Monday, December 31, 2012

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hi all!

happy new year 2013!

til we meet year....

as usual, this year i celebrate new year at my home sweet home with the family.

but this year we have an addition to the lil' jaden ^____^ 

this will be a short update for the last day of the year.

may god bless us all always!

p/s: please don't drink and drive. remember your loves one!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

jaden : 6 months old

yay! my baby turns 6 months old today. it's time to feed him with his first solid food. i can't wait to give him solid food. hope everything's gonna be okay! i hope he didn't get constipation eating solid food.

update : my hubby took leave today just to witness our boy ate his first solid food. very excited moment! we gave him mashed porridge mixed with carrot. and boy, he's enjoying his first solid food. when given to him in the morning, he's like tasting the new food introduced to him. not much been eaten by him. however came late afternoon, he's so eager to eat the mashed porridge. lambat sikit suap, menangis suda dia...hihi..  

momom time!

nah, feeding time in the morning. masi kebaru-baruan lagi si baby. he like to bite the spoon also. kiut ni...

my baby had measles last week. he got high fever when before he got the measle. i thought it was 'chicken pox'.

i was so weak during his time kena demam campak. i myself was having a bad headache and high fever! my spine also effected and i cannot tunduk, my head were spinning like crazy. that weak week was also my last week in the former office. i have no mood at all. my body was in the office but my soul was at the house with jaden...poor jaden during that weak week of mine sampai nda kena layan ba hubby yang layan dia. 

he can hold the bottle already. yay to that! but mummy still need to monitor when he's feeding time. takut nanti lari 'alignment' :) see the picture above? it's his favorite feet pose. tengo tv, breastfeeding and bersantai mesti ada itu pose.

hi all. i still can wear my first baby attire. hihi. and i loved to roll over again and again while 'singing' my fav song, 'apppa appaa, amama ammama, nnen nnen....haaii..' my original songs kaka.. itu la kegemaran dia sekarang. oh ya, tidak dilupakan, he's our alarm clock :) yang ada bunyi2 lagi you...

when he's relaxing, he'll do like this. he's watching his favourite song right now ' charlie and the number song' from baby tv. i think i want to subscribe that channel la..when he's watching his fav video clips, i can gunting his kuku peacefully. and i like that.

it's 5 days until the new year! have you any plan during the new year? me, so far i don't have any plan to celebrate new year. wah, this year will be our first time celebrating new year with jaden, my baby boy. oooh i like...... can't wait to see the new year fireworks!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

blessed christmas y'all!

i hope it's not too late to wish....

the small christmas tree with children presents only :)

jaden's first christmas gift!

JD concentrated unwrapping his gift.

oh my edek... all grown up. hope he like what we give him as his christmas gift. 

lots of love,
Jj & family

Sunday, December 23, 2012

farewell pictures!


credit to it dept for these photos! i likey….. farewell on 15.12.2012 ^__^


thanks to the staffs of ahsb for making a farewell party for us which will be leaving the company soon (now, i’m officially an ex-ahsb) and for the trainees that has ended their training . but it was a little weird farewell. hehe. not that weird la but we have breakfast farewell (kamu pernah?). see my point here? nevermind….. thanks so much for the breakfast which we finance dept only ate it during lunch since we already had our breakfast earlier. yeah, we thought the farewell was during lunch.

and below farewell was organized by finance dept on 20.12.2012 (nice eh the date?) as well as christmas exchanged gift (annual event). thank you boss and my dear colleagues for the farewell lunch treat. the food was yummy but i’m not feeling very well that day, no mood to eat a lot :(


oh, this was my team. i wish all the best to them! gonna miss this desk – the memories will be stored forever in the inbox :)


 our lunch for the day! yummilicious!!


menunggu saat untuk menjamu selera.


see i got the smallest gift. and it’s from the boss. last year office exchanged gifts i also got from the boss *__*


last but not least, my last group photo with my now ex-colleague. but we will definitely keep in touch (fb kan ada…). thank you guys for the friendship that we’ve shared together. i will cherished all the moments that we have spent together. and to the lady boss, thank you for the guidance, i have learnt a lot from you. and thanks for the other gift.

oh ya, i wanna thanks ms lilyron for all the pictures above.

til we meet again. “sayonaro oh….. sayonara oh…..”

