Friday, May 06, 2011

happy + sad ~ april 2011

hi all..! (wink wink from the newly bride)

* it's been a tiring weekends for me :) with my wedding preparation & the actual day itself..woohoo.. *

i begin my story with the holy week of Easter (from 21st to 24th april 2011). we celebrated the Holy Thursday & Good Friday masses at St. Simon Church, Likas. lots of people during this celebration. thank God for the Good Friday weather. it's a bit gloomy & not very hot day. as always no seat available since we came on time for the mass :) but it's a good exercise juga ba..berdiri! hehe..luckily during Easter Vigil mass there's a seat available for me & my darling :) the mass last for 3 hours..we had celebration of Easter mass at CMI Church at Bkt Pdg. this time also have to stand up for the whole mass. i don't mind :) just for reminder: please don't leave ur bag or valuable items in ur car. there are two car been broken during the easter mass at cmi. luckily there's a good samaritan saw the culprits! and the warden did not saw this can that be happened?? i don't think they sempat curi whatever items they saw in the car & i did not see the culprits run as fast as they could. they just walked steadily ba as if nothing ever happened..talked about crime in the daylight! huh! 

~happy easter 2011~

now, this really gonna make me cry! *again*

my maternal grandmother had been called by the Lord on the 25th april 2011. 5 days before my marriage. she passed away peacefully in her sleep. she's in her 80's, i don't really know her age is. she's been buried at kg. pahu, kiulu. my mom & dad, my aunty & her cucu together with my uncle which supposed to have review at QEH on the 25th, went back village to pay their last respect for their mother. by right, the marriage should be called-off. but since all the preparation had been done & finalized, the event must be going on..i am so sad about her demised. i've benen told by mum that she can't walk already since there is an infection on her ankle. the last time i met her was during my sister wedding in Dec 2010. menyesal not taking picture with her banyak2 time tu...during that time pun her ankle memang sudah sakit ~ got nanah :( *ooo..i'm all teary everytime i'm thinking of her*.  

my leave actually is from 27th of april but i took the emergency leave from 25th to 26th. sempat lagi pigi ofis on monday to settle few work matters. in the afternoon, i went back home. singgah sekejap di wisma merdeka to buy things & we had our lunch there.

sad things happened.  the next post is dedicated especially to my grandmother. may god bless her soul. amen.


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