Wednesday, May 25, 2011

rosary week & badminton tournament

this week is the may rosary prayer week for our KKD (bahagian kantin). luckily only 6 houses to visit. actually we have begin the rosary prayer on saturday last week. so this week only 5 house to finish the prayer. the last family to visit is on friday & that's is my house.may god bless all the families that we have been visited & prayed together! amen..

and at the same time beginning monday we have badminton tournament :) mixed double. it's one of the kaamatan event. my partner is mr supir :) based on cabutan  ^_^  first match we won. since we on 'by' team, so we automatically masuk semi-final! isn't we lucky? no need hardwork..hahaha..lgpun sa mimang malas mo berabis main badminton. early precaution *wink wink* . the futsal tournament already begin since last week &  finish this week. the Team E won the 1st ever Nountun Futsal Tournament :) & of course my darling is in the Team E. i'm proud of him & the team. 

majulah sukan untuk negara!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

wedding story part III

*** entri ini yang hilang time blog maintenance. so i just post it back la..nasib la ada...penat2 suda sa mengarang ^_^ **

it's about 9am. we have to be at the church at 9.45am. my cuzzie umbul was my driver. glad he was with me during the journey to the church. and not forgetting his son kamilus & ying ying the niece (cuzzie's daughter). all i can think of all the way to the church is not to be late..hehe..lucky i bring the wedding ring with me..the basket flower for the flower girls arrived later at the church. so the flower girls+boys just holding their hand when the procession begin :) so sweet ni.....hehe...

i'm a bit not happy during the mass. yeah, whoever attended the holy matrimony surely remember what the homily  is about that morning! i can feel my face very2 hot.... i never been to a church wedding that a priest been talking about the bride's attire. have you? the homily still linger in my mind right now. i do feel embarrassed but what the heck it is my wedding. i didn't want it to ruin my big's all because Kate wedding gown......will remember it for the rest of my life.....grrrrr........after the taking photo session which is very tiring we proceed to go back home. u see, it's not easy to be the center of the attention for the day. abis senyuman sa oo...hehe...

oo's gonna be rain soon. the grey heavy cloud seen from a far is not a very good sign..i just pray & hope that eventho it's gonna be raining cats & dogs, will not stop us from enjoying every bit of the wedding's the happiest day for both of us ^_^ give us a break dear mr.rain..but sadly, mr.rain had came & visit us..kesian all of our friends & relatives get soaked coz of the rain..well, there were saying that if u were married during raining u will be blessed with many children..hehehe...butul kaitu??

the caterer for non-malay food arrive later in the afternoon..have u heard about the gun shoot at inanam. that were the main cause the caterer were late sending the food. massive traffic jammed at inanam town. at about 1.45 baru the caterer sampai. syukur la..when everything's ready we begin the makan session. kesian org yang tunggu dari jam 12 lebih lagi..hujan lagi..whoa...what an experience! so after makan...the cake cutting ceremony + the toasting... tiiuusssssssssss..........soooooooooo....!!!!!!! hehehe....

and the rest of the day, it's the time to say hi & bye! i am really happy that my friends & relatives came to my wedding reception. THANK YOU ALL! the last guest of the day would be the Cherry cafe deco team. i should mention their name here, paling manang kan....hehehe.. ah tut, samson, jimin & herman.. u guys rock!!!  tukang kasi abis chivas sa..haha..they leave AT about 1am. suprisingly i can tahan that long...can u imagine me wake up at 5am & go to bed at 1.30am the very next day?? somemore, not even very the mabuk during the big day...but of course my man were drunk la :) but he still ingat dunia mah..together-gether we officially close our big day! love u very much hubby!!

up next will be the pictures during my wedding reception..stay tune ya!

~ldyann say selamat tinggal bujang *wink wink*~

Saturday, May 14, 2011

wedding story part II ~ 30.04.2011~

few weeks before my big day, i got a message from an old friend of mine. 

marriage consist of 3 rings.
engagement ring, marriage ring and suffering.
u will felt this as funny and funnier aftermath.

yeah.. he never failed to make me smile with his stories or lawak. somehow, there's a truth behind the message above. let's just say, reality bites =_______= wedding day! it was the most awaited event of the year *konon* haha...time flies so fast & i can't believe i will be soon walking the aisle with my dad and to be handed  over to the man who destined to be my husband. and oh my, i am really happy to be married with my best friend. yes, he was my best friend & now my best man ^_^

let me begin my wedding day story!
the alarm rang at 4.45am. i snoozed it for a while. 2nd time the alarm rang, i woke up & take my bath. the water was so cold. i am so not cukup tidur. but what to do, i hope the make up can hide those panda eyes *make up can do magic ba kan?*. enjoy the pictures shown below. 

