Saturday, November 24, 2012

kundasang ~ in my heart!

hello y'all. it's been a while. my last post was about my weekend getaway! and here goes my stories...

when it's hot, it's gonna be damn hot. when it's cold, it's gonna be super cold! yes, i'm telling you about kundasang, where hot and cold weather mixed! me and my jaden got sicked after our holiday. i have 'running nose' and jaden have flu and cough. i'm okay now but my jaden still have cough + kahak :(

despite the weather, we're having fun during the short holiday but it was very tiring one. why? coz we have our lil' jaden holidaying with us this time ^_____^ bawa budak jalan-jalan jauh memang memenatkan...betul tidak?

ok lah, let me share the pictures during our short holiday to kundasang on 10th til 11th nov 2012.

our stay in kundasang. d'villa rina ria lodge. the rate is rm120 per nite with breakfast. siap ada car porch sendiri lagi. the lodge was ok but the problem is the sound of moving car! u still can hear 'em even 2 o'clock in the morning. damn! nasib my baby sleep soundly. 

these are some of the flowers that grows around the lodge area. this picture were taken early in the morning. masi fresh2 lagi kena embun pagi :)

kesian my baby jaden, teda jaket dia.. sejuk lagi tu time kami naik mesilau :( just wrapped him with a blanket ba....poor baby! next time mummy buy u a jacket ya..khas utk pigi tempat sejuk..hihi...

the first light captured on the 11th nov at 5.49am. it was so cold that morning and could feel the wind breezing...grrrr....! we had our breakfast at the lodge before went to visit the desa cattle dairy farm.

see our background? nasib kami awal jalan. dapat tengo sebiji gunung kinabalu. fuh! teruja sangat since not much kabus tutup tu gunung. gunung kinabalu never failed to amaze me! and thanks to my photog of the day for the awesome picturess!

ms brenda @ induk; our photographer for the day..thanks jie coz sudi jadi tukang gambar kami :)

this time around the cloud has started to cover the mount. nasib baik la kami sampai awal di desa cattle dairy farm. kalau nda, gunung sudah diliputi awan-awan nano ^___^

jaden was here! (he's 4 months 2 weeks old)  i love bringing my lil' jaden mansau-mansau. can't wait for next cuti-cuti sabah, don't know when la.. 

maybe to this place? but the rate is quite expensive. hope we can spend time here someday. dream world resort is located just opposite the desa dairy farm place. we just stopped by to survey the resort. we only spend about 15 minutes there and off we go to visit war memorial kundasang.

to be continued.....


  1. mAacam rumah sendiri ja tu lodge yg kamu stay kan?

    1. ya bah...mcm rumah sendiri ni tp tulah teda tempat masak..klu ada lagi bagus..main masak sendiri saja..