Saturday, February 28, 2015

love of my life

Jaden at 2 years and 8 months old
- is at his bad & best behaviour. why i said like that? coz sometimes he'll follow my instruction & sometimes against it. hmmm..proses membesar memang macam itu ba kan? mana ada budak yang 100% da best :)
- can remember things like if u show him the siput babi (lying dead on the ground) where we passed by every day, sure he will stopped by to look for the siput babi. same as the ABC & 123. he remember & knew well the ABCs but not the 123 (yet).  he got one fav book (and my fav too) and he knew most of the pictures in the book. betul juga la if we want to nurture our children to like book (read) we have to begin from the younger age.
- can pee on himself (recently) without buka the seluar at all. hehe. maybe his nanny taught him that. last time he will buka habis his seluar (hihi)
- masi kuat minum susu/ milo. and has no problem with bowel movement. lately, he didn't joined us during our dinner but more on minum susu. sometimes bila mau tidur, minta buat susu sampai 2x (9oz) baru dapat tidur.

Thia at 10 months 
- she knows when i scolded her kacau her abang main (muka minta kasian and then nangis)
- she still crawling (fast & furious...hehe) can stand with the help of furniture or me body or anything that she can hold (jatuh pun berkali-kali) 
- begin to be a talkative baby and have a super loud voice when she teriak
- menangis when i left her (so so manja to me)
- she didn't drink any formula milk when i'm with her. seriously, i don't know if my milk is enough for her or not. but of course i'll feed her 3 times a day (porridge). she refused to drink milk from the bottle. huh! tapi kalau bapa dia yang kasi nenen, mau pula dia..pfffttt.. at her nanny she bagi nenen her 2 or 3 times a day tp 4oz saja dia bule abis... 
- kuat makan bubur (dan semestinya kuat berak la juga..)
- tidur mesti dekat-dekat jam 9pm. mummy has to follow her routine coz if paksa dia tidur memang nda mau tidur punya. main-main saja dalam ayunan.
- still not balance when she is sitting. pandai mereng-mereng badan dia..ahahaha.. 

ini saja la update buat masa kini. so in future boleh saya senyum-senyum baca their development. eh, bukan saya saja, you too my babies wink wink!

  love love love

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

wordless wednesday #7 2015

No WW entry for today. Saya rasa mau bercerita pula :) Jom layan cerita cuti-cuti CNY!
Last week, we had a long holidays break. But I have to work on Saturday tho. It was a tiring holidays for me. Lemme jot down my CNY holidays activities for future reading #forjadenandthia ^_^ At least, can senyum-senyum and enjoying all the pics taken during the CNY holidays...

1st day of CNY
Yeah! Today is the day to pungut 'angpows' at the Akiu's big family CNY gathering (every year they do have open house with different host). First angpows for Thia & it was Jaden's 3rd time receiving angpows during CNY celebration. Love the makan-makan session (potluck style) & bonding time with their families. My BFFs are also part of the family members :)
2nd day of CNY
The Ash Wednesday mass and giving of ashes has been moved to 20th feb (2nd day of CNY) due to clash with Chinese New Year. So we just lepaking at home with the kids. The hubby felt bored stuck at the house but me.....I'm loving it! Hehe. I really love spending time with the kids. Bukan selalu dapat 24hours with the kids, hanya hujung minggu saja...(aiii sedih pula saya rasa..hehe). We went to St. Simon Church, Likas for the Ash Wednesday mass at 730pm. 