MUA ~ the sisters Diana & Clarice - love their works! thumbs up!

i'm loving it ~ the hair do! thanks teno :)
my photog (cuzzie ~ tzhu & yus) ) & videog (alvin gd) for the day

getting ready to go to  the church

it's about 9am. we have to be at the church at 9.45am. my cuzzie umbul was my driver. glad he was with me during the journey to the church. and not forgetting his son kamilus & ying ying the niece (cuzzie's daughter). all i can think about is not arriving late at the church...hmm...

sebenarnya, panjang cerita yg suda sa post semalam. tapi due to blog maintenance, the entry ilang begitu saja. nasib ada draft *cerita di atas*. sambung cerita nanti lg la..need to sleep already..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

~ldyann say selamat tinggal bujang~

gone honeymoon!

in few more hours, we will be going on a road trip for our honeymoon. the place that we gonna visit is one of my travel wish list ^_^. i am really excited & hope the weather gonna be good to us. clue: white sandy beaches & i'm a survivor :)

ba, happy weekend & ooooo i have a long weekend coz i'm taking leave on monday! woohoo....& tuesday is holiday! happy wesak day! bestnyerrr!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

wedding story part I

it's the wedding week of mine ^_^

by this time, wedding things really need to be completed. the deco, wedding guest book, wedding favors, bilik pengantins & etc. remembering all the wedding preparation now just bring back all the tiring memories but absolutely will be cherished forever. once in a lifetime we go! flashback to the wedding week time......

25th april,
~ received sad news - my grandma passed away peacefully at kampung.
~ still went to work but decided to take one and a half day emergency leave (so i have the whole week to do the wedding preparation. ngeh ngeh ngeh!)
~ damaged wall had been fixed. the big humongous aircond had been removed from the room (bikin samak saja) & the wall where the aircond been attached to have to be change with new plywood.  all the new plywood wall need to be painted with undercoat. my room filled with undercoat paint odour...& then the uncle begin to paint the room with colour of my choice *i like*.
~ not much to do in my room since the room just been newly paint. have to wait for it to dry baru can arrange all the furniture
~ got the wedding booklet from my best friend bibie *wink wink* 

26th april,
~ slowly spring cleaning & de-clutter my room. gosh! so many little things in my room. samak butul!
~ went to buy new set of curtain :)
~ 2 wedding camp were set up today.

27th april,
~ me & my darling together2 re-arrange all the furniture.
~ bring my flower boy & girl to try test the baju at bridal house & bring back all the wedding attire back home. so tiring..
~ 3rd wedding camp been set up.
~ the deco team from Cherry Cafe begin to decorate the mainstage :)

28th april,
~ go inanam to buy few more things for the decorations.
~ my bro-in-law went to talungan to help us bought the pig as 'sogit'
~ the deco team from Cherry Cafe continue their deco thingy
~ at 7.30pm we begin the wedding rehearsal, but a bit kelam kabut since there's another group that needed to use the church for their weekly program. hope everything will be okay during the actual wedding day. yay! can't wait..........
~ friends & realtive come to help bungkus gula2 for the kids..hehe...

29th april,
~ the day of the Royal Wedding > Will & Kate < wedding of the year ^_^
~ we still have to buy the kain for decoration at home. after bought it, we have our  breakfast at sinsuran.
~ i'm having my me time up til 4pm.. punya panat..i done my full face threading at asia city and manicure & pedicure at karamunsing. (for me to remember:- i took a taxi from kg.air to karamunsing..haha..RM10 melayang begitu sahaja)
~ on the way back, the bridal shop called that my hand bouquet not yet been taken. i thought my cuzzie already took it when she sent her car to the shop for car decoration..hmm..have to turn back to lido lagi *time kena call kami mo sampai trafik lite kma suda oo...adoiii*
~ sampai rumah need to this & that lagi..kana suruh tengo deco ok ka nda..adoi, punya la mo pengsan sempat mansau malam2.
~  my jie2 brenda & i went to my best friend koyo house at kepayan to take the wedding favors. & after that we singgah citymall to buy contact lens. *ini pun sikit lagi sa lupa mo beli. buta la sa if not using contact lens during the big day*
~ sampai rumah sambung tengo2 the deco. touch up the wedding guest book. house deco pun not yet siap...
~ i am so damned tired. full blast OOooo today.. **sigh**
~ sleep at about 0130 hours......! not good for the bride to be...whoaaa!! crazeee ooo......

OOOooo....i only slept about 3.5 hours before my wedding there any x-bride sleep less than 3.5 hours during their big day?? hhhmm.....*paning kapala sa ingat time ni oo but when think about it right now, enjoy la pula :) tapi for me to do it all over again, frankly thanks. i had enough...hahaha... *


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bless Our Marriage

We Thank You, O God,
for the Love You have implanted 
in our hearts.
May It Always Inspire us
to be kind in our words,
Considerate of feelings,
and Concerned
for each other's needs and wishes.
Help Us to be Understanding
and forgiving of human weaknesses
and failings.
Increase Our Faith and Trust in You
and may Your Prudence
guide our life and love.
Bless Our Marriage, O God,
with Peace and Happiness,
and Make our love fruitful
for your Glory and our Joy
both here and in eternity. Amen.

