Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blog 1 ~ 15 Facts About You

Cameron Highlands trip in Nov'10

to know me is to love me..ceh! :) here 15 facts about me :-
  1. i'm the eldest in the siblings of 4
  2. saya tinggal di inanam, eh..kolombong.
  3. i love being the late 70's babies :)
  4. i love to travel (who doesn't?) 
  5. i love taking photos (there's tons of pictures in my hd)

I was here ~ Mantanani Island May'10
  1. i heart nature very much! (let's recycle & say no to plastic)
  2. in love so much with Gunung Kinabalu (have climbed it since 1995 & falls in love with the trails and beautiful scenery..hehe)
  3. i love to buy story books but didn't have time to read it (tp klu datang mood membaca; nda ingat makan, minum, fb, blog..bla bla bla) 
  4. i like to do road trip with my darling which i think bonding our relationship & also my partner in crime a.k.a my besties since high school.
  5. i'm a homey person (faktor usia kali ni..hehe)

On the way back from Tambunan to KK ~ Dec'09
  1. i'm a simple person
  2. outdoor activities is my hobby; i.e camping, road-tripping (outdoor jg bah ni kan?), mandi sungai & jalan2 cari makan ^_^
  3. i cannot live without family & friends
  4. i can be a funny girl sometime
  5. not really into make up thingy :p 
my funny little nephew. he can do faces ~ Dec'09

there you go! the 15 facts that you need to know about me :) which took me ages to think about the facts..hehe..now that i got my laptop back (he's been hospitalized quite sometime-glad that all my docs & pics were safe), surely will continue to do the 30 days blog challenge..hmm..biar la expired suda. yg penting ada. cheers!  

what's next? oh! a photo of me & my family? hmm..sa kurik2 dulu kalau ada ya..hehe..

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