Friday, November 09, 2012

weekend getaway

wow, i'm so excited!
tomorrow we will be going on a weekend getaway. me, hubby, lil' jaden & of course my jie jie who will become our photog nanti. nda siok ba kan kalau pi cuti-cuti teda orang tolong gambar-gambar ^___^ nasib she's available this weekend. 

this pic were taken on 1.1.2009. ya, gambar lama (time masi kurus lagi). hehe. oh my, look at the gunung kinabalu yang tersergam indah, a breath-taking view!! masa ini kami masi berdua. this time around there will be three of us plus one! **happy** i really really really hope the weather will be good to us.

my colleagues will be climbing mt. kinabalu tomorrow. that's why we're going to national park this weekend to support them and sambil-sambil makan angin la ba.. 

hmm.. i missed climbing mt. kinabalu so much..i have tried both route, via timpohon and mesilau. i love mesilau trail!

~ldyann~ plans to climb mt.k next year!

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