Saturday, January 31, 2015

bekerja sambil cuci mata

i am so excited when my boss instructed us (me & my colleague) to go into the resort for stock take for two dept ~ dive and housekeeping. why so excited? because it was my first time going to the resort since i was transferred to the resort team. yeah, i'm still working at my current employer but different team already. and yes, i am still loving what i do now. no gangguan jiwa (at the moment) and cool colleagues and energetic new FM in the office. eh, terlari pula cerita. ok, back to the half day trip to the resort, let the pictures below tell the story la ah..we went there yesterday, friday the 30th :)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thia's first time

encounter with the river! teehee ^__^

it was a priceless expression when my mother put her feet into the cold river of sungai tambulion, k.belud. haha. terkejut my Thia sekejap, lepas tu baru la dia boleh senyum2. 
meanwhile, her big brother Jaden pula kesiokan mandi sungai sampai nda mau keluar dari sungai. walaupun badan suda begegar-gegar kesejukan :) mau juga dia tunggu semua orang habis mandi baru dia naik pi darat. it was a tiring day (since we were from k.marudu attending my bff wedding kan) but i love it when we can spend a little time with my mum and other friends. lagipun jarang suda kami ber-road trip ba. oh i miss my zaman bujangan! ngeh ngeh ngeh!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

wordless wednesday #3 2015

it was my first time attending wedding reception at these place :)
Tabung Haji Hotel, Sembulan
Dewan Hakka Association, Likas

big CONGRATULATIONS to my bff Seenna & hubby and also to my ex-boss Steven & wife. May God bless your marriage and live happily ever after! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

my babies updates

Jaden at 31months (2.7 years old)
  • nakal toddler but sometimes ikut arahan
  • at 2.5y.o his weight is 14kg & height 95cm.
  • talks a lot & very manja to his papa
  • recognize alphabet at 2.5years old, thanks to abc phonics (pink fong apps). dulu dia nda dapat kasi beza V and Y, now he can. hehehe.
  • still have some baby talks, he can't pronounce words such as 'buku, tulis, kencing, seluar' and many more. but i know what he talks about :)
  • sleep at his own tilam and always 'banjir' in the morning despite wearing a diaper. huh!
  • lately, he's seeking more attention, that's why i always get annoyed to his behavior. but i will surely miss these days later. talking about how fast my babies grow up. 
  • peminat setia my sony smartphone. sikit-sikit  "mami ipon bah, ipon..!!" have to 'tapuk' my handphone sometimes. 
  • still an early sleeper (thank God!) but sometimes boleh terlajak sampai jam 10pm.
Thia at almost 9 months
  • fast crawler, playful and smile a lot
  • begin to try standing up with the help of furniture, sofa or wall
  • very very manja to her mommy. anak mommy betul! and manja juga to her dad! super manja!
  • still breastfeeding, she drinks less formula milk (twice a day 4oz). malam i only gave her my breast ^_^ easy to get her to sleep.
  • kuat makan bubur dan juga kuat nangis (esp during sleeping time and she's awake finding no mommy beside her)
  • can sit on herself but not really stable
  • suka buat muka 'gerigitan' and kuat teriak
  • since being babysit by my cousin's wife, seems like she's so happy & loveable & adorable.
  • i can't get enough of her sweet smile! yes, mommy love your smile Thia! (in case u read this in future) 
  • updates as 21st jan : weight at 7.2kg & height 74cm 
  • she like to tarik my hair, my glasses and kacau her big brother (eg. tarik rambut, tap his shoulder & rebut anything that he holded)
  • gigi baru ada 2 batang (bahagian bawah)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

1st gathering with the girls

yeah! it's a luncheon date with the girls from my lower secondary schoolmates. i felt just like 15y.o when i'm with them. ahahaahaha.. perasan! thanks to our lovely host, puan sheryzad. i knew her from primary school (since darjah empat kalau nda silap la). She served us with her Arabian style dishes. Marvelous!!!

it's the beginning of our girls reunion and many more to come!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

wordless wednesday #2 2015

thank you very much my good friends! heart the fridge magnets, paper clip (from Disneyland HK), small cuddling koala & for my baby, t-shirts!

Monday, January 19, 2015

hujung minggu yang sakit

Last week Friday I was feeling so sick. So sudden the sickness come. Local say it as "nowingkat' atau biasa 'masuk angin'. I just cannot describe how cold I suddenly felt when I'm at home. Luckily, I was at home at that time. It's like macam I cannot survive until tomorrow *palis-palis*. Huh! Cepat-cepat I go mandi with hot water and then quickly pakai 3 lapis baju include jacket, long pants and stoking and terus limpang atas tilam covered myself with thick blanket. Still the cold was killing me. The headache attacked at the same time. I don't have appetite to eat at all. When the hubby give Thia to me, luckily it was her sleep time already. I keep breastfeeded her until she fall asleep. The hubby take care of Jaden. I fall asleep without eating any food that night. When I woke up on Saturday morning, I feel a little bit okay but still lemas badan. The cold and headache had subsided. Thank God! I still can go to work that day. Kalau mau ingat the night before pegang handphone pun nda mampu bah... issshhh :(

Actually, I did kena this 'masuk angin' when I had Jaden back in 2012. Not once but twice! And that only a few weeks after I delivered Jaden. It was a nightmare experience but luckily my coldness only lasted for few hours. Eeeee.... suda tua-tua gini macam-macam penyakit bule keluar kan. You all ada pernah ka ada experience begini ka? Kalau teda, bagus la..

