Tuesday, September 30, 2014

welcome & goodbye

welcoming newest addition to our family.
healthy lil' baby boy born on 24 Sep 2014.
yeah, the fifth september baby in our family.

namanya belum confirmed lagi. haha. 
tapi macam Jordaine Aiver ^___^

saying goodbye to a good friend
all the best for your future undertakings.
we have been colleagues for one good year.
and knowing your style of working makes me smile a lot.
orang kita bilang 'jajal tapi hard working person'. ngam ka itu? hahahaha
one of the cutest farewell cake i ever seen. haha!
the cake was so yummylicious (sponge cheese cake).

Thanks for your friendship JM!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

wordless wednesday 04/09

this house will be demolished to make way for road development. 
i used to live here during my early years. 
the memories while living at the house will always be remembered.
f o r e v e r!!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Quality Time

Last Saturday we went to Tg. Aru (first beach) after buying a new ticket for hubby's niece at Terminal 2 (which she supposed to fly at 1.35pm on that day). She thought she will be flying on 21 Sept (Sunday) jadi terpaksa la membeli tiket baru. Memang we plan to go to the beach after everything was settled at the airport.

At around 4.15pm we arrived at the beach and off we go to find the perfect place to sit and relax. Ala, just in front the beach ja ba ^___^

My baby Jaden was so eager to mandi laut (or was his dad yang macam nda sabar kasi terjun dia di laut..hehehe). Me and Thia just sit down and enjoy the view. Breathtaking view? Not really, macam biasa jak. But looking at how the others spend their times together makes the scenery totally enjoyable to look at ;)  Cuci mata orang bilang. 

What me & Thia doing while the boys were having their 'dad & son time'?? SELFIE la apalagi. We are so cute together (ok sila muntah darah ya..hihi). 
Okay, cuteness overloaded here! I can't get enough of her :) It was her first outing to Tg. Aru and many more to come. I can't wait to see both of them playing together on the beach, buat sand castle, lari lari, mandi manda di laut....
See............! punya siok si Jaden mandi laut... Kesiokan sampai muntah coz balik balik terminum air laut. And the result, he got really bad stomach ache later after that ;( Kesian my boy..

At about 5pm we're heading home. So no amazing sunset view for this time. We stopped by Sunny Supermarket to shop for groceries (one of my fav place to shop for groceries) and its raining while we're in it. We reached home at about 630pm and thank God the rain has subsides.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

selamat tinggal bujang

to my cousin, mr fadle @ petpet ^___^
selamat pengantin baru & welcome to the club!
my baby Thia jadi wakil kami bergambar (coz time ni me & hubby tengah makan)
the groom with my other cousins
mas joko? hehehe..itu abang pengantin lelaki yang cakap ah.. bukan saya.. haha..
last but not least, my lovely families (luv luv!)   

we did have a picture with the groom but in the official photographer camera (i think). nanti la sa minta the gambar (if i remember la). 

makan makan takes place at my cousin house at kg. laut, kinarut. we left early that day coz it was super hot & with two babies in hand, me & hubby can't hardly handle.. hehehe..

Friday, September 12, 2014

moving to the new office


*** sigh ***

yesterday, we already sent half of our files to the new office. and few cabinets already been transferred there on wednesday. and today all the computers, chairs and desks will be moved together with the other half of the files. the server pun ikut pindah. jadi i'll be blog-less this few days (benci la...hihi).


so penat oh yesterday. 

sambung lagi today @_@

only one man colleague in our finance dept (our team). so, us ladies has to be the strong woman yesterday. angkat files to first floor lagi tu.. apa nda penat...huh!

why ah, asal finance or account dept ja mesti di dominasi oleh pekerja wanita?? pffftttt....

Happy Birthday Mum!

on 10 sept (wednesday) was my mum's birthday.
they (sisters) bought her a simple nice birthday cake.
however, we're (me and the kids) not able to celebrate with her (tiup lilin).
hope can organize a simple birthday celebration for september babies among the family members this month end.

maybe can celebrate with this? 
tapi tu chivas tinggal botol kosong lagi.. hehe..

p/s: Mom, I Love You

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

safe and sound

last sunday (after midnight) my youngest sister had an accident at jalan rugading tuaran. self accident. i just knew the incident yesterday morning when i sent my baby to my mom's house. she showed me the pictures of her badly damaged myvi. hmmmmm.... first thing i said to her 'nasib ko nda mati oh'. i know. i'm bad. but if you're looking at the pictures you will surely think like what i'm thinking about. some more, she didn't even put on her safety belt. gila. but thank God, she's still alive. she had bruished here and there (from jatuh longkang when searching for her things.. hihi).

the culprit being jalan raya yang berlopak and uneven road. i know the road condition there is so bad. one need to drive carefully. however, kecuaian/ kelalaian pemandu juga salah satu penyumbang kejadian yang nda diingini (i know my sister was a fast & furious driver). sometimes when we drive carefully but the other driver drive sesuka hati can put all road user in danger.  

i also had the bad experienced when i was studying in Kuching, Sarawak (early 2012). i brought my friend to meet my old friend from Johor, miss S (she's on vacation cum visiting her boyfriend hometown at Sarawak). dipendekkan cerita, awal pagi itu kira kira jam 2/3 am kami dalam perjalanan balik ke Kuching town from Santubong. hujan gerimis makes the road slippery. sampai satu bulatan tetiba sa rasa macam berada di awang awangan. two or three times tu kereta berpusing until the car turned upside down. nasib dapat juga kami semua keluar (there's 5 of us in the car). few minutes later, ramai terus orang di sana. when asked by the people there macam dorang nda percaya yang kami adalah penumpang itu kereta. we're shocked juga but quickly recovered. we were sent to hospital to do an x-ray. manatau ada kecederaan dalaman. but thank God teda kecederaan serius. and the only person yang i contacted at that time is my best friend, Ellie. i'm sooo afraid to make a call to my parents :) 

i never told the accident story to my parents up til now. yay!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

pindah lagi?

lately it has been raining cats & dogs at almost midnight and early morning. thank God cause nda berlarutan raining for one whole day. if not, banjir lagi la cerita dia. 

today pun awal pagi suda kuat hujan. punya best tidur but little Thia awal pagi suda kasi bangun mami dia minta nenen. and she's widely awake even after kenyang nenen. punya la sa awal bangun on this sunday...huhu..

eh, bukan pindah rumah lagi tau. this time pindah ofis (mid september). and now, here i am at the office to settle my pending works and also do packing all the docs to transfer to the new office soon. wuahhhhh...! dekat juga but i don't like the route. super busy road! 

gonna miss this workplace of mine. walaupun sangat semak disorganized but the memories spent with colleagues here will be cherished even the bad pun harus kena ingat tu. paling kana ingat. teeheehee.
pandangan sebelah kiri. sebelah kanan. dan pandangan depan mata :)

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Thia & Jaden updates

si abang dan si adik

 upon entering her fourth months, Thia:
~ knows her name & will turns to look at who's calling her 
~ still not liking the formula milk. she preferred breast milk (the best!)
~ beginning to recognize people. smile to those familiar faces & cry to those not so familiar
~ she can lift her head & chest when kena kasi tiarap
~ baru mo belajar roll over 
~ pandai 'kubit kubit' (little pinching coz little finger saja kan) hehe. tapi sakit juga oh.
~ suka makan jari jemari & bule bediri tegak suda.. eh, pandai tendang tendang tu kaki dia kalau kena kasi berdiri
~ kalau suda mengantuk, she no like people yang hold her duduk duduk. she will cry to make them jalan jalan. haha. 

oh ya, as early as three months old, Thia mengalami hair loss. thats mean her mom also keguguran rambut yang amat dahsyat sekali :( tapi biasa la tu... as expected. time Jaden dulu pun macam ni. tapi sangat la nda menarik coz bule nampak tu area hilang rambut ^__^ 

 my 2 years 2 months old, handsome boy - Jaden.
~ still super manja with both of us (me & hubby). minta perhatian lebih!
~ some words masi lagi sebutan baby baby. but most of the time, i know what he's trying to say la.
~ can see he will be a big brother to Thia (mesti la ba kan...haha). i mean ada rasa macam he will be protective towards his little sister in future .. itu harus ada pada seorang abang ba kan? 
~ still lots of crying eventough his parents were right in front of his eyes. 'mana mami, mana papa??????" arrgghhh tensionnyer....
~ terserlah suda kejajalan.. ada saja benda yang mo di buat, di pegang, di buka buka. contohnya, buka esbok! ini lagi la bikin stress...kalau suda jumpa esbok, mo 20kali buka tutup tu esbok. rosak nanti tu esbok....huh! sampai hubby pigi ikat tu esbok bah.. haha!
oh, ada lagi. segala pintu dalam rumah harus di tutup di buka juga. desshhh! 

but budak memang begitu ba kan? when entering this age, any things looks curious to them. they want to explore more and they don't care what orang dewasa were thinking. yang penting dorang happy and dapat perhatian lebih! hmmmm..

  p/s: can't help myself to post my babies pics here..too cute not to post.. hahaha. tapi si Jaden susah betul mo ambik gambar dia..huhu..

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

thia's fulllmoon party

thia's fullmoon party was celebrated on the 7th of june 2014. lambat sikit from her actual full moon day. but it's ok yang penting ada celebration ^__^. not much pictures taken during baby thia's fullmoon celebration *tsk tsk tsk*. i was super busy layan tetamu and making sure the food was enough for everybody. i only managed to get all the pics shared thru whatsapp. it's better than nothing kan..bule la as a remembrance. yang penting guests are happy and welcoming new addition in the family. thanks so much for your presence and angpows and also gifts (lots of lovely gifts) for my little sumandak. this time i still preferred my chef friend, rita@atut to prepare all the dishes just like the previous jaden's 1st birthday. but of course, different menus except for her chicken curry signature dish. that's a must. and oh, i forgot to mentioned about the cake. i've ordered thia's fullmoon cake from ms stella tangil, the owner of miss sweety (u can find her on facebook). the walnut buttercream cake was deliciously eaten and the guests pun sangat2 suka the cake. nda rugi sa order & pi ambi jauh2 di cyber city coz it's worth it. sadap sekali ba! i did asked my good friend, ms norziah to bake a cheese cake just in case nda cukup cake.hehe.

p/s: thia, mummy loves u so much. be a good girl and may god bless you in everything you do. muahhhhhhh!!