi. He terus-terus jalan pigi rumah my Thia's nanny. Pandai-pandai dia mau jalan pigi rumah nanny dia sendiri.. aduh.... I had to bring him back to our house because I didn't sempat kunci pintu gara-gara pigi kejar dia (after I sent Thia to her nanny). After all was settled baru la I sent Jaden to his nanny house. 

After work (5pm sharp saya keluar dari ofis), I tapau makanan for dinner (malas masak punya kes). I reached home, do some cleaning, lipat kain, take a bath and lastly baru la I ate my tapau. At about 6pm I went to fetch my kids. Jalan kaki jerr...

At home, we're just lepaking at our room. Layan karenah dorang sampai la dorang penat. Thia slept at 740pm. And then continue to layan Jaden lagi...I don't know what time he's asleep coz I tertidur..dia pun mungkin tidur sendiri sambil nenen2. I think around 10pm he's asleep. 

Jaden was asking me "bapa mana? mana bapa?" When I replied him dia pigi memancing, menangis la pula ni budak. So I have to give him another answer. Simple answer... "bapa belum balik lagi" Baru dia paham (sikit) dan dia nda menangis with that answer. Come tomorrow I don't know if the answer bule pakai atau tidak lagi.

End of day 1 :)

Day 2 - Saturday 21st  
I've set my alarm clock at 510am to wake me up early to get ready Thia's porridge and washed Jaden's bottle and take a bath. But I woke up 10mins to 6 :) lagipun si Thia balik-balik minta nenen. I quickly went downstairs to prepare everything before they woke up. I managed to brush my teeth and washed my face while the porridge been cooked. And luckily few minutes after I finished washing Jaden's bottle and while monitoring Thia's porridge, kedengaran suara Jaden menangis mencari mami dia dan diikuti oleh adiknya. Apalagi terpaksa la saya naik and calm them down. After waiting another 15mins for the bubur to masak, I stayed with the kids before went to take a bath with Jaden. Nasib ada anak buah tolong jaga Thia sekejap while we're taking our bath. 730am we went to Thia's nanny. Now every Saturday, we send them both to Thia's nanny since Jaden's nanny can't jaga him on Saturday. Luckily, Jaden was ok with them. 

After work (1pm) I go tapau roti canai kosong & roti telur for my lunch. Sampai rumah I fetched Jaden and left Thia with her nanny. I decided to let her stayed at her nanny until 530pm since I'm afraid that I can't handle both of them at home. Eh, cakap 'Supermom?' hehe.. So, it was only me & Jaden on one hot Saturday afternoon. Me and Jaden ate roti canai for lunch but Jaden nda makan banyak la. After that, I got my boy to take a nap. Memang his routine tu every Saturday but have to ayun him in order to get him to sleep. While he was sleeping I'm preparing for our dinner dish. Ala, masak sup ayam mixed with celery and carrot ja for dinner tonite. I finished cooking at about 3pm. I wanted to sleep but I can't. So, I continued to watch my favourite series "The Vampire Diaries'. Sampai la dekat-dekat jam 5pm. I have to wake my boy since we have to take bath & pick up my sumandak at 530pm. After picking her up, we have our early dinner. I managed to get Jaden to eat his dinner and when he was full (read: don't want to eat anymore), I continued eating the remaining food. I ate my dinner upstairs and then stayed with the kids and layan their karenah until they fall asleep. Thia was having a flu but luckily she's sleep soundly by 830pm. I wanted to use the idea of putting garlic in the sock (saw this petua in the FB) to keep the flu away. By 930 or is it 10pm I fall asleep with Jaden still nenen2. I'm guessing we're both fall asleep at the same time..hehe.

Oh and today, Jaden was asking about his father whereabouts once only and the same answer still working *thank God!*

And we're done for Day 2 without the Hubby/Father.

