Friday, November 30, 2012

kids are quick and funny

i've received this email from a friend long long time ago... 
it's good to share because laughter is the best medicine when we are stressed out. 
somemore, it's about kids and i believe kids have their own version of answering an adults question, lebih-lebih lagi kalau in a classroom. 
betul ka nda cikgu-cikgu sekalian?? ^_^

Here's a good one :-

Teacher : Adam, how do you spell 'crocodile'?
Adam : K-R-O-K-O-D-I-A-L
Teacher : No, that's wrong.
Adam : Maybe it is wrong, but you ask me how i spell it.

Teacher : Blake, give me a sentence starting with 'I'.
Blake : I is......
Teacher : No, Blake.... Always say, 'I am'.
Blake : All right.....'I am the ninth letter of the alphabet'.

Teacher : Christina, what is the chemical formula for water?
Christina : H I J K L M N O.
Teacher : What are you talking about?
Christina : Yesterday you said it's H to O.

Teacher : Cee Loo, your composition on 'My Dog' is exactly the same as your brother's. 
Did you copy his?
Cee Loo : No, sir. It's the same dog.

Teacher : Cody, what do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested?
Cody : A teacher.

there you goes!
i hope i can make someone laugh today :)

p/s: i am 'the voice' fan, hence the name.. hihi

Thursday, November 29, 2012

kundasang ~ in my heart (part 2)

let's continue my weekend getaway at of my favourite place on earth :)

after spending times at desa dairy farm and dream world resort, we visited the war memorial kundasang. i have been there few times but since my jie brenda never been there (same as desa dairy farm.. kesian dia kan?) jadi kami bawa la dia melawat tu memorial :)

we reached war memorial kundasang at about 9.45am and it's very hot compare to desa dairy farm! sampai my lil' jaden pun kesian kena panas yang sangat terik. i didn't bring to him to explore the memorial. my dear hubby yang jaga dia.

after exploring the new maintained memorial, we headed to perkasa hotel which is now upgraded to mount kinabalu heritage resort & spa. grand betul nama baru dia kan??

let's see the pictures that been taken at both place!

kesian my jaden..ngantuk suda kali dia ni ;)

ms brenda my model for the post will be dedicated to her.. yess!

tingu tu panas matahari sampai sanggup lagi duduk di siring2 @__@

oh my jaden!! the apple of my eye....
the new look (coz sa baru pigi singgah sana this year kan..jadi it's new for me) of war memorial.
gumbira si brenda jadi model for the day!

i love this picture so much. my friend said kasi print 120R :))
the new (lama suda actually.. tapi kami baru menjejakkan kaki ke sini kan...) jambatan gantung at mount kinabalu heritage resort & spa (huh..still cannot get use to it's name.. i still prefer perkasa hotel).

it's us again!

my jie brenda said "pokok amerika". mantang2 dia suda sampai amerika ^____^ terus sa sambung "ada vampire tu dalam tu hutan2 pokok amerika :)"
and that's remind me to watch twilight : breaking dawn part 1... kesian kan part 1 pun i haven't watch :( 
til we meet again...kundasang highlands!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

jaden : 5 months old

my dear jaden is 5 months old today!
~ 2 days ago he had his first tooth - excited!
~ he can lay his head on my shoulder already - oowh super cute!
~ rolled over more frequent and can lift his head and shoulder high - he try to impress me!
~ he's able to recognize his own name when we called him - i love the way he look at me :)
~ he'll turn his lil' head to where a sound come from - curious little guy!

~ he's still breastfeed - i likey, strong attachment!!
cepatnya masa berlalu dan next month he will be 6 months already. that's mean i can give solid food! yay! i need to cari recipe baby food suda ni..huhu.. suda la sa nda terrer masak. tapi demi my baby, i will spare my time to cari homemade baby food and learn to cook ^____^. lagipun the time he's 6 months old i will be on holiday before begin my new job at new company next year!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

jaden's first : tooth!

wah..i'm not expecting he got his tooth as early as 5 months old. actually, he will be 5 months old in 2 days time. we are so excited to see his first tooth. patut pun dia nangis-nangis saja last week. but he didn't get any fever. nowadays, he always like to cucuk his mouth. maybe another tooth is on the way ^____^ and he always suck his fingers also (sama ada dia lapar ataupun memang hobi dia).

