Thursday, December 01, 2011

happy birthday ...... to me!


first day of december and it's my birthday!!
today, went to office and been receiving a lots of birthday wishes from my colleagues.
and as well as sms wishes from my close friends (thanks guys!)
nda dilupakan juga friends and families yang wish di fb (til this moment, fb notification still on..hehe)
actually, i'm planning to do scan for my baby today (almost three months now - capat butul masa berlalu)
but nda kesampaian planning sa. maybe i'll do it on saturday ja la.

after work, went yumcha with my two bff ~ bb & kay at our fav spot, food city.
did i mentioned that everytime go yumcha with them mesti nda lekang dari ketawa riang ria? that's us ^__^
we call it a day as early as 7.30pm (selalunya dekat2 jam 9pm baru ingat pulang). penat ba sa...
oh ya, ada pula dorang kasi kek utk sa ~ 'marble cheese cake' ~ sangat sedap!! with 3 big candle & 2 little candle.
ya, that's my age as of today. muda lg ba kan?? hihi...

ok, that's all for my birthday story. simple eh?

christmas mood ---> ACTIVATED!!