Day 3, Sunday 22nd
We all woke up at 7am **sigh**. Thanks to Jaden (ggrrrrrr)! Today their dad will be coming home! Yippeee!!!! I can't wait for him to be at home with us.. hehe.. And to see the hasil tangkapan. At about 8am, I went downstairs to get ready bubur Thia and masak mi goreng kesukaan si Jaden. In order to do that, I have to give Thia to my bro-in-law (errr..more on my ipar yang volunteer. Saya malu ba minta tolong terang-terangan..ahahaha...ayat ka lagi ni). When all are ready, I get Jaden to eat the mi goreng and at the same time I had my breakfast. After breakfast, it's Thia time to momom bubur.. yeay!! And I let Jaden to wandering around the house since yesterday no play day for him kan...at about 930am I bathed both of them in a baby bathtub. Sudah la Jaden besar panjang, I have to squeezed them both in that.. What to do la..hehehe. After mandi, it's time for Thia nap and also Jaden. I put them both in the ayunan and Thia terus diam-diam and langsung tidur. On the other ayunan, Jaden; after habis nenen botol terus nda juga dia mau tidur jadi saya malas mau paksa dia, I let him go play at his playroom. So I take this chance to have a bath. A quick one. Thia only slept for one hour and it's Jaden turn to take his nap. Luckily, he falls asleep in the ayunan with botol susu but only for an hour sleep juga..pfffttt.. Saya target suda dia untuk tidur dua jam or more :)

And the hubby is on the way back home already. They reached pasar KK at about 12pm and only reached home at about 130pm. Happy tahap gaban! The catch was not so much comparing to his last fishing trip. Anyhow, boleh la...half month supply of fish ^__^ Yang penting my hubby satisfied dapat pigi memancing di laut dalam. 

That's that!
Am I a Supermom?? Well.......I am :)

Thanks for dropping by ya!

Friday, March 20, 2015

it's Friday and i'm gonna be supermom

sebelum cerita supermom, mari layan cerita saya untuk ini minggu.

last week i got my ole-ole from Bali.
thanks so much to my bro & sis-in law who went there recently.
love the fridge magnet & the baju/short for Jaden & Thia very much..
keychain & bottle opener are so 'wow!' ^__^ 
saya rasa memang berlambak kat pasar di Bali tu kan?  

last Sunday pulak, Jaden had his hair cut.
sekejap panjang oh his hair. tebal pula tu.
to cut cost, the father did the barber thing. nasib ok juga.
not perfect but can keep Jaden hensomboi la..ehehehe...

on Tuesday nite we all went to 1B to meet Pororo and friends.
tapi sedih, rupanya itu event was held during morning pulak.
i saw my anak buah pictures with the two of the mascot.
Pororo and Petty
kesian my Jaden nda dapat tengo live itu cute mascot. 
and then when Jaden mula suda buang tabiat,
terus la kami jalan-jalan sukat 1B.
sebenarnya we're looking for the kids section.
ala, yang tempat main games tu ba....
jalan punya jalan, tejumpa la 'Boboland'. punya la si Jaden kesiokan.
sampai all the kereta, train, plane dia pigi naik.
jakun ^__^
we were there about half and hour. kasi puas hati my Jaden.
penat juga la tunggu dia. itupun belum lagi dia puas main.
adoi...penat lagi dukung my Thia...

and this weekend,
i will be a SUPERMOM.
since the hubby had
it's gonna be a long weekend............. 
me with the kids.........

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

colposcopy test

Pap smear (and a colposcopy) is used to detect and prevent the development of cervical cancer (cancer of the cervix) by identifying cells that may become cancerous in the future. Cancer is an abnormal growth of new tissue characterized by uncontrolled growth of abnormally structured cells that have a more primitive form. Detection of abnormal cells in the cervix can help prevent and treat cancer of the cervix. For more info, you may read here.

Exactly one month ago, I had an appointment with the O&G at Hospital Likas after my Pap smear result came back as abnormal (three months later after I done it at KKIA Inanam). I was referred to O&G for the Colposcopy test. I did read online about the test and I was nervous on how it will be performed. 
Waduh! Waduh! Saya baca saja ada perkataan kanser terus berpeluh sejuk saya sebentar. Luckily, I have done my Pap smear earlier and encourage those who haven't done their Pap smear better go early before it's too late. Eh, belum lagi habis cerita saya pasal experience kena Colposcopy itu hari. 

On the 10th February, the appointment was at 2pm and I'm off to the hospital just after lunch. Sampai hospital at about 1pm and only after 2 or 3 round of the parking lot I got to park my car. And then I go directly to the registration counter and for the first time appointment it was free of charge. But next appointment need to pay the fee already. The counter lady asked me to go to the O&G room which I've been to last year to see pakar juga (berkenaan VBAC). We were told to change to sarung warna hijau and buka seluar dalam for the test. Tunggu punya tunggu dari jam 2pm sampai la jam 3.30pm baru my turn. There's few of us going thru the Colposcopy test, ada yang buat Pap smear saja kali tu. Tapi kebanyakan yang orang tua suda la. Saya yang paling muda (I think) and I don't even bercerita sama dorang. Malas saya, makcik-makcik punya cerita. Saya dengar ja... Menyesal nda bawa bukun cerita or any magazine! 

