Saturday, May 14, 2011

wedding story part II ~ 30.04.2011~

few weeks before my big day, i got a message from an old friend of mine. 

marriage consist of 3 rings.
engagement ring, marriage ring and suffering.
u will felt this as funny and funnier aftermath.

yeah.. he never failed to make me smile with his stories or lawak. somehow, there's a truth behind the message above. let's just say, reality bites =_______= wedding day! it was the most awaited event of the year *konon* haha...time flies so fast & i can't believe i will be soon walking the aisle with my dad and to be handed  over to the man who destined to be my husband. and oh my, i am really happy to be married with my best friend. yes, he was my best friend & now my best man ^_^

let me begin my wedding day story!
the alarm rang at 4.45am. i snoozed it for a while. 2nd time the alarm rang, i woke up & take my bath. the water was so cold. i am so not cukup tidur. but what to do, i hope the make up can hide those panda eyes *make up can do magic ba kan?*. enjoy the pictures shown below. 

MUA ~ the sisters Diana & Clarice - love their works! thumbs up!

i'm loving it ~ the hair do! thanks teno :)
my photog (cuzzie ~ tzhu & yus) ) & videog (alvin gd) for the day

getting ready to go to  the church

it's about 9am. we have to be at the church at 9.45am. my cuzzie umbul was my driver. glad he was with me during the journey to the church. and not forgetting his son kamilus & ying ying the niece (cuzzie's daughter). all i can think about is not arriving late at the church...hmm...

sebenarnya, panjang cerita yg suda sa post semalam. tapi due to blog maintenance, the entry ilang begitu saja. nasib ada draft *cerita di atas*. sambung cerita nanti lg la..need to sleep already..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

~ldyann say selamat tinggal bujang~

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