Wednesday, March 16, 2011

33 Days to Go

** silaa abaikan title di atas. terlampau pikir pasal wedding prep sampai hari pun salah kira.. hehehe **

( =.=) hmm...still a lot of things to think of. but my mind is still 'lenggang-lenggang kangkung' ^.^ but most of the important things already been confirmed. let me check which area that i have confirmed for my big day.
  • the theme : pink + green + peachy colour (confirmed)
  • venue : my home sweet home
  • make-up artist : my neighbour :) ms diana
  • photographer : my cousin tzuu hailee & yusdi
  • the band : my cousin (ms kelly & mr thomas)
  • decoration : sponsor by cousin (ms catrina)
  • the wedding cake : sponsor by my very best friend (ms ellie)
  • the invitation card : design by ms nelly
  • gongs : my uncle's (mr barry)
  • the malay caterer : colleague's family (ms yass)

the things that hasn't been confirmed & found one -_-
  • the non-muslim caterer : kapin? ching fah? donggongon?
  • videographer : not found yet
  • wedding favors : not yet finalised
  • the wedding ring : not yet buy =_= * update: just bought the ring today ^_^

the other things that need to be taken care of :-
  • beverages (still need few cartons of minuman beralkohol..yehhaa! aramaiti!!)
  • traditional food (need to find sponsor for the traditional dishes..hehe)
  • wedding gown (not yet finalised)
  • wedding album! gosh, sikit lg lupa pasal ini barang...

the wedding ceremony :-
  • reader : not yet confirmed
  • witnesses : not yet confirmed
  • booklet : in progress (sendiri print ^_^)
  • pengapit : decided not to have pengapit
  • flower girls : i have in mind ~ cute adorabelle paul (cuzzie's daughter)
  • ring bearer : ferrer ebert - need to get permission from his mom, my cuz :)
  • i'm thinking of having 5 cutie girls + 5 hunky man (but no bridal procession la. just be my 'patung' during the wedding ceremony :) with cute little pinks gerbera flower...
hopefully by end of march, i can finalised every things...can't hardly wait for the BIG DAY to come!!

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  1. Sioknya mau tunggu big day ni.. Make sure you have enough rest before your wedding kio ^_^

    All the best in the preparation and congrats in advanced!