Thursday, January 15, 2015

Busy As Bee

Since end of the year 2014 until now, I've been busy with the workloads. I have no time to blog often (in the office.. haha!). The company that I handled haven't been audit for like ages, so when the 'love letter' from LHDN sampai baru la kelam-kabut mo hantar docs to auditor (rolled eyes). Moreover, lots of the docs were missing and some needed to search on another company files. Nasib same office, if not menangis la mau pigi HQ lagi cari docs (lagi rolled eyes). Mana lagi mau layan queries from the auditor. Huh! 

I've missed blogging and sharing my daily story here such as updates about my babies development, what did I do during christmas & new year, my new year resolution (if any), my best friend wedding, first gathering in 2015.. Wah, macam banyak cerita...hehe..

Since today is Thursday Throwback let's view my best friend pics wedding back in Dec'14. I brought the whole family to my best friend wedding at Kota Marudu. I brought my mum with us. Brought her jalan-jalan di samping to jaga Thia. teehee. 

I just love their simple wedding celebration. The decoration was simple yet elegant. The food was marvelous especially bosou sayur (i don't know the english name for this local delicacies) Ahahaha.. I don't eat bosou at all but this bosou was an exception. It taste really good. 

Mandak, if you read this, "I wish you all the best in your marriage & welcome to bini-bini club ^__^ ". Hope my little Thia will get friend soon (wink wink)! 

And this photo was shared by my BFF. Love it so much! My little Elnathan Jaden & with her Ethanael Cayden then about 1 & 3 years old baby.

Fuh! What a throwback updates.. ahahaha... I really love InstaMag apps.

p/s: Bilang busy as bee...... Take 5 dulu ba kan.. takkan serius :)

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