Friday, December 21, 2012


today is my last day in the office.
i have mixed feeling leaving my desk after four years sharing good and bad memories :)
this will be my last entry using my pc (wah emo pula sa ni...)

anyway, i wish all the best for my colleagues and thank you boss for yesterday farewell lunch at finance dept. we had fun yesterday during the Christmas exchange gift. and guess what i got my boss present again! last year i got her present also. memang kami ni ada jodoh tapi nda berpanjangan la...sorry ah boss!

ok la, it's time to go home now. BYE-BYE ahsb group! it's been a great pleasure working with the big organization.

will post the farewell pictures in my next post!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

on 12.12.12

hi all!

yesterday i've attended my colleague's sister wedding at kg. serusup tuaran. it was my first time masuk kg. serusup :) i've been around there before following my ex-boyfriend (a.ka the hubby) went for fishing and cari umpan udang hidup. but never went inside the kg. serusup. hehe.
actually the event began with akad nikah at 12pm (special eh!) i didn't attend it coz i'm working and only attended the majlis sanding in the evening from 7pm onwards. according to my colleague (ms seenna), her sister will be having 3 wedding attires for her sanding.
i brought my jaden with me to the wedding reception and boy! the massive jammed at tuaran bypass almost pissed me off makes me do a u-turn and go back home. nasib baik ada si jaden bikin kasi lembut tu hati :) sempat lagi he pooped inside the car. just imagine we've been stucked in the jammed about 1 hour.. all the way from kalansanan to tebobon traffic light which in normal day only 10-15 mins drive..huh! when asked my other colleague, she said it's normal there due to the road/ drainage maintenance at tebobon area. hehe...rupanya!
so, we used sulaman highway instead. baru la cool itu perasaan. tapi hati berdebar2 juga takut sesat..... gelap lagi -__- but i just knew that my hubby memang biasa juga the place because it's their 'fishing port' ;). anyway, we managed to find the sulaman lake resort where the wedding being held. thank god!
we arrived there around 10pm which i think it's too late already but we're just in time to see the couples changed to 2nd wedding attire. too bad we missed the 1st traditional wedding costumes - bajau wedding costumes which i think is so colourful. same goes to the pelamin, so rich in colour which is very unique and very traditional ^__^ 
so here's the gorgeous pelamin pictures that i sempat snapped with my :)

this is the bajau traditional pelamin. colourful, right?

and this more on modern concept. very elegant oh!

ini pula tempat makan pengantin..hehe..
ala cuma nampak sipi-sipi saja the wedding cake. it's pink in colour and saya perasan the cake macam wedding cake saya dulu-dulu :)

at about 11pm, we went home. jaden pun ngantuk suda. nasib la budak sa ni nda meragam sepanjang 1 jam berada di tempat ini. thank you my little daling!! before going home we sempat bergambar with the newly bride. congrats to both of you ~ mimie & razee ~ semoga berbahagia hingga ke anak cucu! 

p/s: hati-hati memandu di jalan sulaman especially waktu malam. banyak lembu bersiar-siar di waktu malam..hihi

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Friday, December 07, 2012

hari ini dalam sejarah

anyhow, i won't write anything regarding the 'history' here in my blog. cukup-cukup saja i marked down the date and remember what had happened today in my heart. it shouldn't happened in the office at the first place. ya, ini kisah 'office politics'. i don't want to blame anybody 'sepa yang salah, sepa yang betul'. masing-masing main peranan masing-masing. i don't want to get involved with their problemo :) lagipun i'm outta here in 2 weeks time.

i wanna share this best quote to 'them' (taken from fb). pandai-pandai la kamu k!

work is work. personal is personal. don't mix this two. ok?

