Thursday, April 30, 2015

4th Anniversary

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary. 
I'm so blessed to have you as my soul-mate darling hubby.
And we were blessed with two healthy and cute babies 
(a pair).
I have to admit that there we ups and downs in our marriage but that makes us stronger til now.
I will always love you darling and may God bless our marriage, til death do us part.

love love love love love love love love love love love
This day four years ago!
I wanna grow old with you darling! 
(yang macam cartoon movie UP tu..hehehe)

 ~ mmuaahhh ^__^ ~

Monday, April 27, 2015

back to work


macam lama oh nda update blog oh... 
baru balik dari cuti sakit ba ni.
satu minggu cuti sakit.
kerja pun berlambak.
sekarang baru dapat update blog.

ok la.
hope you all have a pleasant day ahead ya.
me still standing strong after the operation (will blog about it later).

til then, terima kasih kepada yang menyinggah ya!
(kalau ada la yang menyinggah) ^__^

Thursday, April 16, 2015

those teeth :)

suda la rambut surugau (messy hair), 
kepala pun ada rashes.
i'm thinking of cutting her hair oh.. 
this pic was sent by her nanny today.
saya memang teda harapan dapat gambar macam ni.
nasib la ada kenangan dia kasi tayang gigi dia,
kan Thia??? hihi

mmmuaaahh! mummy loves you so much!! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

wordless wednesday #13 2015

it's been raining two days a row (night time).
syukur la nak. after almost 3months with no rain.
however during the day, it was hot.
really hot!

Monday, April 13, 2015

healthy lifestyle

i wanna have a healthy lifestyle!!
lama suda i didn't do real exercise oh.

actually, jaga anak, do house chores pun kira exercise juga ba.
tapi not that really can shed away few kilograms.
last i checked (jan2015) my weight is around 63kg.
hmmm... now i don't dare to weigh myself.
i got comments from few friends, 'ada isi lagi ka?'
i'm not offended but that was a sign for me to take care of my body (i think).
there's no motivation to exercise at home coz most of the time jaga baby.
what about exercise before sleep u may say? nahh... 
i went to sleep with my little thia since she still breastfeeding kan.
baby sleep, i sleep also ^__^

so yesterday we went to stadium likas jogging track (oh how i miss to jog!).
i brought the whole family. me, hubby, jaden & thia 
(quality time with the kids!).
we manage to walk and finished 1 round of the jogging track.
with me holding my little thia and jaden was with his papa.
we walked side by side. it was a fun walk with jaden.
macam-macam perkataan keluar dari mulut dia. 
tapi itu tangan harus dipegang if not dia pandai melencong 
mau pigi terjun tasik.
oh ya, there's a new jogging track there 
(lama suda kali kana buat tapi i baru tau yesterday, poor me)
as usual the track was crowded with people of all ages.

i need to get back my ideal weight. if not pun kasi tone up my body.
especially bahagian perut. hehehe... 
but in the meantime, i have to eat proper meal juga..
ini lagi problem saya ni. saya kuat makan. huh!

maybe i can try this. jom sama-sama try test :)

p/s: ini malam harus timbang berat. 
need to have a journal of weight loss...hmmm... we'll see about that.


Friday, April 10, 2015

two become one


last nite when i checked my drawer i found this!
our precious one!

and now she's almost 1year old.
my darling Thia... mummy loves you so much!

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

wordless wednesday #12 2015

This picture was shared by my friend recently.
 I get excited!
but i'm not sure if i have time to do like this.. 
i do have unused white board at my house.
ngeh ngeh ngeh ^__^
 latest fridge magnets i got from my dear friends.
and key chain (also my fav things to collect).
thanks ya friends!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Jaden & Thia updates

before i forget......

last nite, Jaden kiss his lil' sister! and then he called me "mummy cium!" asking me to kiss him. lovely isn't it?? time ni kami sedang baring-baring on the bed. am trying to get both of them to sleep. dear hubby have to attend family meeting (for kaamatan celebration this year).

ok let see what my babies accomplished so far :)

Jaden's entering his 2 years 9months old (as at 27/03/15).

  • he loves my drawing (ahahaha..ini boleh ka masuk buku?). i meant he knew what i draws i.e siput babi, babi, mickey mouse, cat, octopus, fish, tiga segi, empat segi, bulat, love, moon, sun, pokok (poto), rumah, sungai (sunyai), the complete set of ABCs, and 1-10. that's all i can draw. limited skills ba...
  • his bedtime is around 9-10pm-ish (ini pun bikin pening saya suda). kadang minta on tv lagi (since the tv is in the bedroom kan). so we just let him watched tv and slept by himself.  but sometimes he wanted to be in his ayunan (good because he'll fall asleep a.s.a.p, if he really is sleepy la)
  • he's so into his bapa. every time pun mesti mau cari bapa. but mesti pandai mau jawab la if his dad went somewhere (i.e moginum ka, jalan main basikal ka etc)
  • he tend to asking again and again and again (i.e mami: mana shoes jaden? answer: ah? mami: mana shoes jaden? jaden: ah?) i think there's something wrong with his ear. and it's hard for me to korek his telinga since he will not stay still. he always complained sakit. i have to paksa him to stay still if not his ear will not be cleaned up. any ideas how to check on child ears?
  • he still doesn't like to mix with other children. sometimes he will play with the older kids but most of the time he will do his own business. 

thia just turned 11months old last week (04/04/15)

  •  she understand some of my instruction such as "give mummy" if she was holding tv/ astro remotes or anything that she shouldn't be holding :)
  • she still prefer to be feeded with my breast milk. if i give her formula milk she will rejected it. and she also likes to drink a lot of water (good ba kan?)
  • nowadays, she can sit perfectly by herself. no more unstable condition. 
  • she can be talkative sometimes. 
  • she still have the fear to the unfamiliar faces. mesti nangis kalau kena dukung. but only for a while la. ones have to pandai ambik hati dia if wanna hold her.. ehehhee..
  • she can picked up small food by her own little finger and put it in her mouth (cute eh?). sometimes bukan makanan saja yang dia makan; kertas, kayu-kayu kecil, getah pun pernah dia kasi masuk dalam mulut. bikin heart attack saja. nasib her mommy pantas kasi keluar all those things before she telan it. goshh!! 
  • setakat ni dia ada 6 batang gigi. 4 di bahagian atas, 2 di bahagian bawah and two more sedang mau tumbuh di bahagian bawah. sometimes kalau dia geram memang dia akan mengigit sumber susu dia.. ooucchhhh! punya la sengsara mau tahan sakit.
  • and she still soooo manja to me...hilang dari pandangan saja sure menangis. but if her bapa was there kurang sikit dia menangis. 
    Thia still breastfeeding at 11months. love u so much baby!
we put on kunyit on the forehead till their nose to ease the flu. that's why got yellowish on their faces.

Monday, April 06, 2015

hello april!

Happy Easter 2015!
i know it's late but i wanna wish juga ^__^ 
last week was the holy weekend for the Christians.
i got a new table calender! 
previous calender was so unattractive to look at. 
bikin teda mood mo tingu2 haribulan :)
terus teda mood mo kerja juga. bule ka begitu? ehehe
i am so in love with this picture.
my darling's design thru Photogrid Apps if i'm not mistaken.
not bad eh...

lately, Thia was so sensitive. 
kena marah sikit suda mau menangis.
if i am away to get something or hilang dari pandangan dia, 
misti dia menangis. way tooooo manja!

hmmm.. i need to jot down my babies development.
ok, till next post ya!