United in Marriage ~ Edy & Ann on 30th April 2011

 p/s: kindly ignore the hubby's finger *nerbes kali dia*
next post will be the once in a lifetime experiences. my wedding stories!! 


Sunday, May 08, 2011

rest in peace grandma nina :(

dear grandma nina,

taken during CNY holidays in Feb'08

u'll be missed!
u have been kind to all of us.
we will never forget u, nina. u were the only grandma we knew all of our life and now u had left us, we will cherished all the memories we had spent together especially during our stay at our beloved kampung.

i was so thrilled & excited whenever i had the chance to balik kampung. i love my kampung ~ kg. pahu , kiulu. the road (last time we had to merentas hutan belantara coz no jalan sampai rumah nina sa ~ what an experience!), the jungle, the river, grandma house, the pigs, the chicken, the padi bukit, the kampung vegie, the tandas kampung (the jungle is the tandas ~ ewwwh, but i've been there done that! haha)..but the most remembered things about balik kampung is there is no electricity! yes people, u read me: no electricity at all (during the 80's)! and the famous magazine i read at kampung is GILA-GILA! oo i'm so missing my kampung right now. wish i can turn back the time to when we were a lot younger and no brain care free :) *ok, habis iklan*

now back to my nina story!

ooo..i really love this picture ~ Feb'08

daya ingatan nina sa sangat baik. she can recognise us very well. even though she's old, she knew her grandchild's name. i missed her voice which is soft & husky..she rarely spoke malay to us siblings. the only penghubung komunikasi is my mum. what to do, bahasa dusun kami sangat fail to the max. paling siok mo cakap 'kanou mongoi mimponsu hilod bawang' astaga, butul ka nda sa tulis ni....hehe..itu ja kerja kami time di kampung ~ mandi sungai!

i am glad coz the last time i met her i've hugged her. she stayed about 4 days at our home & had the chance to celebrate my sister wedding in dec 2010. itupun she not sabar to go back kampung :) it's normal for old folks to feel that way ba kan.. the truth is, i hate to say goodbye to my grandma. we like to take care my grandma since her ankle infected but knowing my grandma, she rather stay at kampung than's not good to paksa beliau2 ba kan...

grandma nina was called to eternal life on 25th april due to old age & ill health. she will be remembered as a loving, caring & cheerful grandma to all of us in the family. let us keep her in our prayers. we love u nina!

grandma nina 1933-2011

sadly missed & forever remembered! 
the siblings ; ann, joy, jj & tata

May God Bless Her Soul


Friday, May 06, 2011

happy + sad ~ april 2011

hi all..! (wink wink from the newly bride)

* it's been a tiring weekends for me :) with my wedding preparation & the actual day itself..woohoo.. *

i begin my story with the holy week of Easter (from 21st to 24th april 2011). we celebrated the Holy Thursday & Good Friday masses at St. Simon Church, Likas. lots of people during this celebration. thank God for the Good Friday weather. it's a bit gloomy & not very hot day. as always no seat available since we came on time for the mass :) but it's a good exercise juga ba..berdiri! hehe..luckily during Easter Vigil mass there's a seat available for me & my darling :) the mass last for 3 hours..we had celebration of Easter mass at CMI Church at Bkt Pdg. this time also have to stand up for the whole mass. i don't mind :) just for reminder: please don't leave ur bag or valuable items in ur car. there are two car been broken during the easter mass at cmi. luckily there's a good samaritan saw the culprits! and the warden did not saw this can that be happened?? i don't think they sempat curi whatever items they saw in the car & i did not see the culprits run as fast as they could. they just walked steadily ba as if nothing ever happened..talked about crime in the daylight! huh! 

~happy easter 2011~

now, this really gonna make me cry! *again*

my maternal grandmother had been called by the Lord on the 25th april 2011. 5 days before my marriage. she passed away peacefully in her sleep. she's in her 80's, i don't really know her age is. she's been buried at kg. pahu, kiulu. my mom & dad, my aunty & her cucu together with my uncle which supposed to have review at QEH on the 25th, went back village to pay their last respect for their mother. by right, the marriage should be called-off. but since all the preparation had been done & finalized, the event must be going on..i am so sad about her demised. i've benen told by mum that she can't walk already since there is an infection on her ankle. the last time i met her was during my sister wedding in Dec 2010. menyesal not taking picture with her banyak2 time tu...during that time pun her ankle memang sudah sakit ~ got nanah :( *ooo..i'm all teary everytime i'm thinking of her*.  

my leave actually is from 27th of april but i took the emergency leave from 25th to 26th. sempat lagi pigi ofis on monday to settle few work matters. in the afternoon, i went back home. singgah sekejap di wisma merdeka to buy things & we had our lunch there.

sad things happened.  the next post is dedicated especially to my grandmother. may god bless her soul. amen.