Tuesday, November 27, 2012

jaden : 5 months old

my dear jaden is 5 months old today!
~ 2 days ago he had his first tooth - excited!
~ he can lay his head on my shoulder already - oowh super cute!
~ rolled over more frequent and can lift his head and shoulder high - he try to impress me!
~ he's able to recognize his own name when we called him - i love the way he look at me :)
~ he'll turn his lil' head to where a sound come from - curious little guy!

~ he's still breastfeed - i likey, strong attachment!!
cepatnya masa berlalu dan next month he will be 6 months already. that's mean i can give solid food! yay! i need to cari recipe baby food suda ni..huhu.. suda la sa nda terrer masak. tapi demi my baby, i will spare my time to cari homemade baby food and learn to cook ^____^. lagipun the time he's 6 months old i will be on holiday before begin my new job at new company next year!

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