Friday, October 22, 2010

No Public Phone

i go to 1B office this morning following my sis-in-law car. actually, i have 'wrap-up session' with the VCM team at the Volvo Gallery 1B regarding the DMS. eventho, i will be outta here in 1 month time, i have to follow the Audit Meeting since yesterday. on the way to 1B, i found out that my phone had been barred because i haven't pay my bills. gosh!! i realised that when i wanna call my colleague (sumandak ruzie) to go breaksfast together when i reach 1B. hmm....

when arriving at 1B, i try to find public phone at the largest shopping mall in sabah. so, i asked the lady cleaner at the ground floor is there any public phone at the mall. she said "teda o publik fon sini. basar2 ni 1b 1 biji publik pon pun teda. bagus lg center point. banyak publik pon dia". i just smile at the statement. dalam hati sa "talampau jg la teda publik pon di sini". with that, i made my way to the nearest atm machine to withdraws some money. tapi sa nda jadi kasi kuar duit coz from afar i can see ruzie's car at the parking lot (tajam jg ba mata sa..hehe). i quickly go towards the car park to meet her. after that, we went to have our breakfast together. sharing stories & few gossips (ini harus).

that's my story for today. and for reminder : make sure ur phone not barred or have more credits when going to 1b... hehehehe...



Wednesday, October 20, 2010

happy ~ 20.10.2010 ~ happy

what's with the date & topic??actually nothing happened today..just the usual works works..punya lambat tu masa berjalan...

in the meantime, i can't wait to go short vacation with my colleague ~ rose ^_^ in three weeks time, we'll be at the coolest place here in malaysia..cuti-cuti msia bah! menghirup udara segar..!! and beautiful God's creation..will blog about it later..

currently, me & my friends are planning to celebrate my BFF birthday next week.. we have been doing this since last  year...celebrating our birthday together *_* this year, we plan to go massage together and after that, we will indulge ourselves with calories + fatty food @ famous seafood restaurant..


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Interesting fact about October 2010

Halo! i'm planning to do my 2010 journey in this online diary of mine.. i can re-read again & again what have i done up until this 4th quarter of the year. ^_^. i've been to many places this year (which i like very much!) a happy & also sad travelling itinery...

Last week, i got this sms from my nephew (future nephew) Beth LG  ^_^

~ October 2010 facts ~
# has 5 Fridays
# has 5 Saturdays
# has 5 Sundays
all in one month
It happens once in 823 years.

Is it? hehe..interesting facts kan?!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Did You Know?

Luo Han Guo, regarded as the longevity fruit (oooo..i like this), holds as important place in Chinese medicine. Generations have come to trust it as traditional remedy for heatiness in the body. This low-glycemic food is known to be beneficial for the lungs, and is taken for hacking coughs, sore throats and excessive phlegm (yea, i've heard of it......)

bah, apalagi.................. minum la Luo Han Guo bila rasa2 mau fever + sore throat + cough ^_^

p/s: got to go now. sambung karaja dulu......

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs. ~Ansel Adams

i love taking pics!

Time flies so fast!

hey hey hey! i'm so happy! my baby Edek had been at home since monday...tapi kan he don't want to go to school to force child like this aa? keras kepala betul ba....need some pujukan baru dia mau pigi skolah ni....nanti la pikir pasal tu pujukan...

on another note.....
pic courtesy goggle

i'm done with my current job. well, i did hand in my resignation letter at last week (Oct 7, 2010)! what a relief ^_^ been wanting to do that since early of the year. now that i have the chance to spread my wings (aiseymen), i will work harder + super fast learner :-). i don't think the work challenge in the new company will be bed of roses...but it all depends on how fast we can adapt to the work more thing, the business line for the new company is completely different from my current company ...hahaha...anyway, hope everything will be orait!!

in my two-years (Oct 16 will be the date i exactly joined this company) stint at the current company, i have learned & experienced a lots....i will be missing my crazie colleagues. not so crazie but enough for me to remember them. got clicked with few of them & vice versa..huh! most of my colleague is a junior staffs. all the 'star' has left..including me! aaahh..enuff is enuff! goodbye & all the best - is all that i can say..actually my boss want to negotiate with me but i don't have the heart to work here already..sorry boss! THANK YOU boss for everything...i'm outta here....!!!

pic courtesy goggle

hahaha! wish i can do like that to relief stress...

bah, will do another entry later when i have mood...hehe..selalunya time di opis yang pandai datang mood mau update blog ba....adeii...til then, chiao!