Wednesday, May 11, 2011

wedding story part I

it's the wedding week of mine ^_^

by this time, wedding things really need to be completed. the deco, wedding guest book, wedding favors, bilik pengantins & etc. remembering all the wedding preparation now just bring back all the tiring memories but absolutely will be cherished forever. once in a lifetime we go! flashback to the wedding week time......

25th april,
~ received sad news - my grandma passed away peacefully at kampung.
~ still went to work but decided to take one and a half day emergency leave (so i have the whole week to do the wedding preparation. ngeh ngeh ngeh!)
~ damaged wall had been fixed. the big humongous aircond had been removed from the room (bikin samak saja) & the wall where the aircond been attached to have to be change with new plywood.  all the new plywood wall need to be painted with undercoat. my room filled with undercoat paint odour...& then the uncle begin to paint the room with colour of my choice *i like*.
~ not much to do in my room since the room just been newly paint. have to wait for it to dry baru can arrange all the furniture
~ got the wedding booklet from my best friend bibie *wink wink* 

26th april,
~ slowly spring cleaning & de-clutter my room. gosh! so many little things in my room. samak butul!
~ went to buy new set of curtain :)
~ 2 wedding camp were set up today.

27th april,
~ me & my darling together2 re-arrange all the furniture.
~ bring my flower boy & girl to try test the baju at bridal house & bring back all the wedding attire back home. so tiring..
~ 3rd wedding camp been set up.
~ the deco team from Cherry Cafe begin to decorate the mainstage :)

28th april,
~ go inanam to buy few more things for the decorations.
~ my bro-in-law went to talungan to help us bought the pig as 'sogit'
~ the deco team from Cherry Cafe continue their deco thingy
~ at 7.30pm we begin the wedding rehearsal, but a bit kelam kabut since there's another group that needed to use the church for their weekly program. hope everything will be okay during the actual wedding day. yay! can't wait..........
~ friends & realtive come to help bungkus gula2 for the kids..hehe...

29th april,
~ the day of the Royal Wedding > Will & Kate < wedding of the year ^_^
~ we still have to buy the kain for decoration at home. after bought it, we have our  breakfast at sinsuran.
~ i'm having my me time up til 4pm.. punya panat..i done my full face threading at asia city and manicure & pedicure at karamunsing. (for me to remember:- i took a taxi from kg.air to karamunsing..haha..RM10 melayang begitu sahaja)
~ on the way back, the bridal shop called that my hand bouquet not yet been taken. i thought my cuzzie already took it when she sent her car to the shop for car decoration..hmm..have to turn back to lido lagi *time kena call kami mo sampai trafik lite kma suda oo...adoiii*
~ sampai rumah need to this & that lagi..kana suruh tengo deco ok ka nda..adoi, punya la mo pengsan sempat mansau malam2.
~  my jie2 brenda & i went to my best friend koyo house at kepayan to take the wedding favors. & after that we singgah citymall to buy contact lens. *ini pun sikit lagi sa lupa mo beli. buta la sa if not using contact lens during the big day*
~ sampai rumah sambung tengo2 the deco. touch up the wedding guest book. house deco pun not yet siap...
~ i am so damned tired. full blast OOooo today.. **sigh**
~ sleep at about 0130 hours......! not good for the bride to be...whoaaa!! crazeee ooo......

OOOooo....i only slept about 3.5 hours before my wedding there any x-bride sleep less than 3.5 hours during their big day?? hhhmm.....*paning kapala sa ingat time ni oo but when think about it right now, enjoy la pula :) tapi for me to do it all over again, frankly thanks. i had enough...hahaha... *


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