Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 18 - a Photo of Somewhere you have been Recently

recently i have been to sutera harbour resort for the 7k sunset charity run ^____^ 
it was my first time joining such event. i had never in my life joining any run, except for the merentas desa during schooling time la.....tee hee...
our company is one of the co-sponsored for the event, so free t-shirt were given for staffs who want to join the run. yippee! i want!! 
i went to sutera harbour with my colleague, ruzi. 
when we reached the starting point, there was throngs of people  doing the 
fun warmin' up session. sungguh teruja! 
fellow blogger, chegu was there also.  but didn't get the chance to meet her..hehe..

ba, pls ignore the title 'a photo'!
enjoy the pictures during the 7k sunset run!
the big signboard
warming up!
ada bukti kami pigi itu 7k run :)
selamat berlari! run for charity!
7k sunset run on 16.7.2011 @ 1717 hours  
walking walking on the road :)
last pic before we turn to right junction @ traffic light ^__^
yeah, we did not finish our run =____= baru pusing di jalan sutera harbour pun sakit-sakit suda kaki sa. me n ruzi decided to stop running. errr...... stop walking actually. 'kejutan budaya' kali kaki sa ni coz lama suda nda berlari kan.. errr...berjalan :)
i need to get active again...hmm..macamna la mo naik gunung if macam ni???? 

after that, we decide to watch the sunset at tg. aru. 
next year i will try my best to join the 7k sunset run and finished the run :)



  1. hehe sia pun manada trening utk tu run...mengharap tu futsal workout once a week saja....

  2. tp bagus sikit la chegu dari sia teda trening pun bule run til the finish mula aktif suda laini...lama da nda pi lari2 sana tmn tun fuad :)