"mummy, can you see my cute tooth? i can eat solid food already......" eh, sabar ko jaden. mummy will feed you solid food only when you're 6 months old. nda lama lagi tu....mummy loves you so much baby! muahhh....!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

kundasang ~ in my heart!

hello y'all. it's been a while. my last post was about my weekend getaway! and here goes my stories...

when it's hot, it's gonna be damn hot. when it's cold, it's gonna be super cold! yes, i'm telling you about kundasang, where hot and cold weather mixed! me and my jaden got sicked after our holiday. i have 'running nose' and jaden have flu and cough. i'm okay now but my jaden still have cough + kahak :(

despite the weather, we're having fun during the short holiday but it was very tiring one. why? coz we have our lil' jaden holidaying with us this time ^_____^ bawa budak jalan-jalan jauh memang memenatkan...betul tidak?

ok lah, let me share the pictures during our short holiday to kundasang on 10th til 11th nov 2012.

our stay in kundasang. d'villa rina ria lodge. the rate is rm120 per nite with breakfast. siap ada car porch sendiri lagi. the lodge was ok but the problem is the sound of moving car! u still can hear 'em even 2 o'clock in the morning. damn! nasib my baby sleep soundly. 

these are some of the flowers that grows around the lodge area. this picture were taken early in the morning. masi fresh2 lagi kena embun pagi :)

kesian my baby jaden, teda jaket dia.. sejuk lagi tu time kami naik mesilau :( just wrapped him with a blanket ba....poor baby! next time mummy buy u a jacket ya..khas utk pigi tempat sejuk..hihi...

the first light captured on the 11th nov at 5.49am. it was so cold that morning and could feel the wind breezing...grrrr....! we had our breakfast at the lodge before went to visit the desa cattle dairy farm.

see our background? nasib kami awal jalan. dapat tengo sebiji gunung kinabalu. fuh! teruja sangat since not much kabus tutup tu gunung. gunung kinabalu never failed to amaze me! and thanks to my photog of the day for the awesome picturess!

ms brenda @ induk; our photographer for the day..thanks jie coz sudi jadi tukang gambar kami :)

this time around the cloud has started to cover the mount. nasib baik la kami sampai awal di desa cattle dairy farm. kalau nda, gunung sudah diliputi awan-awan nano ^___^

jaden was here! (he's 4 months 2 weeks old)  i love bringing my lil' jaden mansau-mansau. can't wait for next cuti-cuti sabah, don't know when la.. 

maybe to this place? but the rate is quite expensive. hope we can spend time here someday. dream world resort is located just opposite the desa dairy farm place. we just stopped by to survey the resort. we only spend about 15 minutes there and off we go to visit war memorial kundasang.

to be continued.....

Friday, November 09, 2012

weekend getaway

wow, i'm so excited!
tomorrow we will be going on a weekend getaway. me, hubby, lil' jaden & of course my jie jie who will become our photog nanti. nda siok ba kan kalau pi cuti-cuti teda orang tolong gambar-gambar ^___^ nasib she's available this weekend. 

this pic were taken on 1.1.2009. ya, gambar lama (time masi kurus lagi). hehe. oh my, look at the gunung kinabalu yang tersergam indah, a breath-taking view!! masa ini kami masi berdua. this time around there will be three of us plus one! **happy** i really really really hope the weather will be good to us.

my colleagues will be climbing mt. kinabalu tomorrow. that's why we're going to national park this weekend to support them and sambil-sambil makan angin la ba.. 

hmm.. i missed climbing mt. kinabalu so much..i have tried both route, via timpohon and mesilau. i love mesilau trail!

