Friday, March 04, 2011

What? It's March already?!

gosh! how time flies? i didn't post any blog in february? how dare me? not that i didn't have story to tell but kemalasan menimpa diri yang amat sangat. fuh! lame excuse eh? actually there's so much story to jot down in this online diary of mine. hmm..which story goes first? CNY activity? Valentine's Day celebration (which is not celebrated by us...hehe)? the day i officially became Mrs E (^_^) (it makes me smile)? DBKK treasure hunt? wedding preparation story (eee..nda lama lg oo)? ok let's begin the list of activities that have been done in the month of LOVE :)

beginning of feb
received a sad news regarding the demised of my cousin husband - Paul (the 30th jan). he's been sick since early 2011. maybe longer than that. i don't know. it's very sudden. he left a wife & 2 children (Anderson & Adorabelle). Both 10 & 8 years old. the funeral was on the 31st. i take EL to attend the funeral service. it's a sad sad day for our family. may his soul rest in peace. amen.

chinese new year holiday ~ 3rd & 4th february
the initial plan is to visit my friend open house in kuala penyu. but since there's a sad things happened to our family we decided not to go kuala penyu. many apologies to my friend coz we couldn't make it to her opened house. the 2nd day of CNY holiday, is the 'momisok' day for the late Paul. i dunno how to explain this :) 

happy birthday darling ~ 8th february

valentine's day ~ 14th february
everyday is a valentine's day for us two *love love* ^_^. this year v-day falls on monday which is working day. but the good news is tomorrow is holiday :) (Prophet Mohammad's birthday) woohoo.....siok kan..

so, on the 15th we went for cater hunting & wedding gown fitting (not in the plan since want to postpone to next week but the aunty said can take pre-wed photo this week). hence the gown fitting. so excited! so on the 18th feb (friday) we went for the pre-wedding phototaking at Now & Forever bridal. the service is very ok + mesra alam :) i like that! we arrived at the bridal shop at about 10am after having our breakfast at home. tunggu punya tunggu, dekat2 jam 10.30am baru we were sent to upstairs to get ready. and after that is the pose time :) i like. 5 wedding gown & 5 hairdo. ok la...we finish at 1.30pm. kira cepat juga la proses penggambaran pre-wedding kami..hehe..

officially become mrs E ~ 22nd february
yes!! i officially became mrs E. not really feels like married since the church ceremony not yet dilangsungkan. have to wait on 30th april baru rasa betul suda kawen :) which i can't hardly wait the big day! 

daddy's birthday! ~ 23rd february
i just bought a simple birthday cake for my dad! my dad turns 57 this year! may this year bring health & wealth to you dad ^_^ & may God bless you always!

what else i've been doing in february? hmm..ya DBKK treasure hunt. i guess it will be in my next post la. panjang lebar da post sa ni kali..huhu... be continue....


  1. woah..u also kawin 30th april? hi-5! me too..kekee

  2. hi sheila..ya, me too also kawen this coming 30th april. i know u pun also kawen this 30th april..lama jg suda sa follow blog ko tp nda pula sa brani mo link. sa masi baru ba in blogging world :) malu, hi-5 juga!