Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blog 5 ~ When was the Last Time you did some thing for the First Time

hmm....let me think...o ya, now i remember. it was on the next day after we got the yeast (sasad) from my SIL in tambunan :) 2nd sunday of march. hari itu dalam sejarah. i got  to experience on how to make rice wine (tapai) or in bahasa dusun 'mangasi'. all this while, i only have the chance to drink the end product - tapai. sometimes the tapai taste so sedap but sometime i don't like the taste. one drink is enough. but if the tapai is so good, i can ask for it again & again & again.. la! 2 kali teguk pun cukup suda kalau sa :)

ok, berbalik kepada cerita first time. ya, that's my first time buat tapai :) first thing first, mesti masak beras kampung. they said if masak the beras use kayu api lagi sedap tu tapai. but di bandar ni susah suda ba mo cari kayu api. so, we masak use modern style :) use rice cooker yg besar (since the beras kampung so banyak).  after masak, kasi tabur the nasi on the tikar to cool the the meanwhile, the sasad were crushed to mix with the rice later.

the little neighbour ~ pearl a.k.a popoi

it's time to mix the sasad with the rice

after mixing were done, the rice were filled in the tajau. actually, i just do the mixing part & filling two tajaus of rice wine :) it was tiring but fun day for me coz this is the first time i ever involved in a tapai making process. hehehe...... oh ya, ada juga petua if want to make a good tapai ni. one must put daun langsat at the bottom of the tajau. inside the tajau must put chili & arang (above the rice). i think la :) after all, it was my first time ba....

tapai bagus ba! ^_^

** no picture of me doing the mixing part coz no pro photographer available. my darling pun sibuk buat tapai..uhuuu.. **

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