Tuesday, June 30, 2015

earth quake effect

another natural disaster after the earth quake.
continuous rain caused landslide and mud flood.
area badly hit was at mesilau kundasang.
most of the villagers had been move to safer place.
the liwagu river also blocked with timber and crippled the kimolohing water treatment causing the supply of clean water disrupted to ranau.

since the disruption of clean water supply, so many generous people were sending boxes of mineral water to ranau to help them to get clean water supply. the water treatment plant need to be cleaning expectedly for three days. some donated food, clothes, etc to those families temporarily sheltered.

below pictures were shared thru watsapp and it is scary to look at the pictures. belum lagi tengo yang betul-betul depan mata. scary!! 

p/s: semalam hujan lebat. bikin takut. strong wind somemore. huh!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

jaden turns three

My Jaden turns three today.

Dear Jaden,
Mummy still remember the day you were born three years ago (feeling emotional la pulak). Time flies so fast. Look at you now, you grew to be such a healthy and smart boy (and still very manja to Mummy). You always wanted attention from Mummy and I really love to entertained you my love. Mummy (and Papa) will always love you and may you grow to be a great man ya. We will always support whatever you want to do in your life. 

Hugs & Kisses from Mummy

picture taken three weeks ago
P/s: Please be a good boy ya Jaden... hihi (sempat lagi pesanan penaja)

Friday, June 26, 2015

memories remain

I received these pictures thru watsapp and I believe most of us (Sabahan) received it as well. That's the role of smartphone (and social medias) nowadays. Well, I will be deleting these pictures in my phone sooner so I hope by putting the pictures in blog of mine can remind us all of the tragedy that hit Sabah in June 2015.
Credit to all those that had contributed to the pictures ya. 
Sharing is caring!

A picture tells a thousand words.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

earth quake experience

Magnitude 5.9 Earth quake hit Sabah

Date : 5th of June 2015 (Friday)
Time : 0717hours

all i heard during the tremors was the sound of wrecking zinc roof. i didn't even think about the earth quake that time. i was at the first floor with my daughter doing early house chores. i was on leave that day since my baby sitter was not able to look after my Thia. i don't wear my glasses that morning so i don't really see any movement. i was just standing still while listening to the wrecking sound and at the same time watched the zinc. in my mind, 'what kind of (big) squirrel wandering on our roof?'. ishh... my daughter was on the floor playing by herself..

after that i went downstairs and i still didn't voice it out; about the tremors. my husband at that time was preparing for Jaden's food and his lunch. he didn't even felt the tremor -___- but at that time, my bro-in-law's stepson was telling 'ada gegaran oh tadi, kamu rasa ka?'. i still don't realized it was an earth quake. until i went upstairs to get my phone and there's watsapp incoming non-stop about the earth quake. scary! but we're so lucky we were at home that time. 

so, the news about the stranded climbers on the peak of Mount Kinabalu quickly spread thru watsapp. i can't imagine how scary the situation up there and how devastated they are waiting for the rescue team to rescue them. and also how tired, hungry, angry you name it. but they can't do anything because they've been telling that rescue team will be there for them. but after no sight of the rescue team the brave mountain guides makes their own decision for the safety of the stranded climbers (punya sejuk gila di atas tu kalau mau kena bermalam lagi di sana).

the sad news about the death of the climbers and the mountain guide makes me so emotional. every time i read about them i cried a bucket. i can't help it ;( and to read about their journey from the peak to Timpohon Gate also makes me cries. i don't know how they do it in the middle of the night descending from Laban Rata. but i knew the malim gunung helped them a lot. Kudos to the malim gunung!!

ok, that's it about my experience during the recent earth quake and i hope i will be more prepared in future (i hope Aki Nabalu will not be mad again). 



Wednesday, June 24, 2015

wordless wednesday #16 2015

WW for today is dedicated to Mount Kinabalu
Time will heal our precious mount.
credit pic to Jocinta
credit pic to Jocinta
got this picture thru watsapp. credit to those who has taken this gorgeous pic!       

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

missing in action

hi all.

it's been a while i didn't post any stories in this blog of mine. a lot has happened in this few weeks. sad and happy memories.

#pray for sabah - the earth quake (05.06.2015)

#the big family gathering on my hubby side (kaamatan family) (13.06.2015)

i shall update my blog soon. 

p/s: selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa kepada semua rakan-rakan yang beragama Islam 

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

wordless wednesday #15 2015

what do we do during kaamatan holiday? 
31st May 2015
 happy day, happy tummy and a tiring day.
but it was worth it!