Thursday, August 01, 2013

jaden's 1st birthday party!

oh hello ogos!! 

aisey...lama jg saya kasi update pasal birthday si kici saya..huhu..bukan teda masa, tapi hari2 awal tidur ba. haha..siok ba ikut anak kici tidur sama2. dapat juga beauty sleep kan..  ba, without further delay, let's enjoy the pictures taken during my baby first birthday party!

sebelum tu, let me show his actual birthday cake and his expression when he turned one year old hari tu :) priceless!
angry bird butter cream cake for my precious!
Event: Jaden's first birthday party!
Date : 29th June 2013 
Venue : Kg. Nountun, Inanam 

this is the D-I-Y simple decoration done by my hubby and of course the idea is from me (ceh...mau juga minta puji oh kan).

happy birthday to you our little prince. mum & dad loves you so much. his attire was imported from vietnam..hehe.. and the party only begin at 2pm just before the strong wind begin in the afternoon.

aha! muka baru bangun..kesian my baby kana paksa bangun. it's time to celebrate your birthday baby! hehe

see the pokok begoyang? nope? ada tu.....langit pun gelap saja..huhu..

the food are specially cooked by my chef friend, chef rita in da house! yummilicious foods especially the chicken curry... 

the chef in action!

my photographer for the day. thanks nadine! btw, she's the sister of ms brenda my 'contract' photog..hihihi... unfortunately, she was unable to attend baby jaden's 1st birthday since she was participating in SUKMA 2013. and their team manage to grab silver for beach soccer event.

it was raining cats & dogs soon after the eating session begin. huh!

eh, ada suda baby baru? la..the cute lil baby is my cousin's (jaden's godfather) 3 months old son - caesar! rindu pula ada baby kici ni.....

it's time to cut the cake, baby!

i'm really satisfied with jaden's first birthday cake. it was really "nyum nyum nyum" hehe..the yummy rainbow cake cream cheese was ordered from miss stella. thank you stella. the guest really love it - the deco, the taste of the rainbow cake.

the cupcakes was ordered from miss nelly g ^___^ i ordered 100 pieces cupcakes in two flavor; vanilla & chocolate. yummy yummy!

thanks to those who have attended my little prince birthday party. thank you so much for the angpows & gift for jaden. you guys rock the day walaupun terpaksa meredah hujan & ribut hari itu..hahaha..

look! he's so happy to receive such big gift from my bestie; miss koyo. thanks dahling!

saya pun teda begambar macam ni sama jaden time birthday dia oh....huhu..

ini gambar bonus. 'love is the air'! anak-anak c josephine @ liling yang buat ni.. kreatif juga dorang ni..malam suda dorang sampai coz they attending other event on that day, last guest actually..anyway, thanks for coming ya! 

it was a tiring day for me. but i was more happy to organize my baby jaden's first baby. eventho dia memang nda akan ingat banyak pasal his first birthday at least i got pictures (and also this blog) to show him his first birthday.

ok la that's all for now. banyak lagi cerita yang mau dikongsi but i will post it later. so much activities done in july yet so limited time to blog about it.. 

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  1. Happy 1st Birthday, Jaden! I love your deco. I always love DIY stuff because they are all made with love ^^