3rd day of CNY
Today I still have to go to works. Jaden was with his dad & Thia at her nanny house. But I was excited since we will be going to Kuala Penyu later after I finished work with the whole family + my mum. The purpose was to visit my BFF Kuan's CNY open house. I left work early (with the boss permission) and off we go to KP. We reached KP almost 3pm and cari punya cari rumah si Kuan, nda jumpa-jumpa. Lucky my hubby did not 'meletup' but we're all feels hungry escpecially my Jaden, so we went to pekan Kuala Penyu to had our late lunch. After all were filled up we went searching for Kuan's house one last time. Luckily, my instinct said we will find her house and yes! at last we found the house.. adoi.. It's 4pm when we reached there. Makan-makan, chit-chat and we say goodbye at 620pm in the evening. We reached home at about 10pm ^__^. Lambat kan..hehe.. Actually we reached our place at 830pm tapi menyinggah lagi pigi open house. Sempat lagi kan...It was a tiring day for all of us. 
4th day of CNY
Jaden saw the sea along the way to KP yesterday. Balik-balik cakap 'mo mandi sungai'. So today we bring him to Kg. Notorus at my aunt's house to fill his wish :) Punya kesiokan si Jaden mandi manda sampai nda mau balik. First, we went to Fish Spa (yang mcm di Kg.Luanti, Ranau tu). Feed the fish so that they come close to you. But if not feeded pun macam the fish mau saja pigi dekat-dekat orang. Suda biasa mangkali. The place was run by the local with the help of Tourism dept. There was also a waterfall but we didn't went there. Since there were tourist arrived we moved further up the river to had our mandi sungai. Eh, I didn't get the chance to mandi since my Thia super duper manja with me. She don't want my aunt to hold her. Menyesal nda bawa my mum. Takpa next time la. So only my boys saja yang mandi manda..

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

wordless wednesday #6 2015

on valentine's day ~ dinner cooked by the hubby! YUMMILICIOUS... but i ate my dinner alone since no one looking after the kids (both are sleeping).  
yes... HE keep me functioning each and every day!

dear all,


happy holidays peeps. be safe!

Friday, February 13, 2015

sunday outing

To ease the worries for my appointment with O&G at Hospital Likas (10th Feb), we went for a picnic at Tg. Aru last Sunday. Me and my little family joined by my mum and hubby's nephews were having simple picnic at the first beach Tg Aru at 4pm in the afternoon. I felt very santai just lying there on the green green grass watching people and be with the nature. Yes! I love nature.. One of my wishlist this year is to bring out my kids more often..hehe..I know my Jaden was so excited to mandi 'sungai'-as per Jaden, nasib ada his older cousins to look after him at the sea (siring-siring pantai saja ba). And then later my hubby joined them, err... watched them mandi laut. Ba, let the photos tells the rest of the stories la ^__^
See my excited sampai pandai buka his baju all by himself :)

Jaden kelaparan after mandi laut. Semua pun dia mau makan. Nasib dia teda sakit perut after that. Oren, macaroni, mi goreng semua dia hantam. One hour of mandi laut sure lapar gila.. ahahaha!
Oh happy day it is!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

wordless wednesday #5 2015

Thia, my little 'helper'
cheese cake ready mix. just add milk and put in a fridge for 2-3 hours. sedap!!
sunset during picnic last sunday (08-02-15) and it was my hubby's birthday! happy belated birthday dear hubby! we love you so much!!!
no giliran bertuah for yesterday appointment with the O & G. bertuah since sama dengan no kereta :)

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Year of the Sheep

............... goat or ram
nah, sa share dulu pictures taken by my cousin brother (dunno what shopping mall is it...Pavillion kot.. hehe). Cantik mah tu shopping mall punya decoration! Thumbs up!!

According to Chinese zodiac, this year is a Year of the Goat (Earth Goat). The Goat is the 8th sign of the 12-year cycle of animals in the Chinese Zodiac. Let see what Goat (people) has in store for year 2015 :)

Fortune Foretelling in 2015 
It is their order to encounter the Year of Birth (Benming Nian), a year to offend “Taisui’, the god in charge of people’s fortune. In 2015, their fortune in all aspects will fluctuate. In career, there won’t be a promotion or salary rise. Only if they stick with their current job and work hard, will they smoothly get through the year. In wealth, they should be very cautious about any investment, or there will be a loss. In relationships, they are suggested to be tolerant of their family, friends and colleagues to avoid any conflict.

Career: They may encounter some road blocks in career in 2015, especially in March, June, September and December. In these months, their emotions will be fluctuant, so it is likely that they will argue with colleagues. In comparison, their fortune in career gets better in February, July and August. As long as they persist in working hard, they will gain much in the coming year. At any rate, no promotion will fall upon them in 2015.

Wealth: The financial fortune of sheep people will be just so-so. They should reduce daily expenses, or it will be hard to make ends meet. It is not a good idea to lend money to others. The investment in stocks, bonds and real estate should be stopped. People who are living in a rental house should keep doing this. Don’t buy a new house or move. Setting a fish tank in the west or north of the house may increase their fortune in wealth. 

Relationships: Sheep people can easily lose their temper in 2015. As a result, couples and lovers may argue. They should communicate with each other to solve the problem to avoid breaking up. Also this is not a good year to get married. Single males may get involved in a relationship, and females will still expect to get back their former love.

Health: They should keep away from sharp tools and weapons such as knifes, swords, saws and scissors, because they may easily get injured this year. In daily life, they should play sports and avoid eating too much greasy food. Sheep born in 1943 and 1979 need to be careful in driving and doing sports, especially in June and December.

Study: Sheep students will hardly be able to concentrate on study this year. They should adjust their emotions to focus on study. Some students’ study may be affected by family problems, so parents should pay attention to their behavior and try to be attentive to their children. Moreover, children may get infected some illness, which will influence their study.

You can read about your zodiac here (if you're interested lah). Simple and easy to understand. teehee. For me, I just read it for my pleasure. It all depends on ourselves to believe or not on the fortune telling. But you can take cautious in some areas as written in your zodiac (if you're really into it la)... 

p/s: Dia bilang Goat best match: Rabbit, Horse and Pig... Betul juga la since my hubby's zodiac is Horse..ngeh ngeh ngeh... korang amacam??

Friday, February 06, 2015

thank you Along!

Last Sunday I met my uni-friend (uitm samarahan) which was holidaying in KK. It was a planned meeting and nasib the hubby sanggup jaga anaks (thanks hubby!). It was a short meeting but as long as dapat jumpa pun kira ok suda bah.

I brought her to Signal Hill to have a chit-chat and tengok panorama KK di waktu malam. Ramai juga orang pigi sana lepaks. We were there until 930pm and still ramai orang lepaks at Signal Hill. After habis bercerita (cerita nda pandai habis tapi it's getting late oready, so we have to make a move), I sent Along back to her homestay at Petagas. 

It's so good to talk to a friend that is 'one head' with you. Walaupun lama nda jumpa, but when jumpa macam-macam cerita bule cerita (if u know what i meant) ehehehe... "Along, i miss u oready!"

thank you so much for the long awaited ole-ole..hehe..nda sia-sia saya love love it so much! yeshh, collection (from Korea) has been added!

Chak!!! ....this was us in 2010 (masi di zaman bujangan saya..teehee). Saya pigi belek-belek album FB ada pula gambar kami berdua (taken in Jan 2010).. So it has been 4 years already since our last meeting.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

wordless wednesday #4 2015

Hubby got these from his boss's brother. Thank you so much! Yeah, finally a car seat for my princess Thia!
Thia got to try her 'new' car seat during our Sunday outing to Tamu KPD, Likas. My Jaden likes to eat banana :)
Spending the weekend with my princess Thia. Cepatnya ko membesar nak!

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

february, please be good to me

i had an appointment with O&G specialist at Hospital Likas next week (10th february). i am speechless when i received a call from the clinic to get my result and appointment letter to see the pakar. i've done my pap smear in october last year and the result only came out in jan 2015. hmmm....i'm a bit scared also when heard the news. But when i came to the clinic and the doctor explained to me about my result, i just felt a slightly relief that it was just a symptom that need to be observed by the specialist. thus, i need to do a some kind of pap smear procedure again but in details (with the microscope or whatever tools..ehehehe) during the appointment later.

'low grade squamos interaepithelial lesion (LSIL)', was the result from the pap smear. i did google about it and i hope it's only an inflammation or infection. 

i hope everything will went well.