Sunday, May 08, 2011

rest in peace grandma nina :(

dear grandma nina,

taken during CNY holidays in Feb'08

u'll be missed!
u have been kind to all of us.
we will never forget u, nina. u were the only grandma we knew all of our life and now u had left us, we will cherished all the memories we had spent together especially during our stay at our beloved kampung.

i was so thrilled & excited whenever i had the chance to balik kampung. i love my kampung ~ kg. pahu , kiulu. the road (last time we had to merentas hutan belantara coz no jalan sampai rumah nina sa ~ what an experience!), the jungle, the river, grandma house, the pigs, the chicken, the padi bukit, the kampung vegie, the tandas kampung (the jungle is the tandas ~ ewwwh, but i've been there done that! haha)..but the most remembered things about balik kampung is there is no electricity! yes people, u read me: no electricity at all (during the 80's)! and the famous magazine i read at kampung is GILA-GILA! oo i'm so missing my kampung right now. wish i can turn back the time to when we were a lot younger and no brain care free :) *ok, habis iklan*

now back to my nina story!

ooo..i really love this picture ~ Feb'08

daya ingatan nina sa sangat baik. she can recognise us very well. even though she's old, she knew her grandchild's name. i missed her voice which is soft & husky..she rarely spoke malay to us siblings. the only penghubung komunikasi is my mum. what to do, bahasa dusun kami sangat fail to the max. paling siok mo cakap 'kanou mongoi mimponsu hilod bawang' astaga, butul ka nda sa tulis ni....hehe..itu ja kerja kami time di kampung ~ mandi sungai!

i am glad coz the last time i met her i've hugged her. she stayed about 4 days at our home & had the chance to celebrate my sister wedding in dec 2010. itupun she not sabar to go back kampung :) it's normal for old folks to feel that way ba kan.. the truth is, i hate to say goodbye to my grandma. we like to take care my grandma since her ankle infected but knowing my grandma, she rather stay at kampung than's not good to paksa beliau2 ba kan...

grandma nina was called to eternal life on 25th april due to old age & ill health. she will be remembered as a loving, caring & cheerful grandma to all of us in the family. let us keep her in our prayers. we love u nina!

grandma nina 1933-2011

sadly missed & forever remembered! 
the siblings ; ann, joy, jj & tata

May God Bless Her Soul


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