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

oh christmas tree!

our christmas tree at the office were up yesterday. my colleagues and i had decorated the tree together. tapi the tree so kurus and look empty at the bottom there. but next week we will gathered our christmas presents for changing gifts event! and it will not be empty anymore.

this will be the last Christmas tree i had with this company. i will surely miss the christmas 'aura' with my colleagues here.  it's the best time of the year! 

anyway, suka dan duka telah kita tempuhi bersama. ceh! ^__^ tinggal 12 hari lagi kita bekerjasama  (minus the weekends), yay! 

gonna miss you guys! sob sob sob...

Saturday, December 01, 2012

the greatest gift of all : a very happy birthday

to me!!!!

i am thirty three years old today.
i thank the Lord for giving me another day and year to live.
many thanks to those wishing my birthday thru' sms and facebook.

today, i spent my time with my lil' jaden.
happiness is in the air!
no cake, no makan2 and no birthday song :)
but it doesn't matter coz i have them with me. greatest gift i ever had!


my loved ones!

awwwhhh... i am falling in love with his smile!

cheeky boy! mummy love u always..

photo source

it's indeed a very very happy birthday to me!

Friday, November 30, 2012

kids are quick and funny

i've received this email from a friend long long time ago... 
it's good to share because laughter is the best medicine when we are stressed out. 
somemore, it's about kids and i believe kids have their own version of answering an adults question, lebih-lebih lagi kalau in a classroom. 
betul ka nda cikgu-cikgu sekalian?? ^_^

Here's a good one :-

Teacher : Adam, how do you spell 'crocodile'?
Adam : K-R-O-K-O-D-I-A-L
Teacher : No, that's wrong.
Adam : Maybe it is wrong, but you ask me how i spell it.

Teacher : Blake, give me a sentence starting with 'I'.
Blake : I is......
Teacher : No, Blake.... Always say, 'I am'.
Blake : All right.....'I am the ninth letter of the alphabet'.

Teacher : Christina, what is the chemical formula for water?
Christina : H I J K L M N O.
Teacher : What are you talking about?
Christina : Yesterday you said it's H to O.

Teacher : Cee Loo, your composition on 'My Dog' is exactly the same as your brother's. 
Did you copy his?
Cee Loo : No, sir. It's the same dog.

Teacher : Cody, what do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested?
Cody : A teacher.

there you goes!
i hope i can make someone laugh today :)

p/s: i am 'the voice' fan, hence the name.. hihi

Thursday, November 29, 2012

kundasang ~ in my heart (part 2)

let's continue my weekend getaway at of my favourite place on earth :)

after spending times at desa dairy farm and dream world resort, we visited the war memorial kundasang. i have been there few times but since my jie brenda never been there (same as desa dairy farm.. kesian dia kan?) jadi kami bawa la dia melawat tu memorial :)

we reached war memorial kundasang at about 9.45am and it's very hot compare to desa dairy farm! sampai my lil' jaden pun kesian kena panas yang sangat terik. i didn't bring to him to explore the memorial. my dear hubby yang jaga dia.

after exploring the new maintained memorial, we headed to perkasa hotel which is now upgraded to mount kinabalu heritage resort & spa. grand betul nama baru dia kan??

let's see the pictures that been taken at both place!

kesian my jaden..ngantuk suda kali dia ni ;)

ms brenda my model for the post will be dedicated to her.. yess!

tingu tu panas matahari sampai sanggup lagi duduk di siring2 @__@

oh my jaden!! the apple of my eye....
the new look (coz sa baru pigi singgah sana this year kan..jadi it's new for me) of war memorial.
gumbira si brenda jadi model for the day!

i love this picture so much. my friend said kasi print 120R :))
the new (lama suda actually.. tapi kami baru menjejakkan kaki ke sini kan...) jambatan gantung at mount kinabalu heritage resort & spa (huh..still cannot get use to it's name.. i still prefer perkasa hotel).

it's us again!

my jie brenda said "pokok amerika". mantang2 dia suda sampai amerika ^____^ terus sa sambung "ada vampire tu dalam tu hutan2 pokok amerika :)"
and that's remind me to watch twilight : breaking dawn part 1... kesian kan part 1 pun i haven't watch :( 
til we meet again...kundasang highlands!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

jaden : 5 months old

my dear jaden is 5 months old today!
~ 2 days ago he had his first tooth - excited!
~ he can lay his head on my shoulder already - oowh super cute!
~ rolled over more frequent and can lift his head and shoulder high - he try to impress me!
~ he's able to recognize his own name when we called him - i love the way he look at me :)
~ he'll turn his lil' head to where a sound come from - curious little guy!

