Sunday, November 04, 2012

japanese food

last friday my colleagues and i (four of us) went to a japanese restaurant to have our lunch. i have purchased a rice box set using groupon which costs rm32 for 4 people instead of rm114.40. the set includes miso soup and pickled salad. for the drinks we have to pay for it. i have green tea which is refillable and it costs rm1.50 (mau juga kestau ni). 

yeah, that's my new hair (lari tajuk sudah ni..hehe)..tapi tengo la hasil keguguran rambut sa..boleh kenampakan dari jauh. huh, dislike!! beside me is the tall & beautiful ms ivy and she's taken ^__^

my picked, teriyaki chicken & my friend ordered black pepper beef. and plain water came with 'senget' glass. don't adjust your monitor ya! hmmmm, i don't really like my teriyaki chicken. macam teda rasa ni..huhu..bagus sa order ginger payau @ venison or curry chicken... i like the black pepper beef. the meat's really soft and it taste good. 

this is ten jyu set which consists of tempura prawns (yums!) with tempura sweet potatoes, carrots and eggplants (double yums!). menyesal juga nda pilih ni tapi kerana mau merasa makanan lain kasi variety la tu pilihan makanan. lagipun sharing is allowed, so bershare-share la kami :) i love the tempura sweet potato, carrot and eggplant. tapi nda pa la yang penting dapat makan makanan jepun yg berharga rm28.60 tapi hanya bayar rm8 sahaja..miahahaha...

last but not least, the dessert! ala, chocolate ice-cream cake ja. i think this a complimentary from miso japanese restaurant. yeah, that's the restaurant that we went to last friday. the restaurant is pork-free but offers alcohol in its menu.

the nice wall painting decoration in the restaurant. i love the sakura and the japanese girl in her traditional costume 'kimono' complete the painting. i like!

my soon will be ex-colleagues..hihi..sorry guys, i have to leave you all. hope, we still keep in touch even though i'm not working at tutttt anymore.....hehe..i wish you all best of luck handling whatever drama happened in our division..ngeh ngeh ngeh...

ldyann love sushi! 


  1. hi Jj,
    thx for dropping by :)
    ndak pernah sy mkn d rest jipun oh..ehehe..
    mcm sedap jg sy nmpk tu tp tu gelas jg la ba yg lawa wpun senget :)

    1. hi nanak, u're welcome :) sa prefer makan sushi klu p rest jipun ni..x brapa mo order klu yg set-set punya. hehe