When it's my turn, dup dap dup dap juga perasaan saya. I was told to lied down on the special chair and leg spread apart so that the doctor can insert a device to slightly open the walls of vagina. Before the test performed sempat lagi tu doc cakap 'this is the first and the last time you'll see your cervix' Hehe...why he said like that because there's a big monitor above that you can see everything....from the outside to the inside of the vagina. Dalam bilik tu ada 2 doktor pakar lelaki. 1 memang pakar & yang 1 macam belum pakar, the pakar explained to him bla bla bla...about my cervix condition. 2 nurse perempuan. Actually, yang satu tu memang Staff nurse, yang satu pakai baju biru - Sister. Two sampel was taken and it bleeding like hell (at least i think like that) masa tengok di monitor tu. The doc put a thick yellow-green paste on the area the sample been taken to stop the bleeding. hmmm...bikin takut juga la... Dan berakhir la suda itu test and the doc advised not to  have any intercourse for 2 weeks in order for the cervix to heal. Hehehe... baik la Doc! 

And my heart feels dup dap dup dap again today. I've received a call from the hospital that my result is out and the doc have re-appoint my appointment to this Friday the 13th which supposed to be on the 24th Mar. O M G!



Saturday, March 07, 2015

part time once in a blue moon

so damn tired!

but i do enjoyed working at our boss's cny open house (05/03/15). mingling with the other staffs, serving soft drinks (and also the beer) to the guests was fun. but at the same time macam mau patah itu pinggang juga la ;) yes, that was the task given to me and the other staffs; serving drinks to the guest. a never ending story coz the beverage kena topped-up saja. especially the beer! for the soft drinks we put it in the glass (styrofoam) before we serve it to the guest. we had our dinner earlier before we start serving. yummee foods! and the lion dance started as early as 630pm and people were coming already. i think we started to work at about 7pm.
and follow up by the young and talented drummer from the st. james primary school (every year they were invited to perform at the boss open house). and then more lion dance performance but since we had to serve drinks we have no time to enjoy the lion dance. lagipun macam biasa jak.. ahahaha.. kenen... 
it is about 1100pm that the beer completely finished. fuh! tinggal soft drinks saja lagi. punya la penat mau tunggu itu beverage habis..haha! itupun there's still guests yang came to the bar to ask for the beer. i'm sorry.... no beer already! actually we want to go home early but we were told to wait until all the guest went back home (and also the tung tung chang to end their performance). selagi belum habis lion dance show, itu guests masi lagi terpacak tingu tu lion dance. pfffftttt... ba jom lihat pictures yang sempat saya ambil malam tu..tidak dapat gambar banyak2 since bertugas. nanti kedapatan pula curi tulang...ahahaha..
pokok limau harus ada
orchids? no la. flower.............. hihi...
the ceria sumandak in pinks :)
the pink ladies in action (wajah kepenatan semuanya)
the last lion dance performance of the nite
the last angpow i got for this cny 2015 (like like like)
and i was home at 1am, have a quick bath (with air panas) and sleep soundly, not! i wake my thia to breastfeed her (my breastmilk was leaking time on duty, resulting my baju wet like macam kena tuang air saja...adoii). terus dia nda mau tidur ba. same goes to my jaden! he's awake and refused to sleep. hmmm... last i checked the clock was at 230am. mungkin ada la dekat-dekat jam 330am kali dorang tidur tu including me... huh! what a day for me. besoknya have to go to work lagi....

Thursday, March 05, 2015

happy chap goh mei

 The Lanterns Festival
Lima belas hari selepas Tahun Baru Cina merupakan hari Chap Goh Mei disambut sebagai menandakan berakhirnya perayaan Tahun Baru Cina. Pesta Chap Goh Mei disambut dengan mengadakan upacara sembahyang secara besar-besaran, di mana colok besar akan dibakar dan juga diadakan makan besar bersama keluarga. Bunga api dibakar dan tanglung dinyalakan bagi meraikan Chap Goh Mei. info from wikipedia

Later, we had to work (volunteer tapi yang kena bayar punya la) at our boss cny open house. it's my first time jadi pelayan tetamu a.k.a tukang serve minuman, jaga makanan, etc during our boss's cny open house. but i don't know which tasks that i will be given later. teehee..

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

wordless wednesday #8 2015

my (not-so-baby) boy, Jaden's morning routine.
 going to his nanny house, 6 days a week.


 this is my latest fridge magnet collection.
thanks to a friend who went to Melaka recently.