~ldyann~ plans to climb mt.k next year!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

cerita makanan lagi

ini kali kita pigi korea korean restaurant. to be exact, korean bbq which is located at kompleks sukan likas golf range. last friday, i had my japanese lunch with my colleagues. this time around i bring my hubby to try the korean food.. on saturday nite we went to the korean bbq restaurant to have 'korean style' dinner. i think it was his first time eating korean food. kan darling? hehe

ba enjoy the pictures that i've snapped with my handphone (yeah, c sony lagi jadi my camera of the day ^___^)

all the side dishes above are refillable. i didn't read properly the groupon voucher so we don't refill our side dishes. patut pun sa nampak orang balik-balik pigi kaunter macam minta refill ^___^. nevermind, kenyang juga with other dish bah. i don't know what is the exact name for this side dishes, but from the taste and look of it i can name it. hehe. it's sayur bawang mix with egg (maybe), taugeh yang sangat besar, jeruk timun, kimchi & ikan bilis :)) i only like the ikan bilis coz it tasted sweet. ya, i like sweet foods. yang lain macam sangat masin ni..hmm..

there is also salad with sambal and raw garlic. the sambal was too salty (i think). don't really like it. looks yummy the close up pics of the ikan bilis and kimchi (but i'm not a fan of kimchi).

we choose to have marinated pork ribs (yangnyum galbi) for the bbq. this is the second time i'm trying bbq pork and i prefer the one in warisan square. anybody want to bring me there?? hihi.. you see, the barbeque set were attached to the table :) kira special sikit tempat bbq dia ni. we have to cut the meat into smaller portion using scissors in order to eat it :)) 

the soybean paste stew (deonjang jigae) was also one of the dishes served. they also provide rice with taugeh and telur mata kerbau. actually the rice was not included in the deal but i think it was a complimentary for us, groupon customer kan..hihi. nda sempat gambar yg original coz telampau lapar. only manage to take the one that been taken from its bowl.

even though the dishes look like in small portion but actually it was mengenyangkan. actually, i have ordered bibimbap (mixed rice) and sangchu (as per menu pic - vegies) but nda sampai to our table. i guess there's so many customer order that nite til our order were not done...nasib baik la belum kana prepare apa-apa coz we are too full already. so we cancelled the order. 

through groupon deal, we only paid rm28 for 2 people instead rm56 for this korean bbq set. lumayan juga kan mo try korean food. hehe. however, i'm not really into korean food. but i will surely try another korean food outlet around kk. and i have spotted one in city mall. hehe. i'm a food lover bah....

~ldyann~ must order bibimbap next time!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

jaden's first 2 months pics

hi all!

i took this pictures using my sony handphone. i regretted that i didn't take pictures of my son few hours after i delivered him. but, i had a c-section therefore i can't move around much even pegang handphone pun macam nda larat. tapi pegang baby larat pula..hehe..biasa la 'permata hati' kan. i focused more on feeding my baby and recover from my operation (isshh ngeri pula ingat time di hospital tu..huhu) sampai i totally forgot to take jaden's pics. only replying sms-es from friends. 

hmm...the first month, july.  i miss this moments when his routines were feeding, sleeping, crying, pooping, peeing, hiccups-ing & sneezing. i did remember one fine early early morning, i just in time to change his napkin when he pooped at me. nasib kena sarung saja. hehe. i think the first week after jaden was born is the hardest time for me. kurang tidur, pandai meradang sendiri2, restless and more restless ^___^. but, as time goes by i get used to the routines :) somemore, i really like 'nenen' time. it's a wonderful + pain feeling at the same time. i had sore nipple but i just tahan the sakit and let my baby 'nenen'. they said breast milk is the best for babies. i agreed. 

the second month, august. i'm getting more and more attached to jaden. i felt restless but it's worth it. every moments i spent with jaden were priceless. i love him more and more everyday. 

"picture is worth of a thousand words" 
so, i'm gonna post more of jaden's pic in my inbox. my memory book. 

Sunday, November 04, 2012

japanese food

last friday my colleagues and i (four of us) went to a japanese restaurant to have our lunch. i have purchased a rice box set using groupon which costs rm32 for 4 people instead of rm114.40. the set includes miso soup and pickled salad. for the drinks we have to pay for it. i have green tea which is refillable and it costs rm1.50 (mau juga kestau ni). 

yeah, that's my new hair (lari tajuk sudah ni..hehe)..tapi tengo la hasil keguguran rambut sa..boleh kenampakan dari jauh. huh, dislike!! beside me is the tall & beautiful ms ivy and she's taken ^__^

my picked, teriyaki chicken & my friend ordered black pepper beef. and plain water came with 'senget' glass. don't adjust your monitor ya! hmmmm, i don't really like my teriyaki chicken. macam teda rasa ni..huhu..bagus sa order ginger payau @ venison or curry chicken... i like the black pepper beef. the meat's really soft and it taste good. 

