Thursday, May 19, 2011

wedding story part III

*** entri ini yang hilang time blog maintenance. so i just post it back la..nasib la ada...penat2 suda sa mengarang ^_^ **

it's about 9am. we have to be at the church at 9.45am. my cuzzie umbul was my driver. glad he was with me during the journey to the church. and not forgetting his son kamilus & ying ying the niece (cuzzie's daughter). all i can think of all the way to the church is not to be late..hehe..lucky i bring the wedding ring with me..the basket flower for the flower girls arrived later at the church. so the flower girls+boys just holding their hand when the procession begin :) so sweet ni.....hehe...

i'm a bit not happy during the mass. yeah, whoever attended the holy matrimony surely remember what the homily  is about that morning! i can feel my face very2 hot.... i never been to a church wedding that a priest been talking about the bride's attire. have you? the homily still linger in my mind right now. i do feel embarrassed but what the heck it is my wedding. i didn't want it to ruin my big's all because Kate wedding gown......will remember it for the rest of my life.....grrrrr........after the taking photo session which is very tiring we proceed to go back home. u see, it's not easy to be the center of the attention for the day. abis senyuman sa oo...hehe...

oo's gonna be rain soon. the grey heavy cloud seen from a far is not a very good sign..i just pray & hope that eventho it's gonna be raining cats & dogs, will not stop us from enjoying every bit of the wedding's the happiest day for both of us ^_^ give us a break dear mr.rain..but sadly, mr.rain had came & visit us..kesian all of our friends & relatives get soaked coz of the rain..well, there were saying that if u were married during raining u will be blessed with many children..hehehe...butul kaitu??

the caterer for non-malay food arrive later in the afternoon..have u heard about the gun shoot at inanam. that were the main cause the caterer were late sending the food. massive traffic jammed at inanam town. at about 1.45 baru the caterer sampai. syukur la..when everything's ready we begin the makan session. kesian org yang tunggu dari jam 12 lebih lagi..hujan lagi..whoa...what an experience! so after makan...the cake cutting ceremony + the toasting... tiiuusssssssssss..........soooooooooo....!!!!!!! hehehe....

and the rest of the day, it's the time to say hi & bye! i am really happy that my friends & relatives came to my wedding reception. THANK YOU ALL! the last guest of the day would be the Cherry cafe deco team. i should mention their name here, paling manang kan....hehehe.. ah tut, samson, jimin & herman.. u guys rock!!!  tukang kasi abis chivas sa..haha..they leave AT about 1am. suprisingly i can tahan that long...can u imagine me wake up at 5am & go to bed at 1.30am the very next day?? somemore, not even very the mabuk during the big day...but of course my man were drunk la :) but he still ingat dunia mah..together-gether we officially close our big day! love u very much hubby!!

up next will be the pictures during my wedding reception..stay tune ya!

~ldyann say selamat tinggal bujang *wink wink*~


  1. This "i never been to a church wedding that a priest been talking about the bride's attire"..Sy pun speechless o. But heyyy,you manage to pull it through and be happy! yeah..

    Anyway,belated congrats on ur wedding! :)

  2. thanks mell! :)

    ya bah, tepanas ni sa skijap ^_^ nasib baik all went well..