Saturday, February 28, 2015

love of my life

Jaden at 2 years and 8 months old
- is at his bad & best behaviour. why i said like that? coz sometimes he'll follow my instruction & sometimes against it. hmmm..proses membesar memang macam itu ba kan? mana ada budak yang 100% da best :)
- can remember things like if u show him the siput babi (lying dead on the ground) where we passed by every day, sure he will stopped by to look for the siput babi. same as the ABC & 123. he remember & knew well the ABCs but not the 123 (yet).  he got one fav book (and my fav too) and he knew most of the pictures in the book. betul juga la if we want to nurture our children to like book (read) we have to begin from the younger age.
- can pee on himself (recently) without buka the seluar at all. hehe. maybe his nanny taught him that. last time he will buka habis his seluar (hihi)
- masi kuat minum susu/ milo. and has no problem with bowel movement. lately, he didn't joined us during our dinner but more on minum susu. sometimes bila mau tidur, minta buat susu sampai 2x (9oz) baru dapat tidur.

Thia at 10 months 
- she knows when i scolded her kacau her abang main (muka minta kasian and then nangis)
- she still crawling (fast & furious...hehe) can stand with the help of furniture or me body or anything that she can hold (jatuh pun berkali-kali) 
- begin to be a talkative baby and have a super loud voice when she teriak
- menangis when i left her (so so manja to me)
- she didn't drink any formula milk when i'm with her. seriously, i don't know if my milk is enough for her or not. but of course i'll feed her 3 times a day (porridge). she refused to drink milk from the bottle. huh! tapi kalau bapa dia yang kasi nenen, mau pula dia..pfffttt.. at her nanny she bagi nenen her 2 or 3 times a day tp 4oz saja dia bule abis... 
- kuat makan bubur (dan semestinya kuat berak la juga..)
- tidur mesti dekat-dekat jam 9pm. mummy has to follow her routine coz if paksa dia tidur memang nda mau tidur punya. main-main saja dalam ayunan.
- still not balance when she is sitting. pandai mereng-mereng badan dia..ahahaha.. 

ini saja la update buat masa kini. so in future boleh saya senyum-senyum baca their development. eh, bukan saya saja, you too my babies wink wink!

  love love love


  1. buat sy rindu anak2 sy owhhh.... huhuhuhuhu

    1. Just, baca balik blog ko yg dulu2 pasal dorang. terubat jg tu rindu tu..hehe... but, i know ur feeling. be strong kio :)