Wednesday, April 08, 2015

wordless wednesday #12 2015

This picture was shared by my friend recently.
 I get excited!
but i'm not sure if i have time to do like this.. 
i do have unused white board at my house.
ngeh ngeh ngeh ^__^
 latest fridge magnets i got from my dear friends.
and key chain (also my fav things to collect).
thanks ya friends!!


  1. Sy pun mau beli whiteboard utk FM sy.. bikin ilang stress tgk ni FM semua.. angan2 mau smpai semua tu tmpt. huhuhuh

    1. iya, betul tu Just. bikin hilang stress..siok tengo tu koleksi pandai bertambah dan harap2 boleh sampai tu tempat one day :)