Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 27 ~ Wishes

Wish is the mightiest spell a wizard or sorcerer can cast. By simply speaking aloud, you can alter reality to better suit you. Even wish, however, has its limits. source
(kan bagus kalau boleh jadi macam harry porter? ^_____^)

anyhow, here is my never ending wishlist:-
wish #1 to be able to travel (around the world)
wish #2 to visit all the state in sabah, my beloved tanahair :) i never set my foot to tawau, semporna, kunak, tongod, pitas & nabawan. 
beluran & kinabatangan pun  limpas2 ja (kesian kan?)
wish #3 hit the lottery and then fulfill wish #1 (..hahaha!)

ok that's the fun side of my wishes.
below wishes is more on the serious side of my life;
wish #4 i wish to have a blissful marriage til death do us part :)
wish #5 to have beautiful children (a pair would be just nice) kalau lebih pun ok bah!
wish #6 to grow old happily with my darling
wish #7 to lose weight (ya, i'm overweight)
wish #8 to have more time to read all my books (suka membeli buku tapi belum dibaca sampai sekarang)

for friends & families;
wish #9 i wish you all have a blessed life and find happiness wherever you are ^___^

May the sun shine all day long, everything go right and nothing wrong. May those you love bring love back to you, and may all the wishes you wish come true!”

~ldyanns says it's a lazy sunday for me..huhu.....i need another weekend ooo...hehehe~

Saturday, July 30, 2011

talented little girl

she got really amazing voice. i really enjoy listening her singing!
hope u enjoy it too.

~ldyann says happy saturday peeps!~

Thursday, July 28, 2011

picnic time!

last sunday, we had picnic at tg. lipat, likas.  me & hubby woke up pretty late on that day and only prepare the food at about 10am. luckily, there's another member came early to get the best spot at the beach, near the anjung selera. yang penting ada tempat panggang-memanggang ^____^ and tempat teduh. after everything is ready, we make our move to the beach. we reached tg. lipat at 11 something. let the pictures below tells the rest of the story ya. 

the picnic spot
the food ~ potluck!
style panggang ayam T__T
our entertainment
spotted something not right? hehe
pose time!
pic courtesy from henry ilih
ada gaya jadi model?
edek, my mum, baby jd & my sister
group pic #1
group pic #2
before going home
lengang @ 5:05pm
menara tun mustapha a.k.a yayasan sabah
sunset at tg. lipat @ 6:21pm
did i warned you there will be a lots of pics posted here? hehehe. ba, hope u all enjoy la kio. untuk sabahan bloggers yang jauh dari tanahair tu, kamu masih ingat yayasan sabah ka??? hehehe....

my niece and i were at the beach until 6.52pm to take the sunset pictures and learning new skill in photography. my first long exposure pic was okay la, not bad. haha! bikin addicted ambi gmbr begini ^___^ tapi, bikin sakit hati juga la tengo pantai tg. lipat. mungkin ramai yang tau mcmna keadaan pantai tg. yang dekat anjung selera tu....nanti la sa post gambar pasal tu..

~ ldyann is watching the 2nd match between m'sia vs s'pore. huh! looks like msia ain't going anywhere...however, msian did try their best in the match bah. msia 1 spore 1 (m'sia kalah aggregate, hence not qualified to go to the next round) ~

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


today, being scolded for nothing. it's not my fault. i don't have four hands, four brains to do my works. there's another people who are not responsible, no procedure in doing their works. when everything's done at their side,  just throw the works to us. hmmm....what's more, i got working attitude? no improvement? what am i doing? dissapointed with me? sitting on it (work problems)? well, i'm no perfect. guess, today won't be a wordless wednesday for me..damned!

Life Is Struggle
Accept It.
God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things
that cannot be changed, courage to change the things
which should be changed and the wisdom to
distinguish the one from the other. ~ Reinhold Niebuhr
~ldyann feels down~

Day 26 ~ your Fave Cartoon character

my all time favourite cartoon character!

i really really love this cartoon character - belle & the beast. i remember during my childhood, i would play again & again the video cassette (those were the days..hehe) to watch the cartoon. i love the all the songs in the movie as well as the moral of the story! don't jugde a book by its cover! ya, lebih kurang laitu pengajaran dia tu....


