Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 7 ~ A Picture of U Last 2 Years & Now, and How U Changed since Then

2 years back, i've cut my long (very long) hair to short (very short). many of my friends said "sayang o ko putung rambut ko tu. cantik lagi rambut ko tu....." ~.~ ok, the last statement is very true tau. i didn't tokok tambah ye :) i love my hair very much!

taken on Mar'09
taken on Feb'11
changes? hmm..if i want to list down 1 by 1, it's gonna take me 3 days & nights to explain..hehe..kidding! for me, it's only the appearances changed. the personality is still very much the same. 

** baru sa perasan, i haven't change my glasses for two years's time to find a new one. but i still heart the frame la. maybe i'll change the lens only (jimat mah) **

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