Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blog 3 ~ Your Recent Activity

last weekend (sunday), i've tried to finish the 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle which ended me having a bad headache + sakit belakang kerana telampau duduk. my niece tried to help me but she also cannot tahan. so, i just continue doing the puzzle until i cannot tahan also @_@

no picture were taken during susun-susun puzzle. mesti concentrate mah! i'm so eager to finish the jigsaw puzzle, but it's getting dark already. since i'm doing that puzzle at my darling's house, i don't want to stay so late there. so, sa kasi simpan dia in the room (manatau ada org tulung kasi siap...yay! ~ talking abt paranormal activity here.. hehehe).

ba, will update the finish product la nti. looking forward for the weekend! o ya, forgot to tell about the picture of the jigsaw's the dalmation dogs. 101 of them  gathering at the fireplace. cute eh? can't wait to see the end result!

ok la, that's about it, my recent activity! 27 posts to go *-*


  1. Lama sudah sa inda susun2 puzzle ni. Hehe.. Siok juga tu tapi kalau 1000 pieces, saya give up la awal2 ;-D

    Jiayou in your blog challenge!

  2. thanks annie! sa pun retired suda ba dari susun2 puzzle ni. tp mo kena buang ba ari tu.jadi drpd kena buang bagus sa pura2 p susun :) tingu la sampai bila dpt siap..hehe