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 25 ~ Things you Look Forward To

there's few things that i look forward to.

first, rafting in kiulu (will be next month! yay!)

second, house renovation (our own home sweet home)

third, being a mom (can't wait!) ^___^

fourth, climb mount kinabalu (nda tau bila lagi bule naik ni)
fifth, naik gaji! ( your dream Jj....)

majestic mt. kinabalu
~ ldyann : missing the mountain trails & the feeling at the top of the world (kunun) ~

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 24 ~ Meaning Behind your Blog Name

how do i explain this?
hmm...ok, i got the idea to name my blog from my handphone ^____^ almost everyday i will get messages (sms) from my friends and to read the sms i need to check the inbox. nah, dari sana la sia pikir ini 'inbox' can be my blog title. sia kasi tambah lagi 'my diary, my life, my memories, my all", cukup rasa suda..hence, i have to open my blog everyday to receive and send messages to all my blogger friends :) ceh..message konon..hehe! and that's the story on how i came up with the inbox blog name. simple eh?

~ldyann is combination of my hubby plus my name~ cheers!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

hari minggu yang meriah

today we had picnic at tg. lipat, likas. it was a good day. the sun shines on us. it breezes most afternoon at the shore. the guys 'gasak' the beers and the girls are playing cards. it was a fun + relaxing day for all of us. all my siblings plus my mum had joined this gathering. it's the group 'climb, raft & dive ~ mindakod, mamangkar & mintolop' planning actually. we should do this once in a while to strengthen the families + friend ties. next month, the group is planning to do rafting in kiulu. hope we can make it! will post the picnic pictures later!

just for the record ^___^ below is my 1st long exposure picture & also my 1st attempt to take long exposure pic. never done this before & i think it's cool :) 

taken on 24-7-2011
me, so likey!! thanks to my niece, ms bethriz for lending me her tripod ^___^


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Combine Day 22 and Day 23

Day 22 ~ Your Dream House

no, i don't dream about my dream house last nite. 
i think of country house and google it ^__^
i don't want a big house (susah mo kasi bersih),
i am already satisfied with small house that rich in style. 
i really like to watch the astro lifestyle channel 706 - small space, big style show.
it give me some ideas of how to design or decorate for my future house.

ok, after i googled my dream house, i came across this photo.
photo source

i hope my future house can be like this, a little bit pun ok ba..
yang penting ada ciri-ciri rumah kampung

what's your dream house?

Day 23 ~ How was Your Day today

today i feel better than yesterday! 
i almost get sick last nite but when i woke this morning,
i am feeling ok. cukup tidur ^___^
i have breakfast with my darling. he prepared the breakfast for us.
[maggi asam laksa + telur mata karabau + sayur kobis]
me, helping my mom continue washing dishes.
after having our breakfast, i continue doing chores ~ cuci kain
while my darling went out to see his sister.
next, jemur kain, mandi-manda and baru la sia online.
 me, stucked in front of the computer from noon until darling sia balik evening.
later tonite, my jiejie bawa sia pi main futsal d bsa kolombong.
hmm...masa untuk exercise! 

i am enjoying my weekend here in my home with my darling!
super best! 

~ldyann longing to have road trip with darling hubby~

Friday, July 22, 2011

feeling unwell

hi all! happy weekend ya.......

i have to delay posting my next blog challenge coz i'm not feeling very well. lagipun i haven't dream about my 'dream house' last night ^___^ anyway, i just wanna share this picture of mine which was taken during my trip to pulau tiga. i have posted my previous entry regarding mud volcano and sunset at pulau tiga. i will blog more about what i have done on the second day while i was at pulau tiga.

at pulau pasir (sandspit)
~ ldyann : punya la nda best sakit time weekend ni. mo, happy weekend (again) my dear friends.. take care ya!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 21- Your Pets

i don't have a pet. my sister is the one who have a pet. and of course pet yang paling senang (kira senang la...hehe..) mau jaga ialah kucing. 
she named her cat ~ kat von di. glamour eh? 
kat von di ~ tengah bersantai atas meja makan ^___^
actually, i did have a cat as my pet but she's already rest in peace early june this year :( she's still a kitten then...white fur with blue eye kitten....huhu....
on another note, i still have 9 post to go! the next post gonna be 'your dream house'. hopefully i will dream about my dream house tonite! ngeh ngeh ngeh....

