Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas 2014 & New Year 2015

Last December we had a Christmas cum Family gathering at my aunt's house. Only 5 families managed to gather that day. Maybe some of the family cannot make it since they too celebrate it with their big family.  

For our little family, me, hubby, Jaden & Thia, we first went to the CMI, Bukit Padang to attend the Christmas mass in the morning. After that, we went home have our breakfast, do some chores and relaxing before coming to my aunt house in the afternoon. 

Dipendekkan cerita, we had so much fun that day. Makan-makan, games, Santa Claus giving cute presents, changing gifts and aramaitie session. And in the end of the day, I was so tired. With lil' baby in hand, susah juga la mau bergerak ke sana ke mari. But I had so much fun main games with the cousins and anak-anak buah :) 

Lots of pictures shared in our family whatsapp group tapi langsung teda muka sa ni. Huh! Still the memories remain ^___^

 That's how I spent Christmas 2014 with my big family on my father side. 

For new year celebration, we had a simple makan-makan at our home and only attended by few families also. Ya la, if new year party sure every family had their own way/plan. Jaden was not feeling well that day so he slept early but was awaken by the sound of the new year fireworks. Oh ya, me & Thia celebrate new year on the bed. Hehehe... And guess what? Jaden was asleep four hours later (rolled eyes). Who's taking care of him? Of course me la since hubby already ampai-ampai atas katil. Semua orang suda tidur, dia lagi yang bertahan sampai jam 4pagi. Adeh.....

p/s: It was the best Christmas I had so far and simple new year celebration for me. Love it!

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