Thursday, June 30, 2011

bundle of joy

it's the last day of the first half of the year 2011.
today, my bestie, Ellie Koyo gave birth to a very healthy baby boy.
normal delivery at 7.43am & weighing at 3.95kg.
big baby huh! 
it's her second baby & that complete their family. a girl & a boy to take care of ^_^
(mungkin dia mo tambah lagi tu...hehehehe)

me & my darling visited her after work at kk specialist centre.
we dropped by to see her baby at the baby room before going to her room.
didn't get the chance to take baby pic since i didn't bring my camera & my hp abis bateri :(
the baby was so chubby & hairy (i mean byk rambut dia..cute ni!)
my bestie was in good condition but kena tambah darah & pretty tired la.
we chit chat about her detik-detik melahirkan anak...hehe..
thank god she had a smooth delivery this morning. 
she just in time to deliver when she reached the clinic at about 7.3oam. 
when the doc checked on her the 'bukaan' already 8cm.
she only had to pushed about 5 to 6 times only.
& the baby meet the world on 30th june 2011 ^_^
he's so adorable!
i am so happy for her & me can't wait to get the experience...hihihi! 

enjoy the pics below. it was taken 5 days before she beranak :)
the bestie: ann & koyo @ gaya kolombong
the other bestie : julia
mantang2 best friend, F&B pun sama juga kunu :) *ignore the hungry lady*
fav minuman : teh c spesel ^_^
will be visiting her again tomorrow if time permit.
i want to take pic of  her cute ni!

good nite dulu la..ngantuk suda sa! 


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

survivor island

yeah..our honeymoon time! it was such a fine day when we arrived at kuala penyu. i've been told by my friend; liza that the boat will departure from the jetty at 10am. so we had arranged our time earlier to depart from home at 6.30am to make sure we arrived early (takut kana tinggal bot ^_^). yang penting we're not rushing to get there on time. so off we go to kuala penyu. i kissed my nephew before we depart (sempat lagi coz he lepak2 at my room kan. awal ba dia bangun). we singgah kedai kolombong to beli newspaper & momom for our small breakfast. so we're off to kuala penyu. on the way to kuala penyu, we saw  accidents along the way. eeeee..need to drive carefully oo....

pengacau di awal pagi :)

my darling serius bawa kereta. me with my 'peace no war' sign :)
thank god for the smooth journey we had all the way to kuala penyu. we arrived there at  about 9am. we had ample of time to rest & had breakfast before going to the island. it was a hot sunny day that day. we had  kon lo mee isi ikan as our breakfast.sangat sedap & recommended to anyone who come visit little town of kuala penyu :-) the thing is, i forgot the shop's name..hehe..

breakfast @ ??
after that we went to the jetty to catch the first boat to the island. but too bad we need to wait for the 2nd trip since a bunch of visitors had filled up the 2 boat on the 1st trip.huh! but, hey we can do cam-whoring while waiting for the 2nd trip boat ^_^ 

errr...what's with big bag people?

cam-whoring time!

the jetty to pulau tiga

off we go to survivor island!!
mood: excited + happy
we departed from the jetty at 11am & the boat ride took about 25 minutes to arrive at the island. nasib laut tenang masa tu (teringat kembali pengalaman waktu balik dari pulau mantanani ke kota belud..sungguh mengerikan..hehe)..

ok, i will continue the survivors story in my next post! need to have my beauty sleep now (doi dogo, beauty tanga malam suda pun), gud nite peeps!

welcome to survivor island!

Friday, June 03, 2011

the 2nd reception

this is the continuation of my wedding stories......u can read 'bout my BiG DaY here and here. i am really blessed to have such support from my hubby's families during the reception..let go to story & pics now.

a week after the reception at my house, the 2nd reception followed at my hubby's house which located not far away from my house..hehe....

the reception is mainly for family & friends that cannot come during our wedding reception on the 30th. but all were invited is the story.. my make up artist is my best friend, ms julia. i am really satisfied with her work..buli la kampung2..haha..ok bah, nice!!! ramai jg org puji :) i'm wearing the traditional costume..oh my, i it was so hot! macam unduk ngadau pula sa rasa..haha...she finished make over me at about 1pm. she need to leave early juga coz she need to attend another wedding reception with her mum-in-law at penampang. she will come to my reception later in the afternoon with my other best friend, koyo ^_^

make up & hair do by ms julia ~ thumbs up!
so, i'm off to my hubby's house. we have to wait for the rombongan to take us to hubby's house. the hubby's family rombongan cik kiah..hahaha! best juga la...let's the pictures do the story telling la k....enjoy! we had fun for the rest of the day....

some of the 'rombongan'
 in traditional  costume

yeah! rombongan kehormat ^_^

misti ada peace sign mah!
with our bodyguard  ^_^

sakit suda kaki sa time ni
nasib baik balancing sa ok
wah! sa jadi leader pulak tu ari :)
blessing before makan2
the wedding cake
happy! happy! happy!
nountun gunners?
tu budak2 yg excited (^_^)
yours forever!
sumayau kita!!! keehooiii!
 ok, this will be my last post for my wedding story :) i need to continue my 30DBG.

~ldyann say All's Well End's Well~

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Life is ..............

life is promise
Fulfill It.

the more intensely we feel about an idea or a goal,
the more assuredly the idea, buried deep in our subconcious,
will direct us along the path to its fulfillment.
~ Earl Nightingale

on our honeymoon @ pulau tiga ~ may'11

Wednesday, June 01, 2011


i wanna wish (belated) "KOTOBIAN TADAU TAGAYO DO KAAMATAN" to all my Sabahan friends & not forgetting my Sarawakian friends "SELAMAT HARI GAWAI GAYU GURU GERAI NYAMAI"

GUNUNG KINABALU never failed to impress me *heart*
this year we didn't do any trip during the kaamatan holidays. we just stay at home & rest :) malas ba mo jalan. panas berpanjangan lagi tu =_= actually, i have booked a room at one of the lodge at kundasang but have to cancelled it at last minute. reason: malas mo jalan2 buang, the solution just lepaking at home..tapi betul2 mati way la..boring la pulak...hahaha! 


moments in my life!

hello june!!

ba, enjoy all the pictures taken during my wedding day..will surely remember the moments for the rest of my life!

my familia

my hubby's siblings

ms myra - mingkikiut & ms febby - smiling sweetly :)

just arrived from the church
my ex-colleagues! thanx for coming dear..
edek dengan selambanya pakai 'susuga'
i will always love u darling!
cute la konon kamurang tu?? hehe
my wedding cake sponsored by my 2 best friend; Koyo & Julia
poco-poco time!
mari kita yamsenggggg dulu!
ok la..that's all for now. next up is the 2nd reception at my hubby's house. i want to post it up eventho suda bangas ni cerita. hehe.. lgpun it's my blog kan & it's good for rememberance...hehe...