this is ten jyu set which consists of tempura prawns (yums!) with tempura sweet potatoes, carrots and eggplants (double yums!). menyesal juga nda pilih ni tapi kerana mau merasa makanan lain kasi variety la tu pilihan makanan. lagipun sharing is allowed, so bershare-share la kami :) i love the tempura sweet potato, carrot and eggplant. tapi nda pa la yang penting dapat makan makanan jepun yg berharga rm28.60 tapi hanya bayar rm8 sahaja..miahahaha...

last but not least, the dessert! ala, chocolate ice-cream cake ja. i think this a complimentary from miso japanese restaurant. yeah, that's the restaurant that we went to last friday. the restaurant is pork-free but offers alcohol in its menu.

the nice wall painting decoration in the restaurant. i love the sakura and the japanese girl in her traditional costume 'kimono' complete the painting. i like!

my soon will be ex-colleagues..hihi..sorry guys, i have to leave you all. hope, we still keep in touch even though i'm not working at tutttt anymore.....hehe..i wish you all best of luck handling whatever drama happened in our division..ngeh ngeh ngeh...

ldyann love sushi! 

Friday, November 02, 2012

happy birthday bff!

dear ellie..hmm..nda ngam.
dear koyo...ahh baru ngam.

today you turn 33 (sorry for revealing your age..haha)
don't worry my turn will come soon, next month ^___^
on this day, i wanna wish a very happy birthday to you.
taken during jakarta trip in 2010
sa mo tulis story about our 26 years (i think la) of friendship.

here we goes......

in the 80's - we grew up together in the same village.
i'm not sure when is our first meet. did u remember? hehe
our favourite past time are 'mansau-ansau', masuk hutan, beauty contest, 
play cook with daun-daun hutan. paling sa ingat daun yang kana jadi sotong..miahahaha..
lagi satu, paling manang - korek lubang di tanah kasi jadi congkak dan batu2 kici jadi buah congkak..
macamna la bule tepikir buat gitu dulu kan. haha!
i still remember i had been punished by my dad coz staying at your place til evening.
it was a nightmare - i've been tied to a tree because of that.
sungguh la jajal time budak-budak.

in the beginning of 90's - we become best friend. i miss this moments!
everyday we hang together. eh, ya ka? we were also schoolmate then.
even though we are in the same village we always contacting each other by phone.
ada saja gossip mau di'digest' ^___^ baru jumpa masa tengahari, 
malam on the phone suda kita..desshh..

when i transferred to a school in labuan in 1995, our friendship become more stronger.
'absence makes the heart grow fonder' 
no matter how far we are, we still keep in touch! 

in the late 90's, we were then studying in the same uni. sa terlambat sikit masuk la.. 
see, we were destined to be best friend forever..kunun...
we redah ups and downs of uni life ;)
 illegally pulang kampung and whats not..haha..
i think during this years we begin to lepaks at kfc inanam kan?? 
story-mory sampai nda ingat dunia....

in 2001, i left sabah again to pursue my degree study in sarawak.
but that also didn't make our friendship drifted away.
our friendship continues even though i'm meeting new friends.
letters and telephone were our mode of contact :))

wokey la, to cut long story...
now we are mama-mama suda, i think we are still the best of friend.
i cherished all the moments that we have spent together.. 
deep in my heart i'm thankful to God coz sending me a best friend like you!

on the way to tmn mini indonesia (2010)

I said a Prayer for You Today
  I said a prayer for you today
And know God must have heard.
I felt the answer in my heart
Although he spoke no word!
I didn't ask for wealth or fame
(I knew you wouldn't mind).
I asked him to send treasures
Of a far more lasting kind!

I asked that he be near you
At the start of each new day;
To grant you health and blessings
And friends to share your way!

I asked for happiness for you
In all things great and small.
But it was for his loving care
I prayed the most of all!
at tangkuban perahu bandung, indonesia (2010)

that's it for now. i feel sleepy already.
once again, have a blessed birthday yo!

** hugs & kisses **