~ he's still breastfeed - i likey, strong attachment!!
cepatnya masa berlalu dan next month he will be 6 months already. that's mean i can give solid food! yay! i need to cari recipe baby food suda ni..huhu.. suda la sa nda terrer masak. tapi demi my baby, i will spare my time to cari homemade baby food and learn to cook ^____^. lagipun the time he's 6 months old i will be on holiday before begin my new job at new company next year!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

jaden's first : tooth!

wah..i'm not expecting he got his tooth as early as 5 months old. actually, he will be 5 months old in 2 days time. we are so excited to see his first tooth. patut pun dia nangis-nangis saja last week. but he didn't get any fever. nowadays, he always like to cucuk his mouth. maybe another tooth is on the way ^____^ and he always suck his fingers also (sama ada dia lapar ataupun memang hobi dia).

"mummy, can you see my cute tooth? i can eat solid food already......" eh, sabar ko jaden. mummy will feed you solid food only when you're 6 months old. nda lama lagi tu....mummy loves you so much baby! muahhh....!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

kundasang ~ in my heart!

hello y'all. it's been a while. my last post was about my weekend getaway! and here goes my stories...

when it's hot, it's gonna be damn hot. when it's cold, it's gonna be super cold! yes, i'm telling you about kundasang, where hot and cold weather mixed! me and my jaden got sicked after our holiday. i have 'running nose' and jaden have flu and cough. i'm okay now but my jaden still have cough + kahak :(

despite the weather, we're having fun during the short holiday but it was very tiring one. why? coz we have our lil' jaden holidaying with us this time ^_____^ bawa budak jalan-jalan jauh memang memenatkan...betul tidak?

ok lah, let me share the pictures during our short holiday to kundasang on 10th til 11th nov 2012.

our stay in kundasang. d'villa rina ria lodge. the rate is rm120 per nite with breakfast. siap ada car porch sendiri lagi. the lodge was ok but the problem is the sound of moving car! u still can hear 'em even 2 o'clock in the morning. damn! nasib my baby sleep soundly. 

these are some of the flowers that grows around the lodge area. this picture were taken early in the morning. masi fresh2 lagi kena embun pagi :)

kesian my baby jaden, teda jaket dia.. sejuk lagi tu time kami naik mesilau :( just wrapped him with a blanket ba....poor baby! next time mummy buy u a jacket ya..khas utk pigi tempat sejuk..hihi...

the first light captured on the 11th nov at 5.49am. it was so cold that morning and could feel the wind breezing...grrrr....! we had our breakfast at the lodge before went to visit the desa cattle dairy farm.

see our background? nasib kami awal jalan. dapat tengo sebiji gunung kinabalu. fuh! teruja sangat since not much kabus tutup tu gunung. gunung kinabalu never failed to amaze me! and thanks to my photog of the day for the awesome picturess!

ms brenda @ induk; our photographer for the day..thanks jie coz sudi jadi tukang gambar kami :)

this time around the cloud has started to cover the mount. nasib baik la kami sampai awal di desa cattle dairy farm. kalau nda, gunung sudah diliputi awan-awan nano ^___^

jaden was here! (he's 4 months 2 weeks old)  i love bringing my lil' jaden mansau-mansau. can't wait for next cuti-cuti sabah, don't know when la.. 

maybe to this place? but the rate is quite expensive. hope we can spend time here someday. dream world resort is located just opposite the desa dairy farm place. we just stopped by to survey the resort. we only spend about 15 minutes there and off we go to visit war memorial kundasang.

to be continued.....