Ba Stay Healthy ya :)

Thanks to my dear friend Julia kasi masak sa ini ayam masak halia kaw-kaw & pumpkin untuk sa. Terbuang juga la angin yang banyak dalam badan sa ni ^__^ 

p/s: I need to start doing simple workout oh..Huhu

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Thia got new nanny

Yay! It's been 6 days since Thia got her new nanny. Thank God she adjusted well with her new nanny. Cuma yang masa first day dia di rumah nanny dia tu memang la hati nda senang dan menangis sekali sekala. Dia diam saja time di rumah her nanny said. Lagi-lagi belum ada ayunan, tidur pun minta dukung saja ni. Nda boleh kena ampai, if kena ampai sure menangis. Time first day tu when sampai di rumah pun dia diam saja ni. Not like always, playful. Hehe..Maybe she kena 'culture shock'. However, after few days di tempat nanny dia baru la timbul keceriaan dia seperti selalu. Dia paling suka main sama abang-abang (the nanny's children) dia. Pandai suda teriak sana teriak sini. That's my Thia.... I'm happy to see her happy coz selama ini memang dia sangat-sangat takut sama orang. Bukan takut apa, kalau jumpa orang memang dia senyum meleret tapi when dorang mau dukung dia sana la dia mula menangis..miahahaha..

Actually her new nanny is my cousin's wife and is our neighbour also. Ok la, dekat lagi sama rumah kami. Bersyukur sangat dia mau jaga my lil Thia since my mum pun kena jaga my sister 4months old baby.

andu bah... love you so much Thia!! Be a good girl kio....

Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas 2014 & New Year 2015

Last December we had a Christmas cum Family gathering at my aunt's house. Only 5 families managed to gather that day. Maybe some of the family cannot make it since they too celebrate it with their big family.  

For our little family, me, hubby, Jaden & Thia, we first went to the CMI, Bukit Padang to attend the Christmas mass in the morning. After that, we went home have our breakfast, do some chores and relaxing before coming to my aunt house in the afternoon. 

Dipendekkan cerita, we had so much fun that day. Makan-makan, games, Santa Claus giving cute presents, changing gifts and aramaitie session. And in the end of the day, I was so tired. With lil' baby in hand, susah juga la mau bergerak ke sana ke mari. But I had so much fun main games with the cousins and anak-anak buah :) 

Lots of pictures shared in our family whatsapp group tapi langsung teda muka sa ni. Huh! Still the memories remain ^___^

 That's how I spent Christmas 2014 with my big family on my father side. 

For new year celebration, we had a simple makan-makan at our home and only attended by few families also. Ya la, if new year party sure every family had their own way/plan. Jaden was not feeling well that day so he slept early but was awaken by the sound of the new year fireworks. Oh ya, me & Thia celebrate new year on the bed. Hehehe... And guess what? Jaden was asleep four hours later (rolled eyes). Who's taking care of him? Of course me la since hubby already ampai-ampai atas katil. Semua orang suda tidur, dia lagi yang bertahan sampai jam 4pagi. Adeh.....

p/s: It was the best Christmas I had so far and simple new year celebration for me. Love it!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Busy As Bee

Since end of the year 2014 until now, I've been busy with the workloads. I have no time to blog often (in the office.. haha!). The company that I handled haven't been audit for like ages, so when the 'love letter' from LHDN sampai baru la kelam-kabut mo hantar docs to auditor (rolled eyes). Moreover, lots of the docs were missing and some needed to search on another company files. Nasib same office, if not menangis la mau pigi HQ lagi cari docs (lagi rolled eyes). Mana lagi mau layan queries from the auditor. Huh! 

I've missed blogging and sharing my daily story here such as updates about my babies development, what did I do during christmas & new year, my new year resolution (if any), my best friend wedding, first gathering in 2015.. Wah, macam banyak cerita...hehe..

Since today is Thursday Throwback let's view my best friend pics wedding back in Dec'14. I brought the whole family to my best friend wedding at Kota Marudu. I brought my mum with us. Brought her jalan-jalan di samping to jaga Thia. teehee. 

I just love their simple wedding celebration. The decoration was simple yet elegant. The food was marvelous especially bosou sayur (i don't know the english name for this local delicacies) Ahahaha.. I don't eat bosou at all but this bosou was an exception. It taste really good. 

Mandak, if you read this, "I wish you all the best in your marriage & welcome to bini-bini club ^__^ ". Hope my little Thia will get friend soon (wink wink)! 

And this photo was shared by my BFF. Love it so much! My little Elnathan Jaden & with her Ethanael Cayden then about 1 & 3 years old baby.

Fuh! What a throwback updates.. ahahaha... I really love InstaMag apps.

p/s: Bilang busy as bee...... Take 5 dulu ba kan.. takkan serius :)

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

wordless wednesday #1 2015

.H A P P Y. N E W. Y E A R.

First post for this year ^__^
I hope it's not too late to wish u all ya.