Thursday, June 27, 2013

happy birthday my lil' prince!

A year ago, we welcomed Jaden
A baby of our own.
Nervously and sleepily,
We took him to our home.
We figured out the nursing.
This goes how? and where?
We were told there would be crying,
And how to show we care.

A year has gone so quickly,
Yet we have learned so much.
We've felt a love so strongly,
In a baby's gentle touch.
His laughs and smiles. His pouts and tears.
Wow! He can get so mad!
But we wouldn't trade a minute,
As a thankful mom and dad.

We love you so much baby!!

mummy's little prince! 

you have grown so much since the day i first held you in my arms baby.
but you will always be my little one.

Monday, June 24, 2013

june : feeling good!

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well, it's almost half year gone by just in a blink of eye. and that's mean my lil' jaden also will turned one in another few days, 3 days to be exact. i'm so excited to organize his birthday party. it will be a simple birthday celebration to mark his first birthday.  

jaden, mummy nda sabar mo bubut-bubut ko nanti...hehe 

muah your smile my little darling! **u have mummy's smile**

oh hi's june already! it's my birth month..yeah yeah!