Monday, January 19, 2015

hujung minggu yang sakit

Last week Friday I was feeling so sick. So sudden the sickness come. Local say it as "nowingkat' atau biasa 'masuk angin'. I just cannot describe how cold I suddenly felt when I'm at home. Luckily, I was at home at that time. It's like macam I cannot survive until tomorrow *palis-palis*. Huh! Cepat-cepat I go mandi with hot water and then quickly pakai 3 lapis baju include jacket, long pants and stoking and terus limpang atas tilam covered myself with thick blanket. Still the cold was killing me. The headache attacked at the same time. I don't have appetite to eat at all. When the hubby give Thia to me, luckily it was her sleep time already. I keep breastfeeded her until she fall asleep. The hubby take care of Jaden. I fall asleep without eating any food that night. When I woke up on Saturday morning, I feel a little bit okay but still lemas badan. The cold and headache had subsided. Thank God! I still can go to work that day. Kalau mau ingat the night before pegang handphone pun nda mampu bah... issshhh :(

Actually, I did kena this 'masuk angin' when I had Jaden back in 2012. Not once but twice! And that only a few weeks after I delivered Jaden. It was a nightmare experience but luckily my coldness only lasted for few hours. Eeeee.... suda tua-tua gini macam-macam penyakit bule keluar kan. You all ada pernah ka ada experience begini ka? Kalau teda, bagus la..

Ba Stay Healthy ya :)

Thanks to my dear friend Julia kasi masak sa ini ayam masak halia kaw-kaw & pumpkin untuk sa. Terbuang juga la angin yang banyak dalam badan sa ni ^__^ 

p/s: I need to start doing simple workout oh..Huhu

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