Tuesday, March 10, 2015

colposcopy test

Pap smear (and a colposcopy) is used to detect and prevent the development of cervical cancer (cancer of the cervix) by identifying cells that may become cancerous in the future. Cancer is an abnormal growth of new tissue characterized by uncontrolled growth of abnormally structured cells that have a more primitive form. Detection of abnormal cells in the cervix can help prevent and treat cancer of the cervix. For more info, you may read here.

Exactly one month ago, I had an appointment with the O&G at Hospital Likas after my Pap smear result came back as abnormal (three months later after I done it at KKIA Inanam). I was referred to O&G for the Colposcopy test. I did read online about the test and I was nervous on how it will be performed. 
Waduh! Waduh! Saya baca saja ada perkataan kanser terus berpeluh sejuk saya sebentar. Luckily, I have done my Pap smear earlier and encourage those who haven't done their Pap smear better go early before it's too late. Eh, belum lagi habis cerita saya pasal experience kena Colposcopy itu hari. 

On the 10th February, the appointment was at 2pm and I'm off to the hospital just after lunch. Sampai hospital at about 1pm and only after 2 or 3 round of the parking lot I got to park my car. And then I go directly to the registration counter and for the first time appointment it was free of charge. But next appointment need to pay the fee already. The counter lady asked me to go to the O&G room which I've been to last year to see pakar juga (berkenaan VBAC). We were told to change to sarung warna hijau and buka seluar dalam for the test. Tunggu punya tunggu dari jam 2pm sampai la jam 3.30pm baru my turn. There's few of us going thru the Colposcopy test, ada yang buat Pap smear saja kali tu. Tapi kebanyakan yang orang tua suda la. Saya yang paling muda (I think) and I don't even bercerita sama dorang. Malas saya, makcik-makcik punya cerita. Saya dengar ja... Menyesal nda bawa bukun cerita or any magazine! 

When it's my turn, dup dap dup dap juga perasaan saya. I was told to lied down on the special chair and leg spread apart so that the doctor can insert a device to slightly open the walls of vagina. Before the test performed sempat lagi tu doc cakap 'this is the first and the last time you'll see your cervix' Hehe...why he said like that because there's a big monitor above that you can see everything....from the outside to the inside of the vagina. Dalam bilik tu ada 2 doktor pakar lelaki. 1 memang pakar & yang 1 macam belum pakar, the pakar explained to him bla bla bla...about my cervix condition. 2 nurse perempuan. Actually, yang satu tu memang Staff nurse, yang satu pakai baju biru - Sister. Two sampel was taken and it bleeding like hell (at least i think like that) masa tengok di monitor tu. The doc put a thick yellow-green paste on the area the sample been taken to stop the bleeding. hmmm...bikin takut juga la... Dan berakhir la suda itu test and the doc advised not to  have any intercourse for 2 weeks in order for the cervix to heal. Hehehe... baik la Doc! 

And my heart feels dup dap dup dap again today. I've received a call from the hospital that my result is out and the doc have re-appoint my appointment to this Friday the 13th which supposed to be on the 24th Mar. O M G!



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