Tuesday, September 02, 2014

thia's fulllmoon party

thia's fullmoon party was celebrated on the 7th of june 2014. lambat sikit from her actual full moon day. but it's ok yang penting ada celebration ^__^. not much pictures taken during baby thia's fullmoon celebration *tsk tsk tsk*. i was super busy layan tetamu and making sure the food was enough for everybody. i only managed to get all the pics shared thru whatsapp. it's better than nothing kan..bule la as a remembrance. yang penting guests are happy and welcoming new addition in the family. thanks so much for your presence and angpows and also gifts (lots of lovely gifts) for my little sumandak. this time i still preferred my chef friend, rita@atut to prepare all the dishes just like the previous jaden's 1st birthday. but of course, different menus except for her chicken curry signature dish. that's a must. and oh, i forgot to mentioned about the cake. i've ordered thia's fullmoon cake from ms stella tangil, the owner of miss sweety (u can find her on facebook). the walnut buttercream cake was deliciously eaten and the guests pun sangat2 suka the cake. nda rugi sa order & pi ambi jauh2 di cyber city coz it's worth it. sadap sekali ba! i did asked my good friend, ms norziah to bake a cheese cake just in case nda cukup cake.hehe.

p/s: thia, mummy loves u so much. be a good girl and may god bless you in everything you do. muahhhhhhh!! 

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