~ldyann is missing nokia the kitten :( ~

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 20 ~ a Random Photo and its Description

cute teddy bear!
the photo was taken last year when i visited the colmar tropicale, berjaya hills a french-themed resort which located at bukit tinggi, pahang. i saw these teddy bear displayed at one of the stalls inside the colmar tropicale. this photo makes me missing my wonderful time spent with my best buddy when i visited her last year in kl. 

a friend is like a teddy bear
you hug it & cry to it when you're sad. you talk to it when you feel alone doesn't matter what color, size or condition it's in, 
it's there for you no matter what...

~ldyann wanna says good nite peeps!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 19- What's in your Make Up Bag

hmm...can i skipped this post? i don't have make up bag oo..apa lagi barang-barang mekap.  ^_______^ ba, i just list down the basic make up things that i have la kan...

1. avon glimmerstick eye liner 
2. maybelline the hyper curl volum' express mascara
3. maybelline eyebrow pencil, still new-not yet use :)
4. lancome colour fever gloss ~ wedding gift &
5. silky girl oil-control 2-way foundation.

see, i'm not that into make-up thingy. if i want to wear make up for any occasion, i will use my sister's make up. that's what sister is for ba kan kan kan!

next challenge gonna be a random photo & it's description. how am i gonna choose from thousand of pics in my hd??, kita lihat la nanti k..


Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 18 - a Photo of Somewhere you have been Recently

recently i have been to sutera harbour resort for the 7k sunset charity run ^____^ 
it was my first time joining such event. i had never in my life joining any run, except for the merentas desa during schooling time la.....tee hee...
our company is one of the co-sponsored for the event, so free t-shirt were given for staffs who want to join the run. yippee! i want!! 
i went to sutera harbour with my colleague, ruzi. 
when we reached the starting point, there was throngs of people  doing the 
fun warmin' up session. sungguh teruja! 
fellow blogger, chegu was there also.  but didn't get the chance to meet her..hehe..

ba, pls ignore the title 'a photo'!
enjoy the pictures during the 7k sunset run!
the big signboard
warming up!
ada bukti kami pigi itu 7k run :)
selamat berlari! run for charity!
7k sunset run on 16.7.2011 @ 1717 hours  
walking walking on the road :)
last pic before we turn to right junction @ traffic light ^__^
yeah, we did not finish our run =____= baru pusing di jalan sutera harbour pun sakit-sakit suda kaki sa. me n ruzi decided to stop running. errr...... stop walking actually. 'kejutan budaya' kali kaki sa ni coz lama suda nda berlari kan.. errr...berjalan :)
i need to get active again...hmm..macamna la mo naik gunung if macam ni???? 

after that, we decide to watch the sunset at tg. aru. 
next year i will try my best to join the 7k sunset run and finished the run :)


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 17- Your Favourite Photo of your Friends

yeah, i do have few fav pics of my friends to be shared here in my blog. 

they're my 'geng karas' since high school sampai sekarang. this picture were taken during our road trip to miri in feb 2010. i have fun with them the whole journey! i heart them.

pic #2
a memorable trip to jakarta (march 2010) with my best friends & travel buddies :)

pic #3 
she's one of the malaysian women player for the malaysia-usa women soccer exchange (april 2010). she's so lucky to be picked for the exchange programme - sponsored by malaysian govt. she's been travelling to san francisco, portland & seattle, usa and so do my baby canon *wink* haha! jauh suda my camera berjalan...asal po ada, orang bilang..hehehe..

pic #4
these friends were my high school friends (lower form). we still keep in touch until now. last year, we celebrated mother's day at kg. nelayan, bukit padang with the special cake - our ex-school badge :) yummy! that's why this pic is one of my fav ^__^

ruzi & anie
ruzi & anie are my uni friends. as now, ruzi is my colleague & anie is working in a bank at k.b. this picture were taken near anie's house in k.b. we were on our way to the nearby river & i managed to snap the gorgeous mt. kinabalu as their background. love this pic!

actually, there's more pics but cukup la buat masa ini ^___^
yes!! another 13 days to complete the blog challenge! 


