Wednesday, March 27, 2013

9 months old

three months away to his first birthday.
*oh gosh! i haven't plan anything for his first birthday celebration*

in the meantime, here are few of jaden's milestones:-

** he can sit well without support 
** very mobile and very curious
** showing separation anxiety when leaving him with the babysitter (for a while jak..)
** his upper teeth start to appear - satu kali banyak tumbuh gigi dia. nasib dia nda demam2
** baby talks a lot!
** his sleeping pattern - sometimes awal tidur, sometimes lambat tidur. kadang-kadang pandai bangun awal pagi like 3am. terus membawa main ni...aduii...
** and he is super super manja to his mommy ^___^ 

today we went to clinic for his 9th month check up.
current weight : 8.86kg
current height : 75cm

ok lets see his pictures now. can see any difference from last month? hmmm..nothing much but mummy loves to post jaden's pic here..

dear jaden,
this is how u look upon entering your 9th months of age ;)
u are the apple of my eye.
mummy loves you so much!!
hugs & kisses,

Friday, March 15, 2013

68 days

 ~ exactly the days i've been with the new company. 

new circle of friends. 
new office 'aura'. 
new accounting system. 
new principal of activities. 
new working hours. 

and today is the middle of the march already. half month to go to the 2nd quarter of 2013. time flies eh?

i think i'm well 'blended' with this new environment. still i need to adjust my 'working mood' on saturday. coz i still hate the idea of working on saturday (previously, i only worked 5 days a week). and there goes my 'laundry day' on saturday. i have to re-adjust my laundry day to friday night. huhu. nasib 2 trips saja ini kali coz my baby's clothes not much to wash since his daily clothes were left at his babysitter (thank god!). so, only his weekend clothes that needed to be washed. and i only wash it by next weekend. dasar pemalas. hehe. 

suprisingly, i haven't taken any leave or mc since i worked here. well, i've been given 6 months probation and any leaves taken during the probation time will be deducted from my salary. siapa mau kan? moreover, i need to perform during my probation time. so far so good. cuma kadang-kadang kedatangan pigi keja sangat nda ditepati walaupun jarak rumah dan ofis adalah dekat. i can't wait for my confirmation day (oh june..come fast fast!)

oh ya, did i tell u that my work place is only less than 10 mins away from my home *bliss*. itupun kalau nda jammed la tapi kalau jammed pun 15-20 mins bule sampai rumah. kesimpulannya, minyak kereta pun save banyak ^_______^ berbaloi-baloi!

and the important part when working in a big organization; good h.o.d and superior. so far my working stress level still in lower level. the work pressure still bearable (allalalala...memang la ba kan kalau baru 2 bulan kerja ditempat baru). a good relationship with the boss and co-workers pun salah satu faktor bikin kita semangat mau pergi kerja. ya ba kan? so far, i have no problem mixing with the other colleagues. orang bilang bule 'masuk buuk' :) 

in a nutshell, i hope i can survive working here..

Monday, March 04, 2013

from south korea with love

you've got mail! 

hehe..actually i got this postcard when my friend was holidaying in south korea (end of jan'13) and she posted in her fb about the postcard. so, saya dengan lajunya hantar message to her yang saya mau, siap bagi address..hehe..

oh my, south korea is one of my 'list of places to visit'. gonna wake up my 'partner-in-crime' because of this. talking about travelling, i should share with you my latest travelling story. tapi nda tau la bila saya ada masa ni..huhu..

* i don't know what's gonna happened next to sabah. i pray that the safety of  our people and the end of this pencerobohan by mereka2 itu *

please stay alert all the time and be careful ya..
god bless us! 

Friday, March 01, 2013

updating feb's memory

hello march! february ended in the blink of eyes...

and jaden turned 8 months old last two days. he's been more active nowadays. he can sit without support but with the help of his mum and dad laa...he still trying to sit on his own. halfway there son! kalau di atas tilam, dia suka betul trip mo berdiri using my body yang tengah limpang2 *bliss*

it's been 3 weeks my baby jaden had diaper rashes. thank God! now his diaper rash not so teruk like on the first few days he got it. ya, he got blister also on his bottom due to rash. however, my hubby and i suspected that he's allergic to ikan bilis (small ikan bilis but not the smallest). so, now we only used chicken to add in his food and of course the veggies; broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin, carrots. sometimes i add sweet potato and also normal potato in his porridge :) actually, i think it's my fault also coz i didn't check/ change his diapers during night time *katuk kapala* when he got his rashes. his babysitter also didn't informed me least i know he got rashes kan

jaden at 8 months sangat kuat makan dan kuat nenen. kalau kana bawa jalan-jalan dia sangat good boy (when inside the car). tapi kalau in the shopping mall/ food court/ restaurant sangat la nda pandai duduk diam. huh! geram juga la skitt..... 

here's jaden pics towards his 8 months old journey * bule kana kira how much i snapped his pics on february..huhu..malas ba angkat kamera berat * hmmm.. i wish i had a compact digital camera. senang sikit pergerakan..

no need to buy baby bib. towel pun ok ba!

he's so kuat makan. lebih-lebih lagi if my mum yang kasi makan. gerenti abis makanan dia.
jaden's fast crawling makes my heart beat faster :)  telimpas pandang tatap ada saja 'hadiah'  di muka or body 
mummy loves you so much!

look mummy, i got my first real bruise on my right eye * the fact that i have to accept ;( * 
and i like to do this a lot nowadays..... hehe

what' next? ouh ya, jaden had his first CNY angpows this year! we went to hubby's relative yang ada 'chinese blood'..hehe..actually this is their (the relative) family tradition to gather  during the CNY eve which is good for the family and friends - bonding time :) we also had been invited to my neighbor 'open house' during the first day of CNY. more angpow for my jaden *like*


and oh, ash wednesday falls on 13feb13. we went to st.simon church, likas for ash wednesday mass. jaden's first ash wednesday ^__^. 

*happy 2nd week of lent season. let's pray, fast and do charity*

may God bless us all!