Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Random photos

I have to keep these photos shared thru WatsApp from friends and families. bikin kenang kenangan bogia...
these photos were taken during our year end cuti-cuti sabah at kundasang. 
~Dec 2015~
can't remember who shared this pic -__-
during rehat time at their tadika (shared by julia) ~14.01.16~
can you spot my jaden?~26.01.16~
jaden at the top of bukit padang while waiting for his mummy to show up.
photo taken by hubby ~20.02.2016~
jaden and lovely. pulang time!
jaden with lovely amanda at their tadika.
pic were shared by lovely's mum (julia) ~Mar'16~
hubby took this photo at KK jetty in Apr'16. 
time ni dorang pigi ambik abang dia yang baru balik dari memancing di laut dalam.
Thia few days before her 2nd birthday ~21.04.16~
taken by jie jie brenda during thia 2nd birthday celebration ~ 02.05.16
thia extra jarum measles at dewan kg.nountun. 
she got it during one of the KOSPEN activity. ~May 2016~
kaamatan sukaneka kg.nountun
 ~May 2016~
camwhoring at julia's car; si lovely yang ambik gambar :) 
~ June 2016~
hari raya visit at kg.laut kinarut ~06.07.16~
bowling bottle anyone? at padang yayasan sabah. ~18.07.16~
berabis main hujan time moginakan sinakagon kindiman ~24.07.16~
sukaneka family day at dewan kg.nountun ~23.07.16~

banyak lagi pictures yang i wanna save in this blog. 
tapi nanti la sa pilih pilih dulu  ^__^

Friday, September 23, 2016

Mandi sungai

the kids love to go mandi sungai. i love to bring my kids to explore new places even though they're still small. maybe they will not remember much about the places but the memories remain in them. i love to see their happy faces bila dorang kena bawa jalan jalan....yeah, it's a tiring journey tapi itu memori adalah sangat priceless...
ba, jom layan dulu gambar the kids mandi manda (with their bapa).

Lokasi : Sungai Tambulion, Kota Belud
Date : 07.07.2016
Lokasi : Pusat Pelancongan Air Terjun Kiansom Inanam
Date : 07.08.2016

Lokasi : Sungai Malangang, Kiulu, Tamparuli
Date : 31.08.2016

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mom's birthday

Happy 54th Birthday Mummy! 

we had a simple birthday for my mum on the 10th September.
i've baked a chocolate moist cake for her birthday with simple deco. teehee.
asal ada tiup lilin mah..and the kids love to see the cake as well as singing the birthday song. it's like they're the one who celebrating a birthday (macam anak anak saya, masing masing cakap itu cake dorang..haha)

thank you for all the things that you've done for me 
and i hope you'll be blessed with long life. 

God Bless!

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

i don't want to miss a thing (part 3)

family outing is always the best. 
whether dekat or jauh. 
it is a bliss to see the kids happy faces whenever we go outing.
 Taman Buaya Tuaran ~May 2016~ 

I still remember during this outing I was not feeling very well
Coughing and flu bermaharajalela waktu itu.
Punya la not comfortable but demi tu anak anak, kugagahi juga.
 Attending hubby's cousin wedding at Tambunan on 4th June 2016.
We stayed one night at my sis-in-law house at Nambayan.
We continue our journey to Ranau the next day (from Tambunan).
And we sempat singgah Desa Dairy Farm but only at the entrance.
So many people at that time and kasian my son berabis menangis mau masuk dalam tengu lembu -____- 
(next time la kio.....)   
Desa Dairy Farm ~05 June 2016~
Bule tahan ini anak anak ikut road trip KK-Tambunan-Ranau-Tuaran-KK 
(first time experience for them).
Sempat juga singgah Tuaran to attend my friend; Mary's house warming.
Penat gila hari tu oh!
Lok Kawi Wildlife Park ~ June 2016~
It was our first time together watching the animals show in their Amphitheater at 11.15am show (there is another show at 3.30pm). 
Seronok bawa ni anak jalan jalan di zoo. 
But at the same time very tiring juga la. hehehe.

In future, 
I do hope that we will bring the kids go outing as often as we could.
Making memories!

Monday, September 05, 2016

Walk For Autism 2016

Date: 02 April 2016
Venue: Perdana Park, Tg. Aru
Time: 4pm

Theme: "Acceptance - We Are No Different"
Organizer: Persatuan CHILD Sabah (Caring and Helping Individuals Learn and Develop).

should have group photo tapi nda kesampaian. panas oh that day!
love this picture walaupun ada photobomb sana belakang :)
masing masing ada gaya tersendiri
terdengar orang cakap 'punya kiut tuna dua orang budak pigang pigang tangan'
Us with our children (ada 2 lagi anak bujang si julia misssing in action)
friends are forever! ~ellie, yours truly & julia~
 from childhood friends until we become mommies ^__^

this autism awareness event was officiated by our CM. we just walk around the park while my mum follows the crowd walks according to the route given. we mommies just hanging around the playground section watching our kids playing while waiting for my mum to finish her walk :)