Thursday, March 31, 2011

Exactly 1 Month

in 1 month time, i'll be someone's wife ^_^ (till death do us part punya event)

TIME flies so fast!

as i mentioned before, i really not feeling i bear the mrs title since not yet celebrated the sacrament of holy matrimony :-)

let the countdown sangat teruja! ^_^


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 7 ~ A Picture of U Last 2 Years & Now, and How U Changed since Then

2 years back, i've cut my long (very long) hair to short (very short). many of my friends said "sayang o ko putung rambut ko tu. cantik lagi rambut ko tu....." ~.~ ok, the last statement is very true tau. i didn't tokok tambah ye :) i love my hair very much!

taken on Mar'09
taken on Feb'11
changes? hmm..if i want to list down 1 by 1, it's gonna take me 3 days & nights to explain..hehe..kidding! for me, it's only the appearances changed. the personality is still very much the same. 

** baru sa perasan, i haven't change my glasses for two years's time to find a new one. but i still heart the frame la. maybe i'll change the lens only (jimat mah) **

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 6 ~ Your Celebrity Crush

ba, sa continue dulu the blog challenges..25 blogs to go ^_^

for the celebrity crush, i think i had a crush on Johnny Deep ^_^ simply love his movie character as well as his personality. somemore he is loyal to his wife (i think so)...from my pandangan sisi, he has a handsome face + charming. he is also good in style (mangkali la). what else the things about him that bikin saya betul2 minat sama di aahh....hmm....oh yeah, he's HOT!!!  

the source

*_* a lil bit about Mr Johnny Depp *_*
** Full Name :  John Christopher Depp II
** Date of Birth : 09 June 1963
** Birthplace : Owensboro, Kentucky
** Height : 5' 9" (175 cm)
** Ethnicity : Multiracial
** Nationality : American
** High School : Miramar High School, FL

it's just a little crush! lalalalalala...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let's Make It Happen!

trip with the besties!
from yesterday yumcha session with the besties (BB & Kay), we will worked it out!
now, where do we start? huh! time? money? travel plan? gosh! hehe...the plan is, next year to buy the ticket when there's jualan murah at AA ^_^ we so gonna do this trip in 2013. **finger crossed**  

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blog 5 ~ When was the Last Time you did some thing for the First Time

hmm....let me think...o ya, now i remember. it was on the next day after we got the yeast (sasad) from my SIL in tambunan :) 2nd sunday of march. hari itu dalam sejarah. i got  to experience on how to make rice wine (tapai) or in bahasa dusun 'mangasi'. all this while, i only have the chance to drink the end product - tapai. sometimes the tapai taste so sedap but sometime i don't like the taste. one drink is enough. but if the tapai is so good, i can ask for it again & again & again.. la! 2 kali teguk pun cukup suda kalau sa :)

ok, berbalik kepada cerita first time. ya, that's my first time buat tapai :) first thing first, mesti masak beras kampung. they said if masak the beras use kayu api lagi sedap tu tapai. but di bandar ni susah suda ba mo cari kayu api. so, we masak use modern style :) use rice cooker yg besar (since the beras kampung so banyak).  after masak, kasi tabur the nasi on the tikar to cool the the meanwhile, the sasad were crushed to mix with the rice later.

the little neighbour ~ pearl a.k.a popoi

it's time to mix the sasad with the rice

after mixing were done, the rice were filled in the tajau. actually, i just do the mixing part & filling two tajaus of rice wine :) it was tiring but fun day for me coz this is the first time i ever involved in a tapai making process. hehehe...... oh ya, ada juga petua if want to make a good tapai ni. one must put daun langsat at the bottom of the tajau. inside the tajau must put chili & arang (above the rice). i think la :) after all, it was my first time ba....

tapai bagus ba! ^_^

** no picture of me doing the mixing part coz no pro photographer available. my darling pun sibuk buat tapai..uhuuu.. **

Friday, March 18, 2011

Blog 4 ~ Idea of A Perfect Date

for me....the idea of a perfect date would be


seriously, i don't have any idea of the Perfect Date. all i can think about is road trip with love one :) because i'm an outgoing person, love nature & exploring new places. dulu2 time dating with my darling, we like to go on road trip. nasib baik masa dia muda2 dulu selalu jalan2 but of course for work trip la :) at least he know whereabout even the pedalaman punya jalanan. hehe. a bit tired la for a perfect date. haha! but i like it. the last road trip we did was to tambunan. kira perfect date juga tu coz we have fun pigi tengo kebun *wink wink* & ambil sasad to do the tapai for our wedding. well, everybody has their own idea of perfect date & this is my idea of a perfect date :). 

next blog challenge coming up!

