Tuesday, November 06, 2012

jaden's first 2 months pics

hi all!

i took this pictures using my sony handphone. i regretted that i didn't take pictures of my son few hours after i delivered him. but, i had a c-section therefore i can't move around much even pegang handphone pun macam nda larat. tapi pegang baby larat pula..hehe..biasa la 'permata hati' kan. i focused more on feeding my baby and recover from my operation (isshh ngeri pula ingat time di hospital tu..huhu) sampai i totally forgot to take jaden's pics. only replying sms-es from friends. 

hmm...the first month, july.  i miss this moments when his routines were feeding, sleeping, crying, pooping, peeing, hiccups-ing & sneezing. i did remember one fine early early morning, i just in time to change his napkin when he pooped at me. nasib kena sarung saja. hehe. i think the first week after jaden was born is the hardest time for me. kurang tidur, pandai meradang sendiri2, restless and more restless ^___^. but, as time goes by i get used to the routines :) somemore, i really like 'nenen' time. it's a wonderful + pain feeling at the same time. i had sore nipple but i just tahan the sakit and let my baby 'nenen'. they said breast milk is the best for babies. i agreed. 

the second month, august. i'm getting more and more attached to jaden. i felt restless but it's worth it. every moments i spent with jaden were priceless. i love him more and more everyday. 

"picture is worth of a thousand words" 
so, i'm gonna post more of jaden's pic in my inbox. my memory book. 


  1. reminds me of the time when i just had my son..saya pun ada tu sore nipple, smpai ada 1 masa berdarah time my son nenen..cepat2 tukar p sebelah..but still sy kasi nenen juga until at least i had to stop sebab mau jln p u suda balik..huhu

    cute oo ur son. post more pics!:)

    1. hi isabel. ketemu kembali kita ya :) napa nda dpt visit ur blog mandak? huhu.. oh,sa x pula smpi berdarah tp mmg sakit la time mula2 kasi nenen baby. lama2 baru ok.. hihi..