Tuesday, February 03, 2015

february, please be good to me

i had an appointment with O&G specialist at Hospital Likas next week (10th february). i am speechless when i received a call from the clinic to get my result and appointment letter to see the pakar. i've done my pap smear in october last year and the result only came out in jan 2015. hmmm....i'm a bit scared also when heard the news. But when i came to the clinic and the doctor explained to me about my result, i just felt a slightly relief that it was just a symptom that need to be observed by the specialist. thus, i need to do a some kind of pap smear procedure again but in details (with the microscope or whatever tools..ehehehe) during the appointment later.

'low grade squamos interaepithelial lesion (LSIL)', was the result from the pap smear. i did google about it and i hope it's only an inflammation or infection. 

i hope everything will went well.