(i'm currently got virus ~ sore throat  + flu..please go away a.s.a.p! i can feel the dizziness in my head already...adoi, heading to the bed after this)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blog 3 ~ Your Recent Activity

last weekend (sunday), i've tried to finish the 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle which ended me having a bad headache + sakit belakang kerana telampau duduk. my niece tried to help me but she also cannot tahan. so, i just continue doing the puzzle until i cannot tahan also @_@

no picture were taken during susun-susun puzzle. mesti concentrate mah! i'm so eager to finish the jigsaw puzzle, but it's getting dark already. since i'm doing that puzzle at my darling's house, i don't want to stay so late there. so, sa kasi simpan dia in the room (manatau ada org tulung kasi siap...yay! ~ talking abt paranormal activity here.. hehehe).

ba, will update the finish product la nti. looking forward for the weekend! o ya, forgot to tell about the picture of the jigsaw's the dalmation dogs. 101 of them  gathering at the fireplace. cute eh? can't wait to see the end result!

ok la, that's about it, my recent activity! 27 posts to go *-*

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

33 Days to Go

** silaa abaikan title di atas. terlampau pikir pasal wedding prep sampai hari pun salah kira.. hehehe **

( =.=) hmm...still a lot of things to think of. but my mind is still 'lenggang-lenggang kangkung' ^.^ but most of the important things already been confirmed. let me check which area that i have confirmed for my big day.
  • the theme : pink + green + peachy colour (confirmed)
  • venue : my home sweet home
  • make-up artist : my neighbour :) ms diana
  • photographer : my cousin tzuu hailee & yusdi
  • the band : my cousin (ms kelly & mr thomas)
  • decoration : sponsor by cousin (ms catrina)
  • the wedding cake : sponsor by my very best friend (ms ellie)
  • the invitation card : design by ms nelly
  • gongs : my uncle's (mr barry)
  • the malay caterer : colleague's family (ms yass)

the things that hasn't been confirmed & found one -_-
  • the non-muslim caterer : kapin? ching fah? donggongon?
  • videographer : not found yet
  • wedding favors : not yet finalised
  • the wedding ring : not yet buy =_= * update: just bought the ring today ^_^

the other things that need to be taken care of :-
  • beverages (still need few cartons of minuman beralkohol..yehhaa! aramaiti!!)
  • traditional food (need to find sponsor for the traditional dishes..hehe)
  • wedding gown (not yet finalised)
  • wedding album! gosh, sikit lg lupa pasal ini barang...

the wedding ceremony :-
  • reader : not yet confirmed
  • witnesses : not yet confirmed
  • booklet : in progress (sendiri print ^_^)
  • pengapit : decided not to have pengapit
  • flower girls : i have in mind ~ cute adorabelle paul (cuzzie's daughter)
  • ring bearer : ferrer ebert - need to get permission from his mom, my cuz :)
  • i'm thinking of having 5 cutie girls + 5 hunky man (but no bridal procession la. just be my 'patung' during the wedding ceremony :) with cute little pinks gerbera flower...
hopefully by end of march, i can finalised every things...can't hardly wait for the BIG DAY to come!!

Blog 2 ~ A Photo of You & Your Family

err...i have to dig thru the tons of pictures in my hd for a photograph of my family & i..mungkin ada mungkin teda  =.= hmm, macam i don't have recent pic of my family & i. but i found one which i have scanned long time ago. an antique picture of us :) bring back the good ol' days..i like!

i heart so much this pic of us ~ taken by dad in 1985 :)

below is my precious pic that were taken back in 2008 (by my dad also). introducing my lovable nina * i miss her! *

my mom, my nina & yours truly

& last but not least the nephew!
adorable kid ~ feb'08

ba, that's all for now. kalau bule mau ja sa kasi masuk byk2 gmbr...nanti ja la me update ya :) stay tune for my next blog ya (mcm siok pula mo buat entry ni..hehehe)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blog 1 ~ 15 Facts About You

Cameron Highlands trip in Nov'10

to know me is to love me..ceh! :) here 15 facts about me :-
  1. i'm the eldest in the siblings of 4
  2. saya tinggal di inanam, eh..kolombong.
  3. i love being the late 70's babies :)
  4. i love to travel (who doesn't?) 
  5. i love taking photos (there's tons of pictures in my hd)