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 16 ~ TV show that U are Currently Addicted to

currently, i'm addicted to:-
not that really addicted la. if i had a chance to watch or ngam2 buka tv & the show is on, i will get stuck in front of the tv. 

crazee, fun & lol show
another tv show that get my attention is the winter wipeout show. i had fun watching the 3 j hosts; john, john & jill ^_^ tho jill will be leaving wipeout coz she's focusing on her acting career, the 2 johns' sure gonna rock the wipeout show. wacky hosts!

looks like i'm on track doing the 30dbc. boy, i'm glad to continue the 30dbc! today i will join the 7k sunset charity run at sutera's my first time joining & it's the 11th 7k sunset charity run for 2011. i will join my other colleagues for the run ^___^ jia you jia you!! 


baby ethanael cayden

remember i blog about my best friend's bundle of joy? well, i have been permitted to post her baby picture here. he's so chubby & very adorable. i took the pictures just 3 days after he was born. i love his 2nd name & i will call him baby k-den. i google his name and the meaning of his name is 'spirit of battle'. nice huh?

chubby baby k-den
can't wait to dukung the baby! and taking his pictures again.
& i can't wait to have my own :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Post No 15 ~ Photograph of The Town U Live In

i've stopped halfway doing my 30DBC..hmmmm..i think now i can concentrate doing this challenge tp mo tingu juga itu tahap kerajinan meng'update' ^_^ today post challenge is about the picture of my hometown. unfortunately, i don't have any pictures of my hometown (sandi kan..hehe) ^_^ inanam is my hometown. ba, sepa orang inanam, angkat tangan..hehe...inanam sekarang boleh dikatakan pekan yang sedang membangun termasuk la 'pembangunan' pendatang tanpa izin :p 

banyak ba area2 di inanam ni. ada inanam business centre, inanam taipan & the old inanam town. selalunya kalau pigi inanam, sa pigi cuci/ gunting rambut, bank, jalan2 cari makan, pasar dan pigi buang masa ^___^

ok la, walaupun sa teda gambar hometown sa, gambar tempat menarik di tempat sa pun bule la kan :) di inanam ni ada jg waterfall ba - kionsom waterfalls. actually, i never been to kionsom waterfalls T____T this pics were taken by my darling in 2008 (i'm diggin' my hd) 
the entrance
kionsom waterfalls

ok, that's all for now. next blog challenge comin' up!

~ldyann ~ currently watching the anugerah planet muzik 2011. saw this artist won many awards - Hady Mirza. he's cute :) congrats to him & all the winners! 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

sunset at pulau tiga

thinking back about the experiences i had at pulau tiga, giving me such a proud feeling to be a sabahan. here in our own country we do have 'five star' island (yeah, support local tourism!). what i meant of 'five star' island is the beauty of mother nature. you have to experience it yourself!

after having the mud bath & get enough rest,  we're getting ready to watch the sunset. first, we need to apply the insect repellent cream since we're in pulau di mana menjelang senja sure banyak nyamuk or agas. only after applying the cream we made our way to the jetty to take as much as possible the sunset pictures. we don't want to miss a thing..kunun...miahahaha....!

ba, let's me feast your eyes with the pics of me as the model of the day ^_____^

ada ayunan di tepi pantai ^_^
going to the other side jetty
spotted a lovebirds & a jealous-er :)

and the sunset dramas begin...........

waiting for the sunset
sunset @ 6.07pm
sunset @ 6.09pm
sunset @ 6.12pm
sunset @ 6.15pm
sunset @ 6.20pm
sunset @ 6.24pm
us enjoying the moments
hope you enjoy the pictures & feeling proud to be a sabahan ^_^

sekian dan terima kasih.