Wednesday, May 25, 2011

rosary week & badminton tournament

this week is the may rosary prayer week for our KKD (bahagian kantin). luckily only 6 houses to visit. actually we have begin the rosary prayer on saturday last week. so this week only 5 house to finish the prayer. the last family to visit is on friday & that's is my house.may god bless all the families that we have been visited & prayed together! amen..

and at the same time beginning monday we have badminton tournament :) mixed double. it's one of the kaamatan event. my partner is mr supir :) based on cabutan  ^_^  first match we won. since we on 'by' team, so we automatically masuk semi-final! isn't we lucky? no need hardwork..hahaha..lgpun sa mimang malas mo berabis main badminton. early precaution *wink wink* . the futsal tournament already begin since last week &  finish this week. the Team E won the 1st ever Nountun Futsal Tournament :) & of course my darling is in the Team E. i'm proud of him & the team. 

majulah sukan untuk negara!


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