I was here ~ Mantanani Island May'10
  1. i heart nature very much! (let's recycle & say no to plastic)
  2. in love so much with Gunung Kinabalu (have climbed it since 1995 & falls in love with the trails and beautiful scenery..hehe)
  3. i love to buy story books but didn't have time to read it (tp klu datang mood membaca; nda ingat makan, minum, fb, blog..bla bla bla) 
  4. i like to do road trip with my darling which i think bonding our relationship & also my partner in crime a.k.a my besties since high school.
  5. i'm a homey person (faktor usia kali ni..hehe)

On the way back from Tambunan to KK ~ Dec'09
  1. i'm a simple person
  2. outdoor activities is my hobby; i.e camping, road-tripping (outdoor jg bah ni kan?), mandi sungai & jalan2 cari makan ^_^
  3. i cannot live without family & friends
  4. i can be a funny girl sometime
  5. not really into make up thingy :p 
my funny little nephew. he can do faces ~ Dec'09

there you go! the 15 facts that you need to know about me :) which took me ages to think about the that i got my laptop back (he's been hospitalized quite sometime-glad that all my docs & pics were safe), surely will continue to do the 30 days blog challenge..hmm..biar la expired suda. yg penting ada. cheers!  

what's next? oh! a photo of me & my family? kurik2 dulu kalau ada ya..hehe..

Saturday, March 12, 2011



There is nothing whether good or bad,
but your attitude make it so.
Three liang mois from Shanghai ~ Cameron Highlands Nov'10


The pessimist see the difficulty in every opportunity;
the optimist see the opportunity in every difficulty.
Borneo's Gurl @ USA ~ Apr'10


Our greatest glory is not in never failing
but in rising in every time we fail.

Sunset @ Muzium Petroleum, Miri ~ Feb'10

happy weekend!

Friday, March 04, 2011

What? It's March already?!

gosh! how time flies? i didn't post any blog in february? how dare me? not that i didn't have story to tell but kemalasan menimpa diri yang amat sangat. fuh! lame excuse eh? actually there's so much story to jot down in this online diary of mine. hmm..which story goes first? CNY activity? Valentine's Day celebration (which is not celebrated by us...hehe)? the day i officially became Mrs E (^_^) (it makes me smile)? DBKK treasure hunt? wedding preparation story (eee..nda lama lg oo)? ok let's begin the list of activities that have been done in the month of LOVE :)

beginning of feb
received a sad news regarding the demised of my cousin husband - Paul (the 30th jan). he's been sick since early 2011. maybe longer than that. i don't know. it's very sudden. he left a wife & 2 children (Anderson & Adorabelle). Both 10 & 8 years old. the funeral was on the 31st. i take EL to attend the funeral service. it's a sad sad day for our family. may his soul rest in peace. amen.

chinese new year holiday ~ 3rd & 4th february
the initial plan is to visit my friend open house in kuala penyu. but since there's a sad things happened to our family we decided not to go kuala penyu. many apologies to my friend coz we couldn't make it to her opened house. the 2nd day of CNY holiday, is the 'momisok' day for the late Paul. i dunno how to explain this :) 

happy birthday darling ~ 8th february

valentine's day ~ 14th february
everyday is a valentine's day for us two *love love* ^_^. this year v-day falls on monday which is working day. but the good news is tomorrow is holiday :) (Prophet Mohammad's birthday) woohoo.....siok kan..

so, on the 15th we went for cater hunting & wedding gown fitting (not in the plan since want to postpone to next week but the aunty said can take pre-wed photo this week). hence the gown fitting. so excited! so on the 18th feb (friday) we went for the pre-wedding phototaking at Now & Forever bridal. the service is very ok + mesra alam :) i like that! we arrived at the bridal shop at about 10am after having our breakfast at home. tunggu punya tunggu, dekat2 jam 10.30am baru we were sent to upstairs to get ready. and after that is the pose time :) i like. 5 wedding gown & 5 hairdo. ok la...we finish at 1.30pm. kira cepat juga la proses penggambaran pre-wedding kami..hehe..

officially become mrs E ~ 22nd february
yes!! i officially became mrs E. not really feels like married since the church ceremony not yet dilangsungkan. have to wait on 30th april baru rasa betul suda kawen :) which i can't hardly wait the big day! 

daddy's birthday! ~ 23rd february
i just bought a simple birthday cake for my dad! my dad turns 57 this year! may this year bring health & wealth to you dad ^_^ & may God bless you always!

what else i've been doing in february? hmm..ya DBKK treasure hunt. i guess it will be in my next post la. panjang lebar da post sa ni kali..huhu... be continue....

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Life in February

Life Is A Song
Sing It.
The history of people is found in its songs ~George Jellinek