Friday, March 18, 2011

Blog 4 ~ Idea of A Perfect Date

for me....the idea of a perfect date would be


seriously, i don't have any idea of the Perfect Date. all i can think about is road trip with love one :) because i'm an outgoing person, love nature & exploring new places. dulu2 time dating with my darling, we like to go on road trip. nasib baik masa dia muda2 dulu selalu jalan2 but of course for work trip la :) at least he know whereabout even the pedalaman punya jalanan. hehe. a bit tired la for a perfect date. haha! but i like it. the last road trip we did was to tambunan. kira perfect date juga tu coz we have fun pigi tengo kebun *wink wink* & ambil sasad to do the tapai for our wedding. well, everybody has their own idea of perfect date & this is my idea of a perfect date :). 

next blog challenge coming up!

(i'm currently got virus ~ sore throat  + flu..please go away a.s.a.p! i can feel the dizziness in my head already...adoi, heading to the bed after this)

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