Sunday, November 25, 2012

jaden's first : tooth!

wah..i'm not expecting he got his tooth as early as 5 months old. actually, he will be 5 months old in 2 days time. we are so excited to see his first tooth. patut pun dia nangis-nangis saja last week. but he didn't get any fever. nowadays, he always like to cucuk his mouth. maybe another tooth is on the way ^____^ and he always suck his fingers also (sama ada dia lapar ataupun memang hobi dia).

"mummy, can you see my cute tooth? i can eat solid food already......" eh, sabar ko jaden. mummy will feed you solid food only when you're 6 months old. nda lama lagi tu....mummy loves you so much baby! muahhh....!!


  1. Fredo pn keluar gigi masa 5++..nasib teda demam..keluar liur ja byk..hehe

    1. oh ya ka..bagus la tu kan teda demam..hihi..