Friday, February 13, 2015

sunday outing

To ease the worries for my appointment with O&G at Hospital Likas (10th Feb), we went for a picnic at Tg. Aru last Sunday. Me and my little family joined by my mum and hubby's nephews were having simple picnic at the first beach Tg Aru at 4pm in the afternoon. I felt very santai just lying there on the green green grass watching people and be with the nature. Yes! I love nature.. One of my wishlist this year is to bring out my kids more often..hehe..I know my Jaden was so excited to mandi 'sungai'-as per Jaden, nasib ada his older cousins to look after him at the sea (siring-siring pantai saja ba). And then later my hubby joined them, err... watched them mandi laut. Ba, let the photos tells the rest of the stories la ^__^
See my excited sampai pandai buka his baju all by himself :)

Jaden kelaparan after mandi laut. Semua pun dia mau makan. Nasib dia teda sakit perut after that. Oren, macaroni, mi goreng semua dia hantam. One hour of mandi laut sure lapar gila.. ahahaha!
Oh happy day it is!

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