Tuesday, January 27, 2015

my babies updates

Jaden at 31months (2.7 years old)
  • nakal toddler but sometimes ikut arahan
  • at 2.5y.o his weight is 14kg & height 95cm.
  • talks a lot & very manja to his papa
  • recognize alphabet at 2.5years old, thanks to abc phonics (pink fong apps). dulu dia nda dapat kasi beza V and Y, now he can. hehehe.
  • still have some baby talks, he can't pronounce words such as 'buku, tulis, kencing, seluar' and many more. but i know what he talks about :)
  • sleep at his own tilam and always 'banjir' in the morning despite wearing a diaper. huh!
  • lately, he's seeking more attention, that's why i always get annoyed to his behavior. but i will surely miss these days later. talking about how fast my babies grow up. 
  • peminat setia my sony smartphone. sikit-sikit  "mami ipon bah, ipon..!!" have to 'tapuk' my handphone sometimes. 
  • still an early sleeper (thank God!) but sometimes boleh terlajak sampai jam 10pm.
Thia at almost 9 months
  • fast crawler, playful and smile a lot
  • begin to try standing up with the help of furniture, sofa or wall
  • very very manja to her mommy. anak mommy betul! and manja juga to her dad! super manja!
  • still breastfeeding, she drinks less formula milk (twice a day 4oz). malam i only gave her my breast ^_^ easy to get her to sleep.
  • kuat makan bubur dan juga kuat nangis (esp during sleeping time and she's awake finding no mommy beside her)
  • can sit on herself but not really stable
  • suka buat muka 'gerigitan' and kuat teriak
  • since being babysit by my cousin's wife, seems like she's so happy & loveable & adorable.
  • i can't get enough of her sweet smile! yes, mommy love your smile Thia! (in case u read this in future) 
  • updates as 21st jan : weight at 7.2kg & height 74cm 
  • she like to tarik my hair, my glasses and kacau her big brother (eg. tarik rambut, tap his shoulder & rebut anything that he holded)
  • gigi baru ada 2 batang (bahagian bawah)

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