Tuesday, September 09, 2014

safe and sound

last sunday (after midnight) my youngest sister had an accident at jalan rugading tuaran. self accident. i just knew the incident yesterday morning when i sent my baby to my mom's house. she showed me the pictures of her badly damaged myvi. hmmmmm.... first thing i said to her 'nasib ko nda mati oh'. i know. i'm bad. but if you're looking at the pictures you will surely think like what i'm thinking about. some more, she didn't even put on her safety belt. gila. but thank God, she's still alive. she had bruished here and there (from jatuh longkang when searching for her things.. hihi).

the culprit being jalan raya yang berlopak and uneven road. i know the road condition there is so bad. one need to drive carefully. however, kecuaian/ kelalaian pemandu juga salah satu penyumbang kejadian yang nda diingini (i know my sister was a fast & furious driver). sometimes when we drive carefully but the other driver drive sesuka hati can put all road user in danger.  

i also had the bad experienced when i was studying in Kuching, Sarawak (early 2012). i brought my friend to meet my old friend from Johor, miss S (she's on vacation cum visiting her boyfriend hometown at Sarawak). dipendekkan cerita, awal pagi itu kira kira jam 2/3 am kami dalam perjalanan balik ke Kuching town from Santubong. hujan gerimis makes the road slippery. sampai satu bulatan tetiba sa rasa macam berada di awang awangan. two or three times tu kereta berpusing until the car turned upside down. nasib dapat juga kami semua keluar (there's 5 of us in the car). few minutes later, ramai terus orang di sana. when asked by the people there macam dorang nda percaya yang kami adalah penumpang itu kereta. we're shocked juga but quickly recovered. we were sent to hospital to do an x-ray. manatau ada kecederaan dalaman. but thank God teda kecederaan serius. and the only person yang i contacted at that time is my best friend, Ellie. i'm sooo afraid to make a call to my parents :) 

i never told the accident story to my parents up til now. yay!


  1. hi... 1st.. tq aaa follow my blog.. hehe
    itu kemalangan ngeri ooo... kalau sy yg kena mngkn sy x drive sdh hehe. papun syukur sis selamat

    1. hai..tengkiu jg ah :) my sis jenis lasak tapi ada jg tu trauma sikit2 tu. ya, nasib dia